19 Must-Join Facebook Groups for Bloggers to Learn Blogging

This post is an exclusive one for bloggers who are willing to learn blogging and similar topics like search engine optimization, digital marketing, WordPress, and affiliate marketing through genuine and best Facebook groups.

Facebook is not just a social media platform to have fun and watch out entertainment stuff. If you understand to utilize the platform properly, it’s undoubtedly the most significant learning curve for anyone. If you are using Facebook for a while, you may have heard about the Facebook groups.

Facebook groups’ actual purpose is to share informative threads, discussions and polls relevant to the group topics and let the group members make use of it.

As said above, the post is entirely talking about the 19 Must-Join Facebook groups for bloggers to learn to blog. Especially if you are new to blogging, joining in the best Facebook Community offers you a hell lot of benefits.

Before listing out the 19 best Facebook groups for bloggers, I wish to share some benefits of joining as a member.

  • To Learn Blogging Tips – I used to see that the admin of the many blogging Facebook Groups frequently shares blogging tips from his/her experience that might help members understand blogging.
  • To Promote your Blog Posts in Genuine Ways – Most of the Facebook groups I listed here in the post, offer you to share your blog posts to the group on the ‘Blog Promotion Day’ which happens once in a week. 
  • To Clear your Blogging Doubts – You can utilize these groups as much as possible to post your blogging doubts as a question and get replies from expert bloggers.
  • To Build a Network – You alone can’t succeed in the blogging field as you need a group of people with similar interests to become successful. Being a member of many good Facebook communities helps you build a network with like-minded people.

List of Must-Join Facebook Groups for Bloggers

Here is the list of 19 best Facebook groups for bloggers to join in 2021 to learn to blog and become successful in your blogging career. No matter if you are yet to start your blog, joining these Facebook groups help you get professional, free guidance from experts on how to start your blog.

Note: The list of Facebook groups mentioned in this post does not list top to bottom (1 to 19) according to any particular terms as I choose to select the Facebook Groups that offer its members only the BEST. To join the group, I enable the group title is clickable, it will take you to the group page. You can join there.

1. Bloggers Passion VIP Group

bloggers passion VIP Facebook group

Bloggers Passion VIP Facebook group is owned by one of India’s leading bloggers Anil Agarwal. The group has a total member of 16,300+ people, and the counting increases day by day. The group delivers the best discussions and posts relevant to blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing at regular intervals. Anil Agarwal used to share his more than a decade of blogging experience with the group members that would be a definite delight for bloggers to learn new blogging stuff every day.

2. Blogging Cage VIP – Learn Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

blogging cage VIP

With more than 34700 members, Blogging Cage VIP is another top-notch premium community exclusively for bloggers to learn blogging and affiliate marketing. The group owns by a famous Indian Blogger Kulwant Nagi, who is an expert affiliate marketer. The group strictly does not entertain any promotional activities. But, as a member, you can clear any of your blogging-related issues through the group asking the experts.

3. Blogging Lift – Blogging, SEO, Affiliate Marketing & Digital Marketing

blogging lift VIP Community

If I am not wrong, this is the blogging Facebook group with the highest number of members on this list. Yes!! Blogging Lift has over 49400+ members. Sumit Sao is a man behind the group who is good at offering blogging tips to his fellow group members regularly. He is too quick to reply when members of the group ask any questions regarding blogging. He also used to try several blogging tools and post updates frequently about the same to his members on this group.

4. Master Blogging – Blogging Tips and Strategies for Massive Profits

master blogging community

A group majorly focused on offering group members blogging tips and working strategies that help grow a profitable blog. Ankit Singla, the main man behind the group and few expert bloggers as admins, runs the group exclusively to help beginners’ growth. With over 16,700 members, the Master Blogging group is an ideal opportunity to join those willing to master the art of blogging.

5. Blogging Cosmos – The World of World Class Bloggers

blogging cosmos facebook group

Blogging Cosmos, a recently started group owned by Santhosh Gairola, is always willing to show love towards his fellow bloggers by offering his helping hands to clear beginners blogging doubts. A must-join group for beginner bloggers to get your blogging-related doubts cleared instantly. Blogging Cosmos runs a blog promotional thread every Monday in which you can share your blog links that will surely get you maximum shares from the group members. Around 1100 members currently, I am sure the numbers will hit high soon as the group is one of the best active Facebook groups for bloggers.

To encourage newbies, Santhosh, through his group and few bloggers, chooses a weekly winner every Sunday according to those who are more active and engaging in the group.

