5 Tips to Optimize your Blog Posts in Google Featured Snippets

Getting your blog posts ranked in Zero Position also known as Google’s featured snippets is an absolute blessing for bloggers.

Google featured snippet is a position something better than Google #1 ranking as people first look for featured snippet results.

According to sources, zero position search results will get higher attention and clicks among people than #1 position.

Not only clicks but also your blog authority score will increase when you get your berth reserved in Google’s Featured Snippets.

So, after all, the question is,

What are Google Featured Snippets? 

How to rank my keywords in the Featured Snippets Results to gain higher clicks and to increase blog authority?

In this post, I am answering all the basic questions on featured snippets and in addition, I will share working and tested tips for ranking your keywords in Google’s featured snippets.

Recently one of my blog posts got ranked in Google’s Featured Snippet results for a few primary keywords I targeted for the post and so, I wanted to share my experience and tips to the readers of the blog.

Last 28 Days Google Search Console status for the blog post which I got ranked in the snippets. The post itself managed to offer me 67 clicks with a 4.6% average click-through rate.

search console status for featured snippets keyword

Let’s Dive into the Post

When you are searching to gather some information or answers to your questions in Google Search Bar, you will find a result below the Google #1 position. 

The below result is called featured snippets. In the SEO term, the featured snippet is also called Zero Position.

If you notice the featured snippet results closely, most of the time the result posts will be ‘How To’ and comparison posts or even posts that mostly contain relevant answers from the people question queries.

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So, probably ‘How To’ and comparison kind of posts easily get ranking in Google’s featured snippets space. 

Here is the screenshot of one of the keywords for which I ranked in zero position in the Google search results. Apart, I have ranked few more keywords in the Zero Position for the same URL. For your confirmation, the post I got ranked comes in the ‘How To’ Category.

featured snippets on glowroad keywords

In the post I published, I have used some bulletin quick points for the readers to understand the topic clearly and quickly. Also, I have not preferred to add blah blah kind of words in the position as I added only what the sub headings demand.

That’s what I believe, the post got me a position in featured snippets of Google search results. 

To be honest from my own experience, you do not need to be an expert in writing blog posts to get your keywords ranked in the featured snippets. 

The well optimized quality content that fulfill your blog post title in all the possible ways can get you ranks in position zero.

Importantly you do not need to spend any dollars to get the targeted keywords ranking in featured snippets as the snippet position is not an advertisement slot. It is out and out about quality contents that get ranked according to Google’s snippets algorithms.

You cannot study the featured snippets concept in a narrower method. Like many other concepts that have several types, the position zero block also has its own four different types.

The names are paragraph, list, video and table snippets. Among the four types of featured snippets, the paragraph snippets are high in numbers as it covers around 82 % of the blog posts compared to all other types of snippets.

Recently, I came to read a blog post about types of featured snippets from Search Engine Journal Blog, interestingly I found 81.95% of snippets are paragraphs, 10.77% are list snippets and the remaining 7.28% are table snippets.

In the paragraph snippets block, you will find the well explained paragraph of the particular blog posts according to your search query. The word contains in the paragraph snippets usually between 50 to 60.

paragraph featured snippets

2. List Snippets

It’s quite easy to understand snippets as whatever you search on Google, you will get featured snippets results in the list format.

The list snippets further divided into two sub snippets called Numbered List Snippets and Bulleting List Featured Snippets.

A list snippet that is in numbered list format is numbered list snippet as well the snippets that contain bulletin format is bulletin list snippets.

Here are the two Images for two different list snippets which help you understand the differences better.

numbered list featured snippets
Numbered List Featured Snippets
bulletin list featured snippets
Bulletin List Featured Snippets

3. Table Snippets

Table snippets block are in table formats. Usually comparison kind of blog posts easily get rankings in table snippets block.

table snippets

As you can see in the image, I input the search query best web hosting India compared and get the result in the featured snippet in table form which is actually a comparison post about affordable and best web hosting companies in India.

4. Video Snippets

Video snippets are quite a rare case scenario. When you search for a query, sometimes you will get video results in the featured snippets block. Most of the video results are from Youtube videos according to search query you input.

A million dollar question.

Ranking for Keywords in Featured Snippets is the most common wish for bloggers and website owners. Many wish to get at least one keyword with reasonable search volumes in the position of the featured snippet in his/her blogging career.

That’s normal. There are few optimization techniques and tips that you have to undergo in order to get your keywords ranking in the featured snippets in Google Search.

Here are a few tips for ranking in Google’s Featured Snippets I can share which I studied and experienced as well as to get my few keywords ranked in the featured snippets column in Google Search for one of my blog posts.

