Blogging vs Vlogging Detailed Guide – What to Choose in 2021

Do you have a question on what to choose in 2021, whether blogging or vlogging?

Do you want to start your career in blogging or vlogging field? But struggling to decide which one suits you? 

Here I have decided to write this piece of topic blogging vs vlogging in-depth to offer better solutions and to exclusively fulfil the answers for the above questions.

Be it a part-time or full-time career option, you can easily become a blogger, vlogger or both in 2021.

But making a clear decision on what field best suits you is a deal.

Just throw up your confusions and read to find out.

Blogging vs Vlogging – Definitions

Let me first define you both the terms blogging and vlogging. Let’s start from scratch so that you can understand the meaning of the basic terms about what you are going to become. If you want to keep your interest alive for the long run, it’s a mandatory factor to learn basic things at first priority.

Quick Piece of Advice

Keep in your mind that the results take time in both the fields. You cannot achieve the output overnight. So, mentally you must be prepared to remain calm as you can succeed only if you survive for the long run.

What is Blogging?

Everyone has their own thoughts, perspectives and suggestions about a particular topic. People used the blogging field as a medium to share their experiences, knowledge, informational answers, ideas and more.

Yes, Blogging is a medium where you can write up your favourite topics in the Text Format to let the internet users around the world read.

Whatever you write in text format within the blog is known as content.

What is Vlogging?

As I define blogging previously, both the activities are almost used for a similar purpose that is nothing but a communication platform or medium to share knowledge with other users over the internet.

Vlogging in another term called Video Blogging in which people used to offer their thoughts through video contents.

To get even more clear vision between both the fields, here i will tell you some major differences.

Difference between Blogging and Vlogging

  • Blogging content must be in text format whereas vlogging content should be created in video format.

This is the only major difference and at the end of the day, both vloggers and bloggers work is to deliver the contents on their favourite topics but on different formats.

Blog vs Vlog – Definition

A blog is nothing but a website pattern which can be developed by anyone with no restrictions for different purposes of their own. Especially to write blog posts.

A vlog is a channel pattern that can be started most probably on the Youtube platform with few restrictions to deliver videos according to the channel owner’s interest.

In simple words, Blog is in text content form whereas Vlog is in video content form.

Blogger vs Vlogger – Definition

Blogger vs Vlogger

Those who are running a blog and used to handle all the stuff required for his/her blog is called a blogger.

Likewise, those who are owing to a Youtube channel and used to follow the works required in order to maintain his/her channel is known as a vlogger or Youtuber.

Why Blogging? How to Blog in 2021?

  • To connect with like-minded people worldwide.
  • To get massive organic traffic to the website from search engines.
  • Share knowledge and interest.
  • To create brand awareness.
  • Last but not least, to make extra income.

These four are the major reasons most of the bloggers will reply when you ask why blogging. Ofcourse, that is the truth too.

How to Blog in 2021?

Actually How to Blog? or How to start a blog? is a huge topic that should be discussed in a separate case study in order to gather in-depth knowledge. But to justify this post concept blogging vs vlogging, here I definitely have to share some simple ideas about how to blog.

  • Ensure to sketch the plan of what your blog is going to about. It’s called choosing a Niche. A niche is nothing but the whole topic your blog speaks going to deliver about. For example, If you choose “Weight Loss” as your niche, you must have to write weight loss related blog posts.
  • You can choose anyone among two popular blogging platforms either blogger or WordPress. 
  • Choose a domain name and register domain. A .com domain costs you up to 12 USD approximately for one year.
  • Buy web hosting plans according to your needs (available both free and paid) to get your Cpanel account to develop your website. I do not recommend free web hosting. Try hosting like A2 Hosting or GreenGeeks as both are quite affordable for beginners.
  • Install themes and plugins. Create basic pages such as About, Contact, Privacy Policy etc..
  • At last, you can write your first blog post and publish it on your blog.