6. SIMPLEFACTSONLINE -Digital Marketing, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing & SEO

simple facts online by chayan

Another quality Facebook community, SimpleFactsOnline by Chayan Chakrabarti, is an emerging blogger ready to offer his blogging experience to other members. Often Chayan used to create Polls on this group with exciting questions and answers that partially help many beginners to decide what works best in the blogging. With over 8200 members, almost most of the members seem to engage in this group by participating in various healthy relevant discussions. Every Saturday, the group conducts Blog Promotion Day in which, as a member, you can share your blog post links to get a fair amount of shares.

7. Guide Blogging – Blogging, SEO, Affiliate Marketing and Digital Marketing

guide blogging VIP Community

Umer Quereshi got massive talent in the affiliate marketing field. I hope He is the youngest Indian blogger who is doing well overall in his blogging career. On behalf of his blog called Guide Blogging, he owns the Facebook community that already crossed 43500 members mark. Nowadays, Umer focused more on creating courses to help out fellow beginner bloggers successful careers. By joining the Guide Blogging group, you will get instant updates about his new course and blogging activities. You can use the group to learn SEO and affiliate marketing as other members used to share useful blogging tips.

8. UpdateLand – Learn Blogging & Make Money Online

update land facebook group by Jyoti

Jyoti Chauhan, an inspiring Female Indian blogger, owns UpdateLand – Learn Blogging & Make Money Online. She often shares affiliate marketing, makes online money strategies, and blogging tips in the group. Her work towards the blogging community motivates many people to start blogging. UpdateLand group already crossed 27100 members mark. The effort she put into improving the group quality is enormous, and it’s a premium community for new bloggers to make a part of it.

9. Growthfunda VIP – Learn Side Hustle and Be Your Own Boss

growthfunda facebook group

The Facebook group Growthfunda VIP is exclusively for those who are thriving to hustle and live boss-free lives. The group randomly updates success stories of different bloggers and side hustle tips as well. The group Growthfunda VIP owned by Amol Chavan currently has crossed to 200 members mark. The group posts are an absolute motivation for hustlers as Amol often used to update motivational stuff that makes yourself mentally prepare to hustle more.

10. Bloggers Camp – Community to Connect

bloggers camp by Arfa Nazeer

The group ‘Bloggers Camp – Community to connect’ is hosted by Arfa Nazeer, a girl behind the success of SheMeansBlogging. She is an expert at Pinterest marketing, if you are curious to learn how Pinterest helps you grow your blog traffic, you should be a part of this Facebook community. Apart, it’s a quality community to know blogging and other relevant topics. The group has reached 4000 marks in terms of members.

11. BloggingPal – Learn Blogging, SEO and Affiliate Marketing

blogging pal by tarun

Another emerging blogger in the blogosphere Tarun Kashyap owns the FB community BloggingPal. Around 890 members have already joined, and many bloggers keep on joining the group frequently. The group Blogging Pal is well known for offering quick SEO tips that are immensely the most awesome stuff for beginner bloggers to learn search engine optimization. Apart from information, you can also see blogging memes and tips in well-designed images that make fun and sense at the same time.

12. Bloggers Desire – Blogging, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, WordPress, and more

bloggers desire by ayush mishra

Here comes another young guy Ayush Mishra dedicated to blogging who owns a Facebook community in the name Bloggers Desire. With over 9600 members, the group blogging desire is used to be more active by offering blogging tips and tricks. Ayush conducts a blog promotion day every Monday on this group in which you can join as a group member and participate in promoting your blog posts for free of cost. He started offering giveaways of premium plugins in recent times, and he updates the same on his group. By joining this group, you may participate in the exciting giveaways and win premium plugins as prizes.

13. WordPress and SEO Ninjas

question cage by navin rao

No doubt, WordPress is the best yet user-friendly content management system that most of the bloggers prefer. WordPress and SEO Ninjas owned by Navin Rao used to share tips and problem-solving discussions related to WordPress. Those who are new to WordPress (the platform plays an essential role in your entire blogging journey) can join this group and participate in discussions to clear your queries. The Facebook community currently has over 750 members and is growing day by day.

14. The Bloggers’ Team [Let’s Grow Together]

the bloggers team by blogging Joy

The Bloggers Team [Let’s Grow Together] is a premium Facebook community with more than 23700 members owned by Santanu Debnath. He got a lot of blogging experience and offering great tips to group members. On this ‘The Blogger’s Team’ community, the admin conducts ‘Share your Blog Post’ thread every Saturday. To gather enormous amounts of blogging knowledge from expert bloggers, the group is a must-join for beginners.

