Hostinger India Review [April 2022] – Hosting From 69 INR

Hostinger India Review 2022

Yasar Arafath

Hostinger is a prominent web hosting platform founded in 2004 in Kaunas, Lithuania, and located in many parts of the world including India. Hostinger India now offers web hosting plans starting from just 79 INR monthly.
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Exclusively for beginner bloggers from India, Hostinger India offers great value in all its web hosting plans in 2022. If you are searching for an affordable web hosting service provider in India to host your blogs, Hostinger India is the company you need. You will get a FREE DOMAIN worth 602 INR when you opt for the Premium Web Hosting plan.


I have been a part of the Hostinger India hosting platform starting from August 2020 till the present as my primary blog The Rich Secrets have been hosted in the Hostinger hosting platform.

During the 9 months period of my experience with, I found everything perfect with the web hosting platform and I thought of sharing my Hostinger India Review with you all my beloved readers in 2022 to let you decide whether Hostinger in India serves you better if you buy any one of their web hosting plans.

Deal Alert: Hostinger India Anniversary Deal Sale is Live Now. You will get a FREE .IN Domain with the premium plan for 12+ months along with a FREE SSL certificate. The offer ends soon.

Initially, I have been using A2 hosting for my primary blog which is close to around 3 months and I have migrated my blog from A2 hosting to Hostinger India. I do not find any difficulties with A2 Hosting as I felt Hostinger is way better than A2 hosting in terms of price.

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The Hostinger India Review post is going to be an honest review as I am writing entirely from my so far experience with the web hosting platform. Do read it till the end and you will get the mindset to decide at the end of the post, whether Hostinger in India is the right choice or not for your blogs.

Hostinger India Review 2022 – A Quick Introduction

hostinger india review 2021

Hostinger International, Ltd is a web hosting provider as well as domain registration platform started in 2004 in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Hostinger Company in 2022 offering their web hosting and domain registering services in almost 178 countries. The country list includes India.

With approximately around 29 million users already signed up for Hostinger web hosting plans and the numbers are increasing rapidly day by day. Especially in India, the number of users is highly increasing as the reason Hostinger India offers affordable and super-performance web hosting plans.

In the Hosting India Review Post, I will cover details in Headings such as

  • Best Features of Hostinger India
  • Hostinger Hosting Pricing Plans & Renewal Cost
  • How to Get Started with Hostinger India
  • Pros and Cons
  • Exclusive Discount Offers
  • FAQ about Hostinger Review
  • And Many More…

Do you Want to Start your Dream Blog with Hostinger India in 2022? Click Here for Best Deals.

According to Keywords Everywhere chrome extension, the global trend data for the term ‘Hostinger’ has raised a lot in the past 5 years. The data itself is the best proof to realize how Hostinger is the better web hosting platform.

hostinger keywords data trend for past five years

Hostinger web hosting platform is actually not an India-based startup as it is a European-based company but offers super web hosting packages in India exclusively for Indian bloggers. You can visit Hostinger India official site to sign up for your affordable web hosting plans.

Let’s have a look at the best features offered by Hostinger in India.

Best Features of Hostinger India Web Hosting Platform

You cannot simply opt for web hosting service providers in India as the company offers plans for affordable pricing. Along with the best pricing criteria, you may also want to look for the features the hosting company offers.

Solid features plus affordable pricing plan is the key when it comes to choose the best web hosting companies in India.

Will Hostinger India actually offer solid features along with affordable pricing plans?

Read the features then to know the answers.

1. Hostinger India offers Your Website Runs in a Lightning Fast

According to expert voices, a slow website never makes your business grow. Whatever you have done well to your blog in terms of content, SEO, designing, etc. There is no point if your website loads slow.

hostinger offers lightning fast websites

When you sign up for web hosting packages, you will get your blogs running lightning fast which helps your blog become a super speed and high-performance one.

2. One Click WordPress CMS Installation

As we all know WordPress is a powerful content management system to run any blogs even if you are non-techie.

