Excel Order Form Template for Wholesale Stores – Why Not a Good Idea?

You might have come across excel order form templates for your WordPress alongside woocommerce wholesale store in order to manage all your customer wholesale orders. 

I realize the majority of people using excel order form templates and it becomes one of the common stories among wholesale store owners.

Maintaining the whole excel order form process is not a tough task, but when you are starting to grow in your business, you cannot follow the same process all the years.

When the things in your industry upgrades, you too make yourself prepared to upgrade for the digital stuff accordingly.

So, What is the update right now that I need to upgrade to my wholesale woocommerce store?

If you are still using excel order form templates to process all your wholesale orders to your buyers, you may right now want to switch to a custom online wholesale ordering system.

When you opt for a custom ordering system online for your buyers, probably your buyers can easily and quickly place orders from your store and track their orders from the system seamlessly.

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Inventory maintenance also will become easier for you with the help of the online wholesale ordering system.

This is How an Excel Order Form Template Look Like:

excel order form template

Merits of Switching to Custom Ordering System from Excel Order Form Template

  • Custom online ordering systems save time as you can spend the time promoting your woocommerce store rather than spend your full time in excel order form.
  • There are possibilities that you may face typing errors while filling out order fields in the excel order form templates as we are humans at the end. To avoid such typing mistakes and make your purchase orders more accurate, an online wholesale ordering system is a great idea.
  • Customers can be aware of the inventories you offer to your buyers in your store. If excel order forms templates for stock inventories, every time you give access to the buyers manually to check whether the stocks are available or not.
  • Custom online wholesale ordering systems will open the way for your buyers to make the purchase payments online rather than contact you for offline payment modes.
  • Many store owners already experienced excel order form templates facing many practical issues and switched to an online wholesale ordering form system to get rid of the practical issues.

Adding every feature is possible by means of plugins if you are running your WordPress Ecommerce store along with a woocommerce platform.

Wholesale Order Form Plugin for Woocommerce is the one all you need right now to integrate a custom online wholesale ordering system to your woocommerce store. The plugin is the best solution to make all the work easier when it comes to adding wholesale order forms.

In order to switch your order process from excel order form templates to a seamless wholesale custom online ordering system, the Wholesale Order Form Woocommerce plugin is the deal.

Add Wholesale Order Forms in your Woocommerce Store in Just 2 Quick Steps

As I told the Wholesale Order Form plugin for woocommerce made your work simple, to proceed further with the process, you need to install wholesale order form plugin alongside in your woocommerce store. 

The plugin is offered by Wholesale Suite. You can either get the plugin alone to create wholesale order forms or even, you can grab the WholeSale Suite Bundle which includes the three best woocommerce plugins which help you turn your store into a high order-making machine.

Here is the Special Link to grab Wholesale Suite Bundle with 50% Savings.

Step 1: Wholesale Order Form Plugin Configuration Process

Firstly, install the Woocommerce Wholesale Order Form plugin and activate it like any other plugin from your WordPress dashboard.

Now, click on the woocommerce tab and settings and then ‘Wholesale Ordering’ tab. The wholesale ordering tab will automatically appear in the woocommerce setting section right after the Wholesale Order Form plugin has activated successfully.

As a first task, you have to choose the style of the wholesale order form in which you want your buyers to use. Before choosing the order form style, with the plugin by default, the inventories will display in the form of a paginated fashion. It does mean, the inventories by default displays each product on its own rows.

order form style in wholesale order form plugin

As shown in the image, you will have two order form styles to choose. One is standard order form style and another one is alternate style.

If you opt to select the Standard style, it will add the ‘Add to Cart’ button per each row and it will offer your customers a faster process of adding carts to products.

If you go for Alternate order form style, it will add only the ‘Add to Cart’ button at the bottom of each page which is quite an recommended option by the plugin developers team itself. When you go for Alternate style, your buyers can easily add multiple products to the cart and then click ‘Add to Cart’ in the page bottom. It saves your buyers time.

Once you are done with Order form style selection, now it’s turn to select Order form paging style. In this selection, you may want to select what kind of pagination style you want to show it to your buyers.

There are two style options, you will get to select anyone in the order form paging style selection process. One is paginated style and another one is Lazy Loading style.

Paginated Style: If you select pagination style, it does split your product results into several pages accordingly. You can choose how many products to display on a single page while selecting the paginated style. 

Lazy Loading: This is the style in which you can opt to display almost all the product results on a single page rather than showing them on multiple pages. Again, you can input numbers you want in the products per page option to show how many products fetched during user scrolling time in the lazy loading style.

order form paging style

And as a final task, there is a ‘Show Variations Individually’ check box. If you enable the box, it does show the products with variations individually for all variations in your product pages.

If you have products in your woocommerce store with variations such as size, colors, etc. then enabling the option is a great idea to show each product individually. It can be a seamless ordering process for your buyers as they directly select variations they want.

Step 2: Testing Process of the Settings You Enabled in the Plugin

Apart from a default woocommerce shop page in your store, the plugin Wholesale Order Form creates a wholesale order page itself by default. 

Once you are finished with the setting process of order form style and order form paging style, as a final process, you should test whether the process works smoothly in your woocommerce store.

To test, click ‘Pages’ in your WP dashboard, you will see a page named ‘Wholesale Ordering’. That is the default page that belongs to the Wholesale Order Form for the Woocommerce plugin. Click on the ‘View‘ option of the page and check whether the URL of the page is like yourwebsite.com/wholesale-ordering

custom online wholesale ordering system page

Below is the Image Reference of how your wholesale order page looks. It will display the products along with the price, name of the product and a quantity add option alongside the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

wholesale order form page sample

Adding wholesale order forms to your woocommerce store helps your buyers easily add the products with variations individually to their cart and place orders without spending much more time.


Adding the Wholesale Order Form plugin is the only solution to switch from using excel order form templates to a custom online wholesale ordering system. The addition not only makes the process easier for you but also your buyers will place orders from your stores without feeling much hassle.

In 2021, using the time-consuming excel order form templates is not actually a good idea when you have other superior options like the Woocommerce Wholesale Order Form plugin by WholesaleSuite.

Luckily, if you have any doubts over the use of the plugin, you will get 24*7 email support from the plugin team.  If you think it’s the right time to move on from excel order form templates to something better and a seamless process, go for the Wholesale Order Form plugin.

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