Hosting Monks Blog Review – How Beginner Bloggers Get Benefit Over?

You cannot easily enter into the blogging or e-commerce field of your own without understanding the basics of the term web hosting.

If you ask an expert about one of the major things that help boost your blogging career, they must definitely tell you its web-hosting. Choosing the right web hosting companies and their plans are not easy as it actually seems. You have to go through many points while choosing web hosting packages and companies.

To get rid of the issues, what you can do is, get help from already developed authority blogs that offer you several web hosting reviews in the form of blog posts. Yes, there are blogs that exist in which you can read exclusive web hosting reviews and deals to buy web hosting plans in the best possible ways without taking much hassle of your own.

As you already noticed the title of the blog post, Yes, this article is going to be a review of one of the best blogs called in the web hosting niche I came across. It’s none other than ‘Hosting Monks’ a web hosting niche blog by one of India’s pro bloggers Anil Agarwal.

This review post might be a good deal if you are a beginner blogger as it helps to save your valuable time on searching the best blogs to read web hosting reviews.

Reason Behind the Launching of Hosting Monks

According to sources, there are approximately around half a million companies throughout the world that offer web hosting services. Isn’t it easy to find one best web hosting provider among such huge numbers?

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As stated in the blog homepage itself by the founder Anil Agarwal, the ideology behind the Hosting Monks is to ‘Help beginner bloggers pick the Right WebHost that suits their needs in terms of Budget and other major criterias that every website needs.

As a regular reader of Hosting Monks blog, I would say Anil Agarwal actually fulfils the motive behind the blog launch by publishing several high-quality web hosting related blog posts.

One important note is that He did not use to write blog posts about different web hosting companies on the basis of just writing and publishing. Instead, he himself personally tried all the web hosting companies and then he will publish review posts accordingly. Every review post on Hosting Monks blog is sure shot an unbiased one.

Types of Blog Posts offering by Hosting Monks Blog

On Hosting Monks blog, you will find to read blog posts in four different types. This kind of separation helps you find what you actually need to get benefit over the blog. Let us have a look at the types of blog posts Anil Agarwal used to publish on Hosting Monks.

1. Web Hosting Review Posts

When you are in need to choose the best web hosting for your new blog, the foremost task we should search for is to check out the reviews of top most web hosting companies. Hosting Monks web hosting review posts section easily helps you read almost all the top web hosting companies reviews at one place.

There is a ‘Review’ category page on the Hosting Monks blog in which you can read all the review posts there. Anil Agarwal has almost reviewed seven web hosting companies that are performing top-notch. The company includes BlueHost, WPX Hosting, SiteGround and a few to name as you can check the entire Hosting Monks blog web hosting review posts here.

2. Tutorial Blog Posts

Not like many bloggers (publish only sales kind of posts) who owns a web hosting niche blog, Anil Agarwal, along with review posts he also used to share tutorial blog posts in which you can understand what web hosting is all about, what kind of web hosting packages suits you most, website security topics and many more.

3. Web Hosting Coupons and Deals Articles

Whatever we purchase, we all want to get it at a discounted price. Like any other products and services, web hosting companies often give special offers, coupons, special promotional codes and discounts to their customers. As a beginner, you might not be aware of what companies offer how much discounts on their web hosting packages.

Not to worry as Hosting Monks has a separate category for Coupons and Deals web hosting blog posts in which you can check out updated offers and deals provided by top web hosting companies.

Apart, he used to publish special blog posts during the Black Friday season on the coupons sections in which using the special coupons, you can get a huge discount from your purchase.

4. Comparison Blog Posts

As a fact, without comparing one with each similar other product, probably our purchase won’t fulfil. Again from the comparison blog posts, you can read a comparison between two different web hosting providers. In this way, you can simply and seamlessly finalize which web hosting packages can fulfil your website needs.

Benefits of Reading Hosting Monks Blog

As Anil Agarwal got expertise in the blogging field and he has gained almost 10+ years of experience in the blogging industry, he had direct tip up with affiliate managers of different topmost web hosting companies. So, if you prefer to buy anything from his Links, he may offer you ‘Insider Deals and Discounts’ which means you get even better prices than what the company directly offers to you.

Along, you can also contact him directly through his Email (which you can find on the blog Contact Page) in case you need any kind of web hosting related doubts and queries to be answered.


I have written the review post of Hosting Monks web hosting blog from what myself along with many other bloggers make use of by reading several blog posts over the blog.

I would say, Hosting Monks is one of the right blogs to finalize your decision on what web hosting plans opt you perfectly and to find the best possible coupons and web hosting deals in no time.

If you find the review post helpful, I request all my readers to share it on your social media profiles. It might help beginners to find out the blog that offers the best web hosting solutions through its review posts.

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