15. Blogging-QnA Soldiers | Blogging, SEO and Digital Marketing Group

blogging qna by mangesh

Blogging QnA Soldiers Facebook group is another must-join group especially for beginner bloggers to learn blogging from the basics. Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj is a guy behind this group Blogging QnA soldiers who is regularly seen active on this group to reply to the members questions. Not only on his own group, he is also one of the finest moderators of few other blogger groups on Facebook in which he makes himself more presence on all the groups to solve bloggers queries.

Mangesh often used to update video contents on his group, most of the videos in the topic affiliate marketing. So, if you want to learn affiliate marketing, join the group and take benefits of it. The group Blogging QnA Soldiers already has good reach with 4300 members so far joined in a very short time.

16. Blogging Rich – Blogging, SEO, Affiliate Marketing and Digital Marketing

blogging rich VIP community Facebook group

The Facebook Group ‘Blogging Rich’ owned by Kumar Deepak who is one of the emerging Indian bloggers who used to share his thought process in blogging, SEO and Affiliate Marketing Topics. Recently, the Facebook group Blogging Rich crossed 5K members mark and I heartily congratulated ‘Deepak Kumar’ for the milestone.

Currently, the Blogging Rich Facebook Group has 5300 members. I often used to see blogging memes from this FB group by Deepak as it makes much humour sense. Apart, the Blogging Rich group is undoubtedly a go-to FB group for beginners who wish to learn new and fresh blogging ideas in 2021.

17. Blogging Community- Blogging, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing

blogging community facebook group by Facileway

Blogging Community is a Facebook group with around 250 members which is run by Sayem Ibn Kashem on behalf of his blog FacileWay.

Sayem is a guy who offers his 100% effort towards his work I witnessed. Likewise, his dedication towards his blog, he often used to spend good times on his Facebook Group ‘Blogging Community’ to share his blogging thoughts with the members. If you join, I am damn sure, you will get great blogging tips and tricks from this group by expert bloggers and from moderators of this group.

18. Blogging Try – Learn Actionable Blogging, Affiliate Marketing & SEO Tips

blogging try by Archana Tiwari

Blogging Try’ Facebook group is one of the most active groups on Facebook relevant to blogging and SEO tips I ever see. As a member, you could often get actionable blogging strategies and ideas without any doubts.

Archana Tiwari’ is the admin behind the Blogging Try Facebook Group. I would say, She is more active on this group to often post new actionable updates about blogging, affiliate marketing as well similar topics.

The group now has members around 870 people and I wish Archana mam’s Blogging Try Facebook group will soon witness 1k members mark.

19. Blogging and Digital Marketing Classroom

blogging and digital marketing classroom by saurabh

The Blogging and Digital Marketing Classroom Facebook group is owned by an experienced blogger Saurabh Tiwari. He has been blogging for 6+ years and on this Facebook group, he teaches blogging techniques and digital marketing ideas to the members what he has gone through from his entire blogging experience. 

The Facebook Groups currently has around 300 members. You can witness motivating ‘Blogging Quotes’ which is often shared by Saurabh Tiwari in the Blogging and Digital Marketing Classroom Facebook group. The quotes he writes from his own experience should definitely be a big boost to its members in order to rise up whenever you feel demotivated on your blogging journey. Do join and Get some Instant Blogging Ideas to improve your blogging performance.

Important Things to Notice Before Joining a Facebook Group

  • Ensure that your purpose of joining any bloggers group on Facebook should be learning stuff, not spamming the group by sharing irrelevant posts and links. You won’t be a member of the long term.
  • Before joining, read out the group rules and act accordingly.
  • Prepare yourself to be more active in the groups as much as possible to build a good relationship with other members of the group.
  • Few groups may ask you some questions to accept you as a member of the group. So, answer the questions genuinely.
  • Go through the group’s recent posts and ask yourself whether the group is the right choice for you and then Join.

Suggest Me Your Favourite Facebook Groups for Bloggers

Everyone has different favorites and opinions. If you feel I missed some names majorly to the list that offers rock-solid value to bloggers, I wish you guys to suggest me the name through the comment section. I am delighted to add the names in this blog post.

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  1. Hey Yasar
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    Every group have some different set if vision and focus. E.g. The Bloggers Team by Santanu, focusing bloggers to grow as team, SimplefactsOnline focus on Networking, BloggingLift an awesome tips for bloggers.. likewise all groups are very good

    Thanks for mentioning and keep up the good work bro.

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    Ever group listed above is worth of $M

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