31 Best Blogging Tips for New Bloggers [Exclusive 2020 Version]

Are you about to start a new blog or just started out and working on it? Initially, you may need some boost to increase your level of hope in your blogging journey. It’s my opinion that reading blogging tips that already working best for many newbie bloggers can help you boost your hope as well as to achieve successful results. So, from this post, you can read out some of the best blogging tips for new bloggers that work well in 2020.

During the first two months of blogging, every new blogger feels energetic to work and work more. As you can found more interest during the first month. You share your work to social media profiles, you write more blog posts, you build some links, you may do search engine optimization and yeah you will get some good traffic (Social, Direct and Referral) too as an outcome. When time flies, like on your 3rd, 4th month you may see some drop in traffic (This is Quiet a Natural for Everyone) and this lead to losing your hope on deciding whether to continue or give up blogging.

The above period is the most crucial for newbie bloggers and 80 bloggers out of 100 used to quit and just waste their whole lot effort they put initially. If you are in the stage and not sure to decide whether to continue or not, following these blogging tips might lead you to continue your journey.

This easy and best blogging tips helpful for both new bloggers who all interested to start a brand new blog as well as those who already started but fed up with less traffic.

Let’s get into the Blogging Tips… I will make separate all the 31 blogging tips for new bloggers into two portions. One is General Tips and Another Portion is Technical Tips.

Here are the General Tips

1. Motivate yourself Towards Success

A good blogger always motivates themself towards a successful path. If not you then who? So, whenever you feel demotivated, just think why you started all these and also the time and effort you put initially. I know how hard you work in the beginning to design and setting up your new blog. Thinking all these, help you motivate yourself and continue further.

2. Giving up is Not Just a Solution

As I said above, 80 out of 100 bloggers easily given up only because of not building the proper foundation initially. In this case, I recommend not to execute anything without learning about it. So, try to learn the blogging stuff at least basic blogging ideas and then execute which helps you not to give up anywhere between your blogging journey.

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3. More you Focus Better you Succeed

Blogging demands your focus and dedication towards all its techniques. If you are doing some blogging works, do it with dedication and fully focused. If you are doing just for the sake of finishing it, nothing you will receive in return in terms of results. Forget other things that you have on your mind and focus only on what you are doing (blogging works) in that particular time.

4. Learn New Things Daily

Spend your valuable time to learn something new techniques daily which you do not know before. Expert bloggers practices this tip, even they are experts they used to learn new things day by day and it will definitely help your blogging journey to move successful. Also, you can help out beginners who have a question or doubt over what you learned.

5. Be Prepared to Work Consistently

blogging tips for new bloggers

Blogging success never happens overnight. So, consistency factor is an important aspect in the blogging field. In fact, no matter which field you are in, work consistently will take you higher levels. Do not just worry about outcome during initial stages, continue your work with the same spirit as like how you started and sure you will see the results.

6. Build Community with Like-Minded People

Almost, every blogger has their own Facebook Group to interact and share stuff with like-minded guys. Building a strong community is a great idea in the blogging industry as like-minded people come to know about your blog existence. Facebook groups that are related to your blog topics are the great places to meet other bloggers. Join related FB groups and build a community.

7. Sketch a Proper Work Schedule

No matter how many hours you spend daily for your blogging works. Have a proper schedule for the day first and start your work accordingly. This saves your time. Because no proper schedule may lead you to struggle to finish the work on time. You may feel fed-up because of not finishing it on time.

8. Have a Helping Mind to Co-Bloggers

A myth about this blogging industry as you cannot survive without the help of your co-bloggers. That’s what I mentioned building a strong community to interact with other bloggers is a great idea. Be free and open to help your co-bloggers by sharing their blog posts. Doing this way, people used to start sharing your blog contents on their social media profiles. This helps you initially to get a good amount of social traffic.

9. Never Jump to Other Tasks when you Working on Something

Trying to do multi-tasking landing you in big trouble. So, if you are working on something never ever look for other tasks. Just finish what you are doing and then go ahead with other scheduled work. Most of the times, newbie bloggers used to try multi-task as they used to browse something else or social media sites while writing contents. So, avoid multitasking at the same time.

10. Blogging Demands your Patience

If you are new to blogging, you could have the ability to be patient for at least a year. Yes! Results might take 6 to 8 months but better you must be ready to work with hard efforts at least for a year without expecting much in return. You need patience.

11. Do not Work Aggressively

Again having a proper daily blogging schedule plays a key role. If you don’t have a perfect schedule (no of hours) to work in a single day, then you start working aggressively like whenever (no timing) you want. It might lead you to face some health problems. Keep up the blogging works as per your schedule.

Here Comes the Technical Blogging Tips for New Bloggers…

best blogging tips for beginners

12. Choose your Domain Name Wisely

You are choosing not just a domain but a business. So, make your journey a good start, the first step must be perfect. Choose a domain name that is highly relevant to your blog niche. And don’t complicate with the domain name selection. Choose a simple one yet easy to remember domain names.

13. Use the Best Web Hosting Service

Choosing the best web hosting service providers is a mandatory factor. You must be careful to choose both affordable yet those who can offer you the best features on your hosting plan. Check whether they offer you to host multiple websites, SSL certificates, backup options, one-click WordPress installation etc..

14. Better Use WordPress CMS

There are many CMS platforms available to start your new blog. But the most recommended choice is WordPress. As a beginner, you can use WordPress without knowing any codes. Also, the WordPress dashboard can be easily understandable even if you have zero knowledge. Installing WordPress on your new blog is even an easier job for you.