Blogging Mistakes you should Avoid in 2021

  1. Do not expect quick results as I said earlier, blogging success takes minimum 3 to maximum six months duration to offer you results. Even I know people hustle for a year to gain results.
  2. Consistency is the key to blogging. Never take the consistency factor lighter as you have to keep working on different strategies to get results.
  3. Do not just write blog posts as whatever you wish. Instead, ensure to understand your target audience and deliver the posts accordingly.
  4. Not doing proper keyword research.

Why Vlogging? How to Vlog in 2021?

  • To popularize a Youtube channel in order to receive views and get subscribers.
  • To review a product or services through video contents.
  • To entertain people with different fun video posts.
  • To offer viewers with informational and current news videos.
  • And of course, to earn money by monetising the video contents.

How to Vlog in 2021?

  • First, you need to set up a Youtube Channel with your Gmail account. It’s absolutely free of cost.
  • Choose a name for your channel. It can be either your own name or any names that are similar to the interest of your choice. Always try to choose a catchy title.
  • Same as blogging, here also you have to choose your vlogging niche (A Topic for your Video Channel). It may be a food review vlog, technology vlog, health vlog etc..
  • Plan the content properly for your first video, shoot videos, edit if required and upload it on your Youtube channel.

Actually, Vlogging is not as easy as what I mentioned in just 4 steps. You need to put almost your overall effort repeatedly on the 4th step to achieve the outcome.

Quick Note

Youtube has some restrictions that you cannot upload any form of content as you wish. Make sure to read Youtube policies before uploading your video contents.

Vlogging Mistakes you should Avoid in 2021

  1. Do not copy other contents in the form of video and audio clips to your videos. Youtube platform is smart at finding it and your channel will be penalized according to the Youtube copyrights act.
  2. Avoid shooting low-quality videos. Because no one shows interest in watching videos in such bad quality.
  3. Do not prefer to shoot lengthy videos with non-related stuff just as sake of showing it a long one. Only make the video contents what the topic actually demands.
  4. Avoid using applications and software that are not worthy of the best editing criteria.
  5. Do not just upload more and more videos for the sake of just uploading it as quality over quantity is a big deal in the vlogging business. So, think many times before the video goes live whether the video can justify the topic to your audiences.
  6. Do not post videos on multiple concepts, stick on just one concept and create several videos on the particular concept. This definitely makes your Youtube channel a trusted source if a particular topic.

Even in 2021, around 400+ million people used to read close to 20 billions blog posts every month. 

According to sources, 150+ billion videos are watched every month on the Youtube platform.

When you look for statistics, without doubt, videos are watched higher in number compared to blog posts are read. It doesn’t mean, one is popular than other as both the business strategies has their own merits and demerits.

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If the popularity factor measures in terms of statistics, of course, vlogging wins over blogging. That’s why most of the popular bloggers around the world already started vlogging.

In fact, many bloggers still manage to earn a million dollars every year from their blogs. Starting a new blog even in 2021 actually worth if follow right blogging guidelines.

Make Money through Blogging and Vlogging

Make Money through Blogging

No one simply just starts blogging and vlogging business unless both offers make money options.

Most of the people would show interest to choose to become a vlogger or blogger mainly because to make extra income and these two strategies can start from ones own capacity and knowledge.

How Bloggers Make Money?

  • Display banner and text ads from popular advertisement networks like Google Adsense, Adsterra etc..
  • The most popular earning method Affiliate Marketing in which bloggers promote services and products from their affiliate programs to earn income on a commission basis.
  • Offering sponsored posts.
  • A blogger can write blog posts about their own products and selling them directly from their website.

How Vloggers Make Money?

  • Again affiliate marketing is the one finest way vloggers can make huge money. Vloggers will promote affiliate products and services through video content by means of reviews.
  • Google Adsense monetization method is most of the vlogger’s cup of tea.
  • By directly promoting other business services at the start or end of the videos.

Skills you must Develop to Become a Blogger

To become a successful blogger:

  1. Content Writing – Developing content writing skill is a must for a blogger. Content is the king of your blogging success. So, you must develop your English writing skill to deliver prominent contents. You have to keep on feeding content on regular intervals on your blog to regular readers.
  2. SEO – You must learn the different search engine optimization skills to get your blog posts on top of the search engine results. Organic traffic which comes from search results is the only key for any blog to survive for a longer-term.
  3. SMO – Social media marketing skill also a mandatory one that you must develop as a blogger to handle promotional activities via social media sites.

