Cart Subtotal Based Discounts – Get More Woocommerce Orders in 2021

As a regular reader of The Rich Secrets Blog, you may know how frequently we used to publish blog posts on knowledge bases relevant to wholesale woocommerce.

Once again in the same parent topic ‘Wholesale Woocommerce’, this time We have got an idea to cover about the store orders improvement relevant topic ‘Cart Subtotal Based Discounts’.

As a woocommerce wholesale store owner, you should keep on thinking to apply new strategies to your store in order to increase your store orders.

If you had such thinking in your mind, automatically you start exploring different stuff to improvise your store profits.

I have been recently in search of writing a useful blog post specifically for woocommerce wholesale store owners, I found the concept Cart Subtotal Based Discounts.

The concept was released as a brand new update by Wholesale Suite in one of their popular Woocommerce Plugins named ‘Woocommerce Wholesale Prices Premium’.


To make use of the new brand new feature ‘Cart Subtotal based Discounts’, you would have already installed the Plugin. If you are new, ensure to get the Plugin.

Wholesale Suite is a well-known name in the ‘Wholesale Woocommerce’ industry as they are specialized in providing Plugins for Woocommerce Wholesale Stores.

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Along with Woocommerce Wholesale Prices Premium, they also offer Wholesale Order Form and Wholesale Lead Capture Plugins which are in the must-have woocommerce plugins category to improvise store sales of its kind.

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So, overall the Wholesale Suite Plugin plays a key role in offering flexible solutions for Wholesale Woocommerce Store owners with the help of their Plugins.

It seems that the update ‘Cart Subtotal Based Discounts’ was the long term wish for already registered Wholesale Prices Premium Plugin users.

In the recently released version [1.26] of the Plugin, the feature ‘Cart Subtotal Based Discounts’ took place.

Cart Subtotal Based Discounts in a Simple Definition

Depending on your buyer’s cart subtotal purchase amount, the cart subtotal discounts will be applied automatically.

For your wholesale customers, you can declare the cart subtotal discount percentage you wish to provide once the cart subtotal amount reaches what you set in the Plugin Set Up.

Luckily, in the brand new concept ‘Cart Subtotal Based Discounts’ with the Plugin Wholesale Prices Premium, it’s easy to set different cart subtotal based discounts according to the Wholesale User Roles.

As there is an option to set prices by user roles using the same plugin, here with the new feature, you can set cart subtotal discounts by user roles as well.

No matter how many different groups of wholesale customer user roles you already had, you still can provide different sets of cart subtotal based discounts to the user roles from different groups.

Cart Subtotal Discounts Setup Process in the Plugin

As I already said, in order to avail of the feature, you need the plugin installed in your web store list of plugins. If you have not done it yet, click here to get it.

The cart subtotal based discount features demand a very simple set up process. On the discount page of the plugin, there is a wholesale prices setting tab where you can find the cart subtotal prices discount set up page.

This is how the cart subtotal prices discount set up page looks.

cart subtotal prices discount page

The setup process is that you can give an additional discount for specific wholesale user roles based on the cart subtotal price.

According to your favour, you can fill up the setting form and input the discount percentage you want to offer. Once you are done with filling up the fields, you can click the ‘Add Mappings’ button to let the cart subtotal based discount progress work in your store front end to your buyers.

You can add any number of mappings as much as you want with different wholesale user roles and different subtotal prices (Cart Total Where Discounts Start Working) as well different cart subtotal discount percentage amounts. The output for different wholesale user role levels will reflect your buyers according to the mappings you add here.

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That’s the one fine option as you can add different percentage discounts for different levels of buyers.

If the buyer with wholesale user role used to order a lot from your store, you can have a separate user role group for such buyers and offer them extra discounts through the cart subtotal based discount feature from your wholesale prices premium plugin.

You may have come across as many Ecommerce websites offer its members a status like Platinum members, Diamond, Gold, Silver etc. which offer different discount percentages according to the status of the members.

The same way, you can handle the process with the help of the ‘Cart Subtotal based Discounts’ feature.

Here is the reference image of how your store looks like at the front end when you have cart subtotal based discount features for different user roles.

cart front end

As shown, the buyer has ordered for products worth $550, as you see in the cart totals section, we have mentioned two boxes. One is Cart subtotal $550 and another one is Special 10% OFF which the  buyer gets an extra $55 OFF as the Special $10 OFF has been added as mappings of cart subtotal prices discount page at the back end.

This is how it works. A simple yet a powerful feature to improve your store orders.

Benefits of Cart Subtotal Based Discount Feature

  • The feature itself pushes your buyers to order more quantity to reach the subtotal you fixed to avail of the discount.
  • You can promote that you are offering ‘Cart Subtotal Based Discounts’ in your wholesale woocommerce store through your store social media channels which gains you, new customers, to buy your products.
  • You can still offer discounts, even if your buyer does not meet the minimum subtotal amount required as there is a feature for that too in the plugin.

You can get more details about the feature as well as how to use ‘cart subtotal based discounts’ by the developer team itself. Check this post.


If you have some budget to buy plugins for your wholesale woocommerce store development, go for the Wholesale Prices Premium plugin to avail the Cart Subtotal Based Discount feature which might be a much-needed addition to your store increase orders.

Your buyers will be delighted to be a part of stores that offer cart subtotal based discounts.

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