15. SEO Friendly Theme is Always the Best Choice

A premium theme is better but you still can start with free themes. But, when choosing free or premium themes, make sure to check the theme you are going to install on your blog is search engine optimization friendliness. Non-SEO friendly themes, make you trouble to drive traffic to your website. If you want to ask me a suggestion, I would recommend either GeneratePress or Astra themes. Both the themes available to download in a free and premium version.

16. Install the Must-Have Essential WordPress Plugins

Plugins can be used to add extra more functionalities to your new blog. Almost, you will get plugins for every other task you need to do on your website. But it’s not advisable to use many plugins as use only which are most required. Initially, you need the best SEO plugin, social share WordPress plugin, backup plugin, image optimization plugin and few others.

17. Don’t Just Write Contents without Targetting Keywords

The biggest issue among many newbie bloggers, they never used to target keywords on their blog posts. They just write and publish just for the sake of adding more and more contents. Google never going to love such blog posts and you have some keywords at least 5 keywords target on each post you publish.

18. Publish Original Contents

Be unique when it comes to writing blog posts. Don’t simply copy other bloggers posts and publish it on your blog by making few alterations. Original contents stand high and you will be caught by Google if you are publishing someone’s contents. Google never give rankings for your blogs and it affects your interest as well.

19. Do not Write Blog Posts only Targetting Search Engines

Be natural in your writing style. Do not copy other people style as well don’t just write for search engines. Your blog posts should benefit your readers first then search engines. Understand the importance of the keyword you target and then know the keyword search users intent and make your blog post copy accordingly.

20. Make Good Use of SEO Tools

There are hundreds of search engine optimization tools available both free and paid to plan SEO strategies for your blog. You can use the tools to the maximum to follow the SEO practices. Starting from Keyword Research to Content Marketing, most of the best SEO tools almost offer you many features.

21. Install Best Google Chrome Extensions

Search for the Chrome extensions that your blogging work requires and install it on your Chrome browser. You can search for best chrome extensions for blogging and you will get the best extensions, read the features. Install accordingly that you actually want. It saves your time from doing manual works.

22. Always Write Blog Posts on Topic Relevant to your Niche

Make sure only to cover blog post topics that are very relevant to your blog niche. Also, ensure to understand what people would love to know more around your niche and write those contents on your blog. By doing so, you can keep your readers repeatedly visiting your blog again and again.

23. Publish Blog Posts in Frequent Time Intervals

Google loves fresh content updates at regular intervals. Especially, if your blog is new, you must concentrate on writing blog posts frequently. Try to publish at least 6 to 8 blog posts per month. Do not compromise with the quality of your contents. Quality matters a lot than quantity but as a new blog, your blog still needs more fresh content updates. Updating contents on a frequent basis help you see the results quicker than usual.

24. Do Engage on your Social Media Profiles

Social media sites are great platforms to connect with like-minded people. So, engage as much as helpful on your social media sites than just using it for fun and entertainment stuff. Social media sites can have so much of ability to drive instant traffic to your blog if you know to use it brilliantly. Share your blog posts on social media profiles and request your friends to share.

25. Make your Blog a Fast Loading One

Blog loading speed is an important Google ranking factor. The fast your blog loads, the higher rank you get. So, do not add any stuff like images, videos, plugins etc.. that slows down your site. Even your users get frustrated to stay long when your blog experiences slow loading issues. It’s better only to use essential items on your blog and removes stuff what makes your sites loading slow.

26. Make Proper Use of SEO WordPress Plugin

Installing the plugins are not just enough as you have to make complete use of it. SEO plugins offer you to analyse your entire site for errors and warnings. Install either Rank Math or Yoast SEO plugins which can help you sort out any SEO issues that you have on your blog. These plugins suggest you how to fix those issues. I would recommend Rank Math as the number one choice, you still can use the Yoast SEO plugin.

27. Never Skip Search Engine Optimization Techniques

In order to survive in the long blogging run, you cannot skip search engine optimization techniques. Proper SEO can have the 100% ability to take your blog to the best higher levels. Yes! You may do mistakes in the beginning, that’s not a big deal as try to learn search engine optimization working process and improve your SEO skills. It’s tough for any bloggers to promote their blogs without knowing SEO.

28. Have a Perfect Promotional Strategies

Promoting your blog contents is same as important as publishing new contents in regular intervals, You cannot just publish and keep quiet and start your another task. Once publish done, you must spend your valuable few hours to let the world know about your new blog post publish. As organic results of course take time, you share the post links to your social media channels, Facebook relevant groups etc.. Also, social bookmarking is a great place where you can bookmark your links for instant traffic.

29. Do not Fall Off for Quick Rich Schemes

Blogging results takes time. There are many people over social media sites may try to convert your thoughts with their updates like they can help you get your blog to succeed within few days and want you to pay some dollars or the work. Do not fall off for this kind of posts, Just skip it and do concentrate on your routine works and go forward.

30. Do Blog Commenting on your Niche Relevant Blog Posts

For newbie bloggers, blog commenting is the best link building strategy that gets some instant traffic to your work. Blog commenting is a part of Off-Page SEO that can improvise your external link signals on your blog. Do not just drop simple and make no sense comments. Write better comments that too only on blog posts which are very relevant to your blogging categories.

31. Believe your Blog as your Business

You are not just blogging but you have your own blogging business. So, believe your blog as a business. This kind of belief will help you work more on your blog. There are lot of differences between work you do on a normal basis and work you do for your business. So, always work like a pro and get succeed.

Final Words

If you feel, You want me to add some more blogging tips on this post, you can drop me an E-mail with your best blogging tips for new bloggers. Mention the same as E-mail subject line, I will add the tips here with credits on your name.

Share the post with your beloved friends, neighbours etc.. It will be a great feeling for me when the post reaches many with the help of your Single Share.

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