How to Create Addon Domain in A2 Hosting Account

This post is going to be damn quick and easy to follow step by step guide on how to create an addon domain in your A2 Hosting account. This post happens because I just created an addon domain from my A2 Hosting account and I thought of writing you the same What I experienced in this process to save your time and energy.

Most of the time when purchasing a web hosting plan, we probably look for the plan that offers unlimited websites or sometimes plan that offers at least to host up to 3 websites. Because we don’t want to spend extra money on hosting when we need to launch more than one website.

So, What is Addon Domain?

Simple, If you want to host more than one website on your hosting account plan, you should do by adding extra domains as an addon domain.

Remember that your main or primary domain will be what you first created and this will be your addon domain and it will be stored under your main domain. No issues, as you will get everything independent for your addon domains.

Do no Confuse: Subdomains and addon domains are not the same. A subdomain is you create it on with your already added domain and an addon domain is totally new which you should be able to create a new domain and add it to your hosting account.

Updating your Name Servers on your Domain Registering Account

To handle the whole lot process without experiencing any errors, first, you have to update your hosting account nameservers. I hope that you are adding an addon domain and you may already learn how to do this task. I am adding this section, just because let you know updating nameservers on your domain name provider account is the mandatory task before you create an addon domain.

How to Create an Addon Domain in Your A2 Hosting

The reason why would I choose specifically A2 hosting addon domain for this post, as my blogs are hosted in A2 hosting. No matter what hosting account you have your blogs hosted, almost every hosting providers have the same process when it comes to creating an addon domain.

You only must buy a hosting plan that offers you host more than one website in order to add an addon domain as said above.

Here Comes the Process…

On your A2 Hosting account home page, under your primary domain account, click on Cpanel login. It will take you to your Cpanel page.

Scroll little to down and you will find a section called domains. Under this section, you will see an option called Addon Domains.

add addon domain
Image Credits A2 Hosting Account Cpanel

On the next page, type your new domain name which you registered already from GoDaddy or any other service providers. 

On the new domain name field, enter your newly registered domain name [] and the subdomain and document root columns will fill automatically.

If you want to to add FTP account for your new addon domain, then check the tickbox ‘Create an FTP account associated with this Addon Domain’.

a2 hosting addon domains
Image Credits A2 Hosting Cpanel Domain Section

A username for FTP will automatically generate (you can change it manually whenever you want) and then give your preferred password two times just for security confirmations. If you don’t want FTP, just leave the checkbox. You can anytime create a new FTP account for particular domain from your Cpanel account under the Files section.

That’s it, You added your another domain now successfully. Likewise, you can add domains as much as you want and for this, you need a hosting plan that offers you use unlimited domains.

Installing A2 Hosting FREE Auto SSL Certificate on Addon Domain

After your domain propagates, you can now install a free SSL certificate on your newly Addon domain. SSL helps your site shifting from Http to https which is nowadays a mandatory ranking factor according to Google algorithms. A2 hosting offers free SSL certificate.

Now, visit your Cpanel account and scroll little down as you will see a section called Security. Under this section, click SSL/TSL status.

auto install ssl certificate
Image Credits A2 Hosting Account Cpanel

You should be able to see your newly added addon domain that might not validate with Auto SSL certificate. Once you get into the section, the page will automatically run to find the non-validated domain and its subpages to automatically install free SSL on your addon domain. This usually takes less than a minute. Once installed, that page will get refreshed and you can see the changes that your addon domain will now become validated with Auto SSL. You can check that your addon domain now will be changed from Http to Https.

You will get this Free SSL for the first 3 months from the day you installed and then after you can renew it according to A2 hosting terms and conditions.

Installing WordPress on your Addon domain in A2 Hosting

Visit your Cpanel, there you will see Softaculous App installer option, under this section, click WordPress. There are a few more options you can see there. Like WordPress + A2 optimized (This will help you install WordPress along with A2 optimized plugin). Or else even WordPress + Elementor that get you the elementor theme builder plugin free version installed default along with your WordPress installation.

softaculous app installer
Image Credits A2 Hosting Cpanel

I chose to prefer WordPress along with A2 optimized, this is quite a unique option I found and the A2 optimized plugin a great option for your WordPress blog to avoid cache and security related issues.

Once you click on WordPress, It does offer you two installation option such as quick install and custom install under the install dropdown.

Quick Installation is the simple process that you just need to choose your domain on which you want WordPress to be installed as well as login credentials such as username, password and admin Email. At the bottom, you will be asked to enter your Email to receive your WordPress admin dashboard login details. Click Install, You will be done. You will instantly receive an Email contains details about your recent WordPress installation on your Addon domain. You can then visit WordPress, login and start working on your new addon domain. 

Whereas in the custom installation option, while installing, you have to choose your addon domain along with protocol you want whether Http or https. And, then you need to enter your Site Title and Tagline (which you can change later from your Wp-admin dashboard).  Then, of course, your admin account login details and here a new option, you can even choose the language.

installing wordpress in A2 Hosting
Image Credits A2 Hosting Cpanel Sofaculous App Installer

Herewith the custom installation, you will find an advanced option where you can able to see the WP database and table prefix. Don’t bother about these advanced options as its just common. The advanced option also offers you to set up your backup options. You can set accordingly whether you want to take backups or not.

Enter your email address, and click Install. You are done with custom installation. And you are now ready to work on your newly launched Addon domain.


The whole lot process of creating an addon domain in your A2 Hosting account takes no more than 10 minutes if you properly follow the steps I mentioned above. I made a few mistakes while doing the process and it took me around 30 minutes almost.

So, here in this blog post, I made it clear for you to add an addon domain that helps you not making mistakes what I made. Obviously this guide saves your time.

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