If you are owning a blog, you may already have a list of your competitor blog URLs. Take the URLs and check with the most popular SEO tools like SemRush or Ahrefs to find out whether any of your competitor blog posts gets positioned in the featured snippets.

You can easily do such a process using SemRush and Ahrefs. No special knowledge required to find out your competitors blog posts that ranked in the featured snippets.

Once you get your competitor blog post, ensure to find which keywords gain them berth in the snippets column. Analyze the post clearly and find out the keywords that got ranked in snippets for the post.

Use the keywords wisely in your blog posts and follow the even better strategies than your competitors did for the post. Sure, you will achieve the results.

KeyPoint: There are possibilities that you can get your keywords ranking in the featured snippets if you even have zero backlinks. Only the quality of the content matters.

2. Blog Posts that Answers Questions Quickly Gets Snippet Results

Always write blog posts that provide solutions to several questions relevant to your niche. If you look for featured snippets results closely, you will find most of the results are question-based blog posts that start with How To/Why/When/Where/What etc.

The blog post I got ranked for the keyword ‘How to Earn on Glowroad’ even comes under question based posts category.

what are featured snippets

So, try to gather what are all questions people frequently ask through Google Searches in your blog niche. Give them answers to the questions properly through your blog post contents either in the form of simple bulletin or numbered points format.

Make sure to post long contents that include each and every clear explanation the title demands.

3. Add Optimized Yet Highly Quality Images in your Blog Posts

Visually optimized posts are getting super responses among audiences nowadays as many people feeling bored of reading texts in long paragraphs.

Along with your texts, you can implement more visual stuff like images and videos if required in your blog posts. While adding images, check if it is a highly quality one.

To create beautiful images, you can make use of many applications. Canva is one that offers you solutions creating all kinds of highly quality images. Available in both free and premium versions. I use the Canva tool to create most of my blog post images.

If the images and videos you added in your blog posts are perfectly optimized and convey your topics visually, there are huge chances that you will get your blog posts ranked in featured snippets.

4. Try Publishing Comparison Posts Using Table Formats

Google prefers to offer featured snippets for comparison kind of blog posts. So, if you have used similar different products in the same category, you can publish comparison posts by comparing those products.

Comparison posts definitely need to be in Table formats to let your readers understand it clearly and decide what products to choose from the comparison.

To create Tables in your post, you can use WordPress plugins to easily create and add tables to your posts. There are many good plugins available in the plugin store to download for free.

While creating Tables, do not just add each and every other thing to the tables, instead, add what people actually need to know the comparison. Probably, you can add good and bad, pros and cons, price, support etc.

5. Give Appropriate Titles for Headings and SubHeadings

We know how important it is to optimize and use headings properly in blog posts as it is one of the SEO key factors to get your keywords ranked in Google top search results.

Whatever the paragraphs you write, ensure to make the paragraphs into sections with headers and sub headers. Probably, use questions in the heading fields.

Use H2 for main headings and use H3, H4 for sub headings respectively. 

When you write blog posts breaking it up with different sections using headings, there are high chances Google will make your blog posts in featured snippets.

If you read out your competitor blog posts that are ranked in Google Snippets, you may see most of them are not written in longer paragraph formats as SEO field people know it won’t work out. Also, they give appropriate titles and subheadings to each section.

So, these are all five major tips that I followed to get me keywords ranked in the snippets.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to get keywords ranking in snippets?

No exact answer will be found for the question. It totally depends on the quality of the contents, the keywords you target as well how good your competitors optimized the post for the same keywords. For my case, It took around six months for a blog post to achieve snippet results.

2. Is the Featured Snippet Result Permanent?

Definitely not. It will change according to What Google algorithms decide for its featured snippet scenario. Once you get your keywords ranked in the snippets block, there are possibilities your competitors might take the position from you if they offer better contents than you.

3. Do I need to Pay anything to get Featured Snippet Results?

Featured snippets result out and out based on how you generate the contents in terms of quality. Google offers the position only based on quality and its algorithm as well. No such way, you can pay and reserve the spot.


At the end it’s all about your smart implementation, patience and a little bit of luck. 

Undoubtedly Google’s featured snippets are better than #1 position as it gains you not only clicks but also authority. 

Even experts are implementing different strategies to get a place in snippets as they know position zero is the future of all search results.

Implementing the above tips yourself does not demand you expertise tasks as all you have to do is handle the process in the right way.

Utilize the tools like SemRush wisely to find out how others got ranked in featured snippets and start working on things that your competitors followed. Always, put in a little bit better effort than your competitors.

When you start implementing all the things one by one, achieving your dream of getting your keywords ranking in featured snippets will no longer be a dream.

What’s your take on the featured snippets result? Feel free to share your points with me in the comment section.

Yasar Arafath

Yasar Arafath

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