Skills you must Develop to Become a Vlogger

  1. Fluent in Speaking – No matter in what language you are vlogging either English or any other your regional languages, you must learn to speak fluently to let not your audiences feel disturbed of non-fluency in your speaking
  2. Editing Skills – To deliver mind-blowing video content, you must be good at editing your videos.
  3. Marketing your Video Contents – During the initial stages of your vlogging career, you must promote your videos and Youtube channel with working promotional strategies to gain subscribers to your channel.

Can I become both Blogger and Vlogger?

blog vs vlog

Yes! You can. If you have enough skills in the above mentioned points, you can become both in 2021. It’s even an added advantage if you are doing both vlogging and blogging as you can earn income from both the sources.

If you write a blog post about some topic on your blog, you can even create videos on the same and upload it to your vlogging channel. This makes you get both kinds of audiences those who interested in reading blogs might prefer your blog, as well as people interested in watching videos, may like your channel.

What Investments Do I Need to Become a Blogger?

  • Domain registration costs around a few dollars. Depends on the provider costs, it may vary. You can check for the costs on different domain name registration service providers websites. Registering a Domain cost typically around 7 USD up to 15 USD for one year.
  • You must invest your money on buying web hosting services. There are web hosting plans starting from 1 USD per month as you choose wisely according to your budgets and their services.
  • A Good and Lightweight WordPress Theme – Cost you around approximately 40 to 60 USD. It’s a one-time investment, hence you can renew after a year if you want updates from the theme authors by paying a few dollars. If you are sort of budget, you still can start with free themes.
  • Plugins – I would not recommend for beginners bloggers to buy paid plugins as initially you can get most plugins free of cost. Most of the features you can get in free plugins. Later you can purchase according to your need.

So, Domain, Web hosting and theme (not mandatory) are the three major things that you need to invest in terms of money to build your dream blog today.

Overall, 100 to 120 USD you need initially to invest on your new blog.

What Investments Do I Need to Become a Vlogger?

To be honest, you can start vlogging today with Zero Investment. Creating a Youtube channel does not cost you anything. Use your mobile phones to shoot videos, check for free and good video editing applications and upload the final copy of your video to your channel. This way many beginner bloggers are maintaining their Youtube channels.

But sometimes, the above-mentioned kind of vlogging activities somehow become a reason for your vlogging career into lack of professionalism.

That’s why most of the vloggers invest some money on buying must have vlogging equipment such as digital cameras, tripods, tools for good lighting effect, voice recording devices as well some good editing paid applications.

Search for the best yet affordable vlogging cameras on Amazon and buy one for your vlogging business. You can also get other equipment through Amazon.

Blogging vs Vlogging – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes more money whether vlogging or blogging?

A: It totally depends on how popular your vlog or blog is. The higher audience you get the higher you earn. Many believe vlogging is the future and vloggers can make more than bloggers. Watching videos will get more votes when competing with reading blog posts.

Q: What types of blog or vlog should I start in 2021?

A: You could have many options when it’s a question to choose types of blog or vlog. First know your interest and passion, because your passion towards something will take you to a bigger level as well you can focus more on what you are good at. For example, If you are regular at watching football matches, you can start a blog or vlog in football niche.

Q: Is there no room for blogging in future?

A: Of course, Vlogging grabs more attention among people in recent times than blogging. But it does not mean bloggers cannot survive in the future. There will be always a room for bloggers and what matters most is continuous effort and consistency.

Q: Who takes more effort whether a vlogger or blogger?

A: Vlogging needs more effort than blogging. Your presence and your vlogging atmosphere matter a lot when you shoot videos. So, I personally feel a vlogger may need to put higher efforts than a blogger.


With the solutions I provided from this blog post blogging vs vlogging, I believe you can now able to make a choice on what suits you best in 2021 whether blogging, vlogging or even both.

If you still feel I missed something here, you are invited to drop me a mail or post a comment below to inform me about it.

Find your interest, start focus and achieve the dream career of your choice.

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