When you are done with the purchase of your hosting plan from, right away you can start your WordPress blog in 2021 with just a click by installing WordPress CMS in your new blog via the Hostinger India account dashboard. We have a dedicated post to make your WordPress Installation in the Hostinger process easier.

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3. Fast, Reliable and Secure Services

Hostinger India is not just committed as their services are fast, reliable, and secure for the sake of just saying. The company has proved it. The backend is powered by Litespeed caching to offer your blogs more fast and reliable as well.

Also, Hostinger advanced optimization techniques offer your website fine security which no one can take control of your panel unless you give them access yourself.

4. Quick Chat Support for Any Kind of Queries

Getting quick support from the team is the biggest factor you should look for when you buy web hosting plans. If the company fails to offer support on time, then you may hesitate to work further with your hosting company.

Hostinger India, fortunately, offers 24/7/365 chat support on all your queries relevant to your hosting account. You may ask not only general queries but also technical doubts to get it cleared from the chat team soon.

hostinger india chat support

When you ask your queries through the chatbox from your dashboard, they are quick to respond. Even if you close the chatbox, you will get replies to your mail as you can chat directly from your mail to get your queries solved.

I have attached an image above from my mailbox which I received from the Hostinger India support team. Chat support is actually a super quick factor in Hostinger.

5. Hostinger India Provides User Friendly Simple Control Panel

The Hostinger control panel does not look like any other hosting provider’s Cpanel dashboard as it offers an exclusive form of Cpanel called Hpanel.

hostinger hPanel

I would say Hostinger gets you a clean and neat hPanel in which you can easily set up all the process soon after signing up. From your account hPanel, you can easily create and manage Email accounts, configure your DNS zones, create new addon domains, and many more by yourself. If needed, you can ask for chat support.

6. Free SSL Certificate Worth 855 INR on all Hosting Plans

No matter what hosting plan you are purchasing from Hostinger India, you will get a FREE SSL Certificate worth 855 INR for the lifetime.

hostinger india free lifetime SSL certificate

SSL certificate is a mandatory one for any blog or website nowadays. You may think installing an SSL certificate is just only for security purposes, but an SSL certificate also becomes one of the mandatory Google ranking factors.

With Hostinger India web hosting plans (any plans) you never need to spend your money extra for an SSL certificate installation.

7. Free .IN Domain for First Year Worth 602 INR

You never need to bother about registering your domain when you sign up for hosting plans with Hostinger India. As you will get a free domain worth 602 INR along with your premium hosting plan which starts from just 179 INR monthly.

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You will get to use the domain FREE for the first year and you can renew straight from your Hostinger account dashboard after one year.

Hostinger India Web Hosting Plans and Pricing (Budget-Friendly Plans)

Hostinger India almost offers 10+ different web hosting plans and packages for its users. Among 10+ plans, the ‘Best Web Hosting’ category is the most popular and recommended for beginners as well.

In the ‘Best Web Hosting’ shared hosting plans from Hostinger, you will have three different plans to choose from.

Compared to all other Hostinger India alternatives, the company offers web hosting plans at budget-friendly prices and that’s what experts recommend Hostinger as best for beginners.

hostinger India shared web hosting pricing

1. Single Shared Web Hosting

If you are just starting out and testing your skills in the blogging or website developing field, Hostinger India Single Shared Web Hosting plan is an ideal solution for you as the plan is exclusively launched for beginners.

The single shared web hosting plan starts from 79 INR monthly as you have to pay annually when you purchase the plan.

Plan Name




Single Web Hosting

30 GB

1 Website

INR 79/mo

More Features of Single Shared Web Hosting Plan as Shown in Website

  • 1 Website
  • 30 GB SSD Storage
  • 10,000 Visits Monthly
  • 1 Email Account
  • Managed WordPress
  • Free SSL Certificate worth 855 INR
  • 100 GB Bandwidth

2. Premium Web Hosting

Premium Web Hosting plan from Hostinