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As you registered your domain name and bought a web hosting plan for your newly started WordPress blog, let me assume. And now you have a question on, What’s Next?

The third mandatory step is installing a lightweight, fast, multipurpose, and of course, a responsive WordPress theme to start customizing your blog.

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When you ask for a recommendation of the best WordPress theme to expert bloggers, undoubtedly, nine out of ten people will suggest you GeneratePress Theme. Yes, it is the number one rated and almost offers everything you need in a good WordPress theme.

In this post, I will share Why GeneratePress Theme is most recommended by many and is it worth installing it on your WordPress blog. I am even using the GeneratePress Premium Version on this blog.

Is GeneratePress Free?

Soon after realizing a GeneratePress is the best WordPress theme, the number one question most of the people ask, Is GeneratePress Free?

Yes! The generatePress theme is 100% Free to Download. Yet, the developers offer a Premium Version as well. In the Premium version, you will get more customization options than the free version of the theme.

An Introduction to GeneratePress Theme

GeneratePress theme received so far over 1000+ five star reviews according to the theme WordPress.Org official page, and 3,00,000+ websites have already installed and actively used to date on WordPress blogs.

generatepress wordpress theme statistics

What could have been a better introduction to a WordPress theme than this? Statistics matters!!

When you read blog posts or reviews related to the GeneratePress theme, everywhere, you could see the term ‘lightweight’ for sure. Am I Right? Lightweight is the one primary reason that the theme is still experts #1 choice.

According to Google Ranking Factor, it is mandatory to have installed a lightweight theme (it does reduce your blog loading time) on any WordPress blogs to get good ranking results. Having this important factor in mind, the GeneratePres developer team has offered the theme in size less than 15KB. So, it won’t affect your blog speed at any cost.

What Experts Say about the GeneratePress Theme

The theme deserves this kind of testimonials from experts as it delivers more than what it promises. Here is the testimonial screenshot that was taken straight from GeneratePress official website on what experts say about this theme.

generatepress theme users testimonials

How Do I Install the GeneratePress WordPress Theme for FREE

You can install the theme on your WordPress blog using two different methods. One is straight from your WordPress dashboard ( a recommended and secure process), and another technique is manual installation. Let me explain both approaches.

Note:- Not only GeneratePress but also the theme installation process from the WordPress dashboard is almost the same for all the WordPress themes.

Method 1:

Login into your WordPress dashboard. On the left side menu section, you will see a section called ‘Appearance.’ Move your cursor there, and under drop-down, you will find the ‘Themes’ option. Click on it. Here comes the window where you can install any themes to your blog straight from your WordPress dashboard.

On top of the window, click ‘Add New’ and on the search bar, type ‘GeneratePress.’ When you enter the phrase, the search result of the theme appears automatically. Now you can install and activate the theme. That’s the theme activation process.

Method 2:

As said, you have to download the theme file from the GeneratePress official WordPress page and install it manually on your blog. Method two is a quiet time taking process compared to method 1.

Click the above button link to visit the GeneratePress theme official WordPress site. There you will find a download button. Click on it, choose the folder in your laptop or PC where you want to download the file, and a zip file of the theme will download on the folder.

Now, login to your WordPress dashboard, click ‘Appearance’ then ‘Themes,’ and then ‘Add New.’ In this window, at the top, you will find the ‘Upload New’ option. Click on it, choose the zip file of the theme from the folder which you downloaded already. Click ‘Install Now’ and ‘Activate.’

GeneratePress Premium Version

As said before, the GeneratePress theme is available in both free and premium versions, as you will get more features and extra modules including Woocommerce module in the premium version. It’s available in the form of a plugin. 

You need to sign up for an account on GeneratePress official website. It’s free. Then log in to your account, there you can make your purchase of the GP Premium Version using either your Paypal account or Credit card as well.

GeneratePress Premium Pricing

generatepress premium pricing

To purchase the GeneratePress Premium plugin, you will need to pay just $49.95 for one year. In this one year, you will get to install the plugin for unlimited websites. Whether you are using it for your blogs or your client’s websites, you can download the plugin as many as you want.

You will get unlimited email support from the team for one year if you find anything challenging to work with the theme on your blog.

Once your purchase has finished, you can install the GP premium plugin and copy your GP premium license from your account.

Note: You need to have already installed the GeneratePress free theme on your WordPress blog to install and use the GP premium extension (plugin).

How Can I Install GP Premium and Activate the Licence Key?

  1. Login to your GeneratePress account.
  2. Download the GP Premium Plugin (Zip File) from your account to your laptop or PC.
  3. Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
  4. On the WP dashboard menu, click on Plugins and then ‘Add New’ under the drop-down.
  5. Click ‘Upload Plugin’ on top of the Add New Plugins page.
  6. Choose the GP Premium plugin zip file which you downloaded already.
  7. Click ‘Install Now.’ That’s it. 
  8. The ‘GeneratePress’ section will automatically add under the ‘Appearance’ tab on your WordPress dashboard. Click Appearance>GeneratePress> On the right side of the page, you will see an update column.
  9. To activate the license key, copy your GeneratePress Premium license key from your GP account page and paste it on the updates section and click Save. You will be getting free updates for the next year from the day you purchased the GP premium.

GeneratePress Renewal Pricing

After the one year of your theme purchase period, you just need to renew the plugin to continuously receive the free updates and further download the GP Premium plugin from your account. 

As a special offer, GeneratePress offers 40% special OFF for its existing premium customers. So, you only need to pay approximately around Only $29 to renew your license.

Can I Use the GP Premium without Renewal after One Year?

Yes! You can use the GP premium already installed on your blog without renewing further. Unfortunately, you can’t receive the new updates after one year, and you cannot be able to download the plugin file for a new installation from your account. 

So, the renewal process is purely to receive the new updates every time.

GeneratePress WordPress Theme Unique Advantages

The theme overall file size is less than 30 kb, and so your blog never experiences any slow loading related issues. According to the Google ranking factor, a blog that loads faster gets higher rankings in the search engine results page.

The codings used in the theme are secured totally. A WordPress theme with secured coding is safer from hackers.

The theme is purely search engine optimized as chances are high when you use the theme, you will get possibly good rankings in Google.

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On the GP premium version, you will get almost all the controls to customize your blog, starting from color and typography to customize your blog with default, ready-to-use templates from the GeneratePress site library.


If you are searching for GeneratePress WordPress theme alternatives, you will find a few themes, but nothing is best compared to this. So, without opting for the second opinion, you can go for GeneratePress for a better experience.

The GeneratePress theme does not demand you any coding knowledge as you can easily customize your blog with their default options. 

If you are ready to invest USD 50, then go for GeneratePress Premium as you will get more than what you spent for a theme.

I want you guys to share the post on your social media handles as it may help many newbie bloggers to know about the #1 rated WordPress theme.

Affiliate Disclosure: 

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of the links and buy an item, we may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). All opinions are unbiased and we never accept any payments just to write positive feedback.

Yasar Arafath

Yasar Arafath

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  1. Hi, can you please suggest me paid theme for muti niche websites.. where I am going to have multiple categories.. In Generate Press can I show multiple categories on menu all at a time? Thanks

    • Hey Vinay,

      I would suggest GeneratePress as an excellent paid theme for a multi-niche blog. You can show multiple categories on the menu undoubtedly. When you buy a GP premium, you will get unlimited support from the developers’ team and you ask any doubts about the theme. It’s highly recommended for multi-niche websites.


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