Blogging for Business – Know the Benefits and Importance

Gone are those days people used to come out of their house for shopping. But in 2020, things have changed as people would like to purchase products by sitting comfortably at their homes through several online portals. Due to the changes, the business with the right amount of online audiences starts growing day by day. To gain consumers online, blogging for business is a mandatory factor.

If you are still not having a blog for your business, I would say you are missing something big that helps your business drive more sales. Because if you know the real benefits of having a blog for your business, you will urge to start a blog for your business.

What is Blogging?

Does the term ‘blogging‘ seem entirely new to you? Alright, I am here to define. In simple sentences, blogging refers to a strategy or even a practice in the form of writing content (otherwise called blog posts) related to your business frequently on your business blog to drive visitors. The more quality visitors you get, the more sales you drive.

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Most business owners believe that having a business website is more than enough to drive sales online. That is not a fact, as you need a blog for your business website to increase visibility.

There are differences between having just a website and having a business website along with a blog. You may write more about the business services that help you build the audience’s trust in your business.

According to a Hubspot Lead Generation report, a business website that has a blog generates 67% more leads per month compared to businesses that do not have a blog.

blogging statistics

How Blogging for Business Helps Increase Online Visibility?

So, you already have a good website for your business that includes every detail about your business. That’s fine. The question here is how people will come to know about the existence of your business. You may directly share the website URL on your social media channels, and of course, you will get some visitors. But, do such visits from social media platforms enough to drive more sales? Obviously, no, I would say.

So, the perfect option is to optimize your business website using several strategies to drive traffic (visits) through Google searches. To optimize your already developed website, you need a blog.

I believe now you realize somewhat around fifty percent why blogging for business is essential.

Yes!! As said above, blogging for business is a mandatory factor to drive traffic to your business website from Google searches. Having a blog for your business helps increase the visibility of your business website for sure.

How do I Start a Blog for My Business Website?

If you have developed your business website with the help of agencies, you should ask them to create a blog for your business website. Or else, if you have developed the site by yourself, you can easily create a blog referring to video tutorials from YouTube.

A blog is nothing but a portion of your website where you have to write (or even hire content writers) blog posts on different topics related to your business services or products.

When it comes to creating a blog of your own, you will have several options to look for in blogging platforms. WordPress is the number one choice among all, and it offers so many default features that you can blog it yourself without any coding knowledge.

If you still don’t even have a business website, you can use WordPress to create one and also use the same website to have a blog. I have a detailed guide for you about how to start a WordPress blog; you can check it out in this link.

Why is Blogging Important for your Business?

According to recent statistics about blogging, which I came to know recently, 77 percent of internet users read blogs. What else do I need to convey about the importance of blogging for business than this single statistic?

blogging reports

From the above statistics, you must understand that If an internet user wants to buy a product or even a service, he/she does not purchase directly from your business website as the consumer used to read the blogs about it. If it fits everything fine, then only the conversion happens. So, this is how having a blog for your business is a great idea.

By having a blog, you can write about your products and services and optimize it with keywords that people search more on Google. If the content you write is well optimized according to Google ranking factor, possibly the blog post gets top rankings in Google. You can organically drive more visitors to your blog post, which partially helps you drive more leads.

For example, if you are selling an online course on your website and probably, you can write a detailed blog post about it. It may include the course’s benefits, who can join the course, the unique stuff you added in the course, etc. While writing, optimize the proper keywords you want the blog post to rank on Google search results. If the post gets the position and the keyword you target has high search volumes, imagine how a single keyword will offer you the right amount of sales for your online course. That’s the beauty of blogging.

But remember, organic traffic cannot happen quickly to your business blog as you need to work effectively and consistently with different strategies. Search engine optimization techniques help you a lot to drive traffic organically.

I have two hand-picked blog posts for you, and I hope that helps you drive traffic to your business blog. One is about the basics of SEO, and another post is about blogging tips for newbie bloggers that you may try to increase your blog online visibility.

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Write Consistently [At least 6-10 Blog Posts Monthly in an Average]

Google prefers the most only if the blog delivers content consistently. Just creating or having a blog for your business does not go to offer you sales as you write consistently at least 6 to 10 articles a month. Whenever you publish new posts on your blog, Google crawls and indexes as Google loves fresh content from your blog. Often you write posts, possibly you get high visits. Refer to the image below as, according to Hubspot, the traffic differs a lot between the business blogs that post 10+ a month and 0-1 a month. That’s what expert marketers recommend consistency as a critical factor when it comes to blogging for business.

write blog posts consistently

3 Significant Benefits of Having a Blog for your Business

1. Blogging is Inexpensive

Not a big deal whether you are running a big or small organization, blogging does not demand significant investment. To start an excellent business blog in the WordPress platform, you need to invest around 100 USD approximately per year (which is less than $15 a month) for buying a hosting and a well responsive lightweight theme. Spending $100 is not a mandatory term to start a blog.

If you are sort of budget, there are possibilities you can even start your blog as low as ONE USD per month with the availability of affordable yet best web hosting providers. When it comes to installing a theme for your WordPress business blog, use lightweight yet highly responsive themes like GeneratePress, which you can get absolutely for no cost. That’s why blogging for small businesses is even possible.

benefits of having a blog

2. Blogging for Business is a Great Idea to Find the Right Audience

Blogging for your small business helps you find the right audience that you expect. When you promote your services and products by writing informative and valuable content, people who are interested in your business can easily find your business website through Google searches. And quickly, you can convert those visits into leads. Because people visit your blog through Google searches, it is considered a quality visit compared to other traffic mediums.

3. Blogging Help you Create Trust Among your Consumers

Whether you are selling products or offering services on your business website, you must first create trust among your visitors so that your visitors will buy products from you. No trust means no sales.

It is advisable to write in-depth (blog posts) about what you are selling or what you are offering instead of blindly publishing a simple product or service. 

A detailed blog post will create trust in your readers, and it grabs your consumer attention and leads them to buy your products.


sales and find the right audience. As I said earlier, blogging does not demand huge investment, but your dedication, smart work, and consistency decide your success in blogging.

Taking the first step might be harder, but sooner, you could feel the growth in your business when you started blogging for your business because Blogging is Awesome.

I hope the post conveys informative and valuable points. If you feel the same, all I request from you is just a single share. Your single share may help many who are all looking forward to starting a blog for their business.

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