9 Best Free Blogging Sites to Create your Blog in 2021

Are you a passionate writer? Do you want to start your free blog in 2021? If Yes!! You are right now at the perfect spot to create your dream blog today for an absolutely free of cost.

I have organized a list of the 9 best free blogging sites to start your blog in 2021 in this article. You can easily choose the best among these 9 best free sites for blogging after going through till the end. Even you can try all these nine best free blogging platforms, as everything is free to start.

Blogging definitely puts you to invest a few dollars in terms of buying a domain name, hosting, themes etc.. on a yearly basis to take your blogging journey to the professional levels. But during the starting phase of blogging, no one wants to take risks investing money without knowing much about the field.

So, to test whether blogging works fine for you or even to experience what blogging is all about, free blogging sites are the best choice for you.

You never need to be a design expert or a programming maestro to start with these best blog platforms for beginners. On default, already these most popular blogging platforms are designed with ready to go structure and so millions of bloggers already make many benefits of it.

Let’s get started with all the things you need to know about the best free blog sites.

1. Medium

medium free blogging platform
Image Credits Medium.Com Homepage

Medium is a free blogging platform in which you can write your post on any topic of your own interest on this platform. Not a blog post, the contents you write are termed as stories in Medium.

A great free platform to connect with like-minded people. Medium has a large audience base and it is an obvious best free blogging site for beginners to write their voice.

Medium is believed to be a microblogging social media similar platform. Likewise, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram like option, instead on Medium, you will get Claps from other members for your articles.

You can follow other members on Medium who have similar interests to you.

Many social media sites have restrictions on the number of characters when it comes to writing a post whereas Medium stories can be written any number of words as per your wish. Possibly, you can even write 5000+ words in a single story. An in-depth post always offers you good results in return.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Starting a Free Blog on Medium

Let’s have a look at a few pros and cons of what Medium platform offers to its users.


  • No need to spend your energy setting up a blog in terms of customisation. 
  • You can start writing stories, soon after a simple sign up process.
  • Your stories can easily reach out to other Medium users’ profiles according to different members’ topics of interest.


  • There is no room for designing your stories apart from basic options like inserting images and videos, as all the Medium stories look the same in terms of post structure.

2. Tumblr

tumblr free blog site
Image Credits Tumblr.Com Homepage

Similar to Medium, Tumblr is also a social media pattern blogging platform.

Tumblr is a free blogging site for those who want blogging as a hobby. Yes! It’s a fun platform most probably receiving interest among youths. Tumblr does have built-in users that your blog posts on Tumblr might reach to many Tumblr users in spite of SEO strategies.

As Tumblr is also a social media like site, Tumblr members can follow each other according to topic interest.

Not only for just publishing a post, but Tumblr is also a good blogging platform to share multimedia posts like images, videos, infographics etc.. So it’s an ideal deal if you’re blogging about personal stuff than niche blogs.

Here are a few pros and cons you should know about owning a blog at Tumblr site.


  • Integration with Google Analytics is possible.
  • You can use your affiliate links and display advertisements on your Tumblr free blog.


  • There is a reblog option in Tumblr, where other Tumblr members can reblog your post and they can make changes on your content. Obviously it might affect your blog post’s original flavour.

3. WordPress.Com

Wordpress.Com free blog
Image Credits WordPress.Com Homepage

No doubt WordPress is the bloggers number 1 choice when it comes to choose the best blogging platform.

It’s completely free to start a blog on the WordPress blogging platform. You can register for free right away and start writing your blog posts.

Even an occasional internet user may be aware of this most loving blogging platform. That’s the beauty of WordPress. Almost, 37% of websites have been built under WordPress according to reports.

WordPress free blog is another good option especially for newbies just to try out how blogging works for them. 

Most of the self-hosted websites and blogs consider using their content management system as WordPress due to solid features and functionalities.

Another reason that WordPress is a best free blogging platform to work, it offers you thousands of free themes and plugins in which you can customise your blog design and add more features to get a professional look.

Like few other free blogging sites, WordPress has its own pros and cons.


  • Search Engines prefer WordPress blogs most compared to other blogging sites.
  • You can customize your blog as your own wish.
  • Probably user-friendly dashboard as anyone can easily work on it.


  • To get Premium features of themes and plugins, you need to purchase paying a few dollars.
  • You don’t get control over your domain name as you will get it along with WordPress.Com

4. Blogger

blogger most popular blogging platform
Image Credits Blogger.Com Homepage

Google’s very own blogging platform. Blogger is quite an old blog site almost 2 decades old blogging platform still millions of bloggers used to create a blog with this free blogging site because of its ease of use.

Templates used in this free blogging site become old school design as many blogging sites used to offer new and fancy customized template designs.

During 2009 when I started learning blogging for the first time, Blogger site was most popular and newcomers first tried this site and then used to migrate to other platforms.

I still have a free blog on this blogger platform but cannot use much as it seems to be outdated. You can try to create a free blog with a blogger just to know how the platform works for you. A good option again if you want a personal blog at free of cost.

You can use your Google account to sign up to Create a Free Blog on Blogger.


  • As Blogger is a Google’s product, you can use this free blogging platform publishing your quality blog posts to get AdSense approval and make money from it.
  • Supports most other Google Products as you can make use of Google Drive that helps to store a high amount of data.
  • You can have a preview look of your post before publishing to check everything looks perfect.


  • As said earlier, too old and your blog does not look professional. Your readers do not feel a friendly interface over your blog.

5. Wix

wix best free site for blogging
Image Credits Wix.com Homepage

Drag & Drop feature is the big plus of the Wix blogging platform. As you can design your blog with zero coding knowledge. Wix is one of the best website builders because of its astonishing features.

Wix blog site has both paid and free plans. With their paid plan, you can host your own domain whereas free plan, your blog URL will come along with wix.com. That’s not a big deal as even their free plan offers you more features to run your blog without being a techie.

A great point about Wix is that they do offer customer support even for their free users. That’s kind of the free blog site.

Many small businesses use Wix as the best platform as they have superior tools that make any business website look gorgeous and visitors friendly. According to a report, the Wix platform has been used by across 190+ countries and so far the platform has almost hosted 100+ million sites.

Depending on your industry you can choose the Wix templates to design your free blog as Wix offers you hundreds of free templates to choose from.

Wix is a modern-day free blog platform that has the feature of AI – Artificial Intelligence which partially helps to create your own blog asking yourself few questions. That’s the future of blogging. Out of 100 people who used Wix, 88 people would love to recommend Wix to others. Wix is a valid platform exclusively for the restaurant business and photographers to start a free blog.


  • Wix unique drag and drop website builder feature can guide anyone to create a free blog.
  • Customer Support
  • Offer Auto blog backups to avoid loss of data issues.


  • Once you select the template and hit the publish button, unfortunately Wix won’t allow you to change the template of your blog.

6. Weebly

create your free blog on weebly
Image Credits Weebly.com Homepage

According to its website statistics, Weebly so far hosts 50+ million blogs worldwide. Similar to Wix, Weebly also offers its own drag and drop tool that can decrease your time taken for blog customisation works.

Not only free blogs but Weebly also the best choice for E-commerce sites and portfolios as well. Weebly has a wide range of blogging tools exclusively for their customer, using the tools you can easily focus well on your blog SEO analysis.

The drag and drop editor on Weebly offers blocks, text boxes, adding images, headings, embedded videos, buttons, forms and more.

If you want a free website builder with high-end drag and drop features, both Weebly and Wix are great choices for you to start your free blog in 2021. 

Pros of Weebly:-

  • Not like Wix, you can change your blog template anytime even after it went live.
  • Offers basic SEO and blogging tools to monitor blog overall performance.
  • Mobile responsive templates that lead your blog readers stay more time.

Cons of Weebly:-

  • Absence of Artificial Intelligence. You need to manually build your blog that takes time as sites like Wix have AI features.
  • In case of any blog downtime issues, you will need a Weebly support team to get it back.

7. Yola

yola free blog creation builder
Image Credits Yola.com Homepage

Yola is one fine free blog site that you can start your blog easily. Yola offers a flexible layout to your free blog that is perfectly responsive on all three devices such as desktop, tablet and mobile.

Unlike any other free blogging platforms, with your Yola account, you can only create up to two free blogs and each with just three pages.

Yola has default CSS builder option, if you are good at coding, you can even customize your Yola site with codings. Also, on your Yola free blog, you will get 1GB of space and bandwidth. This option deserves 1000 claps to Yola.

Yola stands high compared to other sites that restrict third party advertisement on even Yola free blogs. But Yola ad will be placed on your blog footer note.

Yola blogging platform also provides an E-commerce solution but unfortunately, this option won’t come under the free plan as to avail online store option, you have to purchase one of their paid plans.

But to create your personal or hobby blog, Yola has a lot to offer from its free plan. There are better blog sites than Yola available, still, you can try this to create your free blog on studying Yola performance.


  • Ease of Use with their one-click installs pre-designed templates.
  • Free from Third Party Advertisement.
  • 1 GB Storage Space and Bandwidth.


  • Very limited features on Yola free plan. 
  • No further updates in recent times. Still, they have old school features.

8. HubPages

hubpages blogging platform
Image Credits Hubpages.com Homepage

HubPages similar to Medium and Tumblr as it’s also a microblogging social media like a channel that HubPages has its own built-in audience community.

You can join as a hubber and start writing your hub posts on the platform. Free to Join.

HubPages becomes a great community as well as the best free blogging site for writers to share their knowledge with other community people.

Also, HubPages offers a default monetization program where they put ads on your contents only if the post has some unique standards. When people click ads from your HubPages account blog posts, you will earn. This is the most popular free blogging platform to earn passive income through advertisement.

Being a blogger at HubPages, your work cannot be based only on earning money. Rather, make the most out of the platform to post quality articles and build good relationships with other Hubpages community members. This way earnings will automatically knock your door.

If you write a good quality piece, then more chances that your HubPages post will get rankings in the search engine results page also Hubpages features best articles on their homepage which get more views. Getting a top position on SERP gets you more traffic, means you will earn super extra passive income from HubPages.

Advantages of Creating HubPages Blog:-

  • Completely free to publish blog posts. They don’t offer any paid plans.
  • HubPages posts are more likely to appear on search engine results.
  • They have an exclusive forum in which you can request support in case any doubts.


  • A good option to earn money from advertisements. But many ads displayed on your blog post, show the article non-professional.
  • You don’t have any control over your blog post. HubPages has all rights to delete your blog posts if they found inappropriate contents.
  • Your post must be unique and quality in order to get post-approval.

9. LiveJournal

livejournal free blog
Image Credits LiveJournal.com Homepage

LiveJournal is another fine blogging platform where you can create your free blog to exchange ideas and share knowledge with others. The posts you are publishing on this blogging platform termed as journals. 

Livejournal is a good free blog site for those who are storytellers. As this platform members, mostly used to create personal blogs to share life stories. The Livejournal online community is also a microblogging social networking platform. 

Like Medium, Livejournal also offers the same structure for all your blog posts that lack customisation options. Still, it’s a damn simple blogging platform that you just sign up and start writing your journals.

The platform too has paid plans in which you get more than a simple looking blog.


  • Free to Join and with Livejournal built-in community members, your journals will possibly grab attention.
  • Social media looks like a platform, interfaces are easy to handle without knowing any line of codes.


  • Old-School design templates and customization options are very limited.

Over to You with Few Tips

The registration process on all these 9 best free blogging sites are very simple. You just need to enter your basic details like email, username, password etc.. You will be asked to choose your free blog name after signing up and verifying your account. The blog name is what you get as your domain URL (remember, you are using free blog sites and so, no custom domain).

To write contents and publish, you just need to login and you will see an option on “Add Post” click there, write your content, add images and videos for a better look and hit publish to make your posts, stories, journals etc… to go Live…


All these 9 best free blogging sites have one thing in common that they would not offer you to start a blog on your custom domain name. Of course, to start with your custom domain, you need to purchase any of their paid plans. Very few sites actually offer features worth the paid plans but unfortunately not most of the sites.

So, all these nine free blog sites are definitely worth a try once in your blogging journey. Over to you again, give a try and drop me your experience about each site through the comment section.

Yasar Arafath

Yasar Arafath

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