Advanced Coupons for Woocommerce – An Extension to Market Your Store

Having just a woocommerce store is no way helps you bring more customers; instead, you must try different ethics to market your store. Undoubtedly, marketing is key to your store’s success. When it comes to marketing your store, several woocommerce extensions play a vital role. In particular, extensions that are related to coupon systems are the major deal to double up your store revenue.

The Woocommerce toolkit itself integrates a default coupon system for its users. Smart marketers know the importance of offering discounts to their customers via coupon systems. woocommerce default coupon systems have only basic options; if you are keen about getting some advanced options in the coupon systems, I recommend a plugin called Smart Woocommerce Coupons by Advanced Coupons.

Advanced Coupons Plugin is an exclusive product for woocommerce store owners and business agencies that are handling their client’s woocommerce based store projects.

Download the Advanced Coupons Woocommerce Plugin for Free

The Advanced Coupon woocommerce plugin is free to download. However, if you want to get more advanced features, you can go for the premium version.

You can get the free version of the plugin straight from your WordPress site under the ‘Add New Plugin’ section. Search for ‘Advanced Coupons’ and install from there.

Get the Advanced Coupons Woocommerce Plugin Premium Version with 50% OFF

advanced coupons plugin plans and pricing

On Advanced Coupons for Woocommerce Plugin official website, they are currently running an incredible offer as you can get it with a flat 50% discount on both the Growth and Business Plans. What could have been better than this? Check out the Deal Price below. Try this once, and you could soon realize the changes in your sales numbers.

How the Plugin Advanced Coupons for Woocommerce Helps Market your Store

get advanced coupons woocommerce plugin
  1. You can offer BOGO (Buy one Get One) deals with your store customers with the advance coupons plugins. It grabs more customer attention as well as drives you good sales.
  2. While creating coupons, you can assign cart conditions. The conditions may be anything as you wish. You can set some minimum order value to use the coupon, or even you can assign the coupon code only for a particular category. This way, you can promote specific products and classes that you enable the coupon system. When you assign some minimum order value, possibly customers prefer to purchase for the amount to use coupons.
  3. You can offer loyalty and reward programs to your buyers with the help of this woocommerce extension.
  4. You can create shipping coupons and offer your customers some minimum order value. For example, you can fix if the customer buys goods for $100 to get free shipping. Probably, free shipping attracts more customers.

Apart from these, you could even get more advanced woocommerce discount rules using this Advanced Coupons extension for Woocommerce.

Woocommerce Discount Rules – Follow The 3 Approaches to Create

As said earlier, Woocommerce offers a default coupon system with essential features, yet Advanced Coupons helps you market your store with even better features.

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Check out the three conventional approaches of creating Woocommerce Discount Rules with Advanced Coupons for Woocommerce plugin. The fabulous thing is that you get all these approaches even in the free version of this plugin. The free version itself offers this many features, imagine then How Better the Advanced Coupons Plugin Premium Version will be.

Approach Number 1:

Status Based Rules – You can restrict the use of coupons according to the status of your visitors. There may be two statuses of users, one is logged-in users, and others are guest users. If you approach this rule only for logged in users, then the chances are that you get more details about the user as he/she needs to create an account on your store, providing their details.

status based discount rules

If you wish to track your customer spending and past purchases history, you will get the feature on the premium version.

Apart, you can also restrict the use of coupons according to the role of users. So, you can decide which user role can be allowed to use the coupon. With this free feature, you can avoid store contributors and other team members from making use of this coupon and offers only to your customers and subscribers accordingly.

customer logged in status

The total control of this approach is up to you, and if you want to offer some specific rewards to your store members, you can do so by disallowing your customer for the particular reward you assigned only for your team. This approach Sounds Promising, Right?

Approach Number 2:

Set-Up Cart Conditions in terms of SubTotal and Quantities – This is a damn cool feature to let your buyers feel so good to be a part of this. Yes!! You can fix a cart subtotal amount for the specific coupon to avail. Probably, you can choose the condition and then decide the cart subtotal.

For Example, If you choose the condition as ‘More Than’ and Cart subtotal as $50 when people buy some goods more than 50 USD on your store, then they can avail the coupon offer for this. Check the Screenshot for understanding better.

cart subtotal conditions

It’s a great feature. It increases the sales amount when your customer subtotal closes to around $40 and realizes any offer for a total cart value of $50. There may be chances people add products for another $10 to avail the coupon offer.

This discount rule is not only applicable for cart subtotal, but also you can set for the number of quantities as well. You can fix some mandatory number of items to purchase for buyers to avail the offer. Also, you can set both the conditions as well.

For example, the Minimum cart subtotal value $20, and the quantity of goods at least needs to be more than 2 to avail the offer. Refer to the image to understand more clearly.

cart subtotal and quantity conditions

Approach Number 3:

Offer Discount via Coupons Only for Specific Categories – No matter if you cannot offer your customers a discount for all the products in your store. You can choose to provide discounts on only specific categories with the Advanced Coupons plugin features.

It’s entirely up to you to set the categories conditions like what to include and exclude. You can find the setting options on your plugin setting page, and you can set the terms. Fortunately, you can combine the previously mentioned discount rule (cart SubTotal and Quantity) along with this category discount rule. As you can set, the customer can avail only in the particular category in which cart subtotal meets more than $20 with at least two items added.

product categories

So, these three discount rules are damn easy to set up and make the changes anytime you want as you will get overall control on it. You never need to be a coding expert to make use of this plugin as you can handle all these works yourself if you already have the basics of plugins usage knowledge.


Offering discounts and rewards through coupon systems is a better deal to grow your woocommerce store sales and market your store.

What else you need better than this highly enabled featured Woocommerce coupon system, even in the free version of the plugin. 

Advanced Coupons team offers you free Email Support during your entire plugin license period. In case if you get any doubts, you can send them an email to clear your doubts. They are quick to respond. 

Use the Plugin and Share your thoughts about the same with me over the comment section. I am sure there will be good growth in your woocommerce store sales after integrating the Advanced Coupons for Woocommerce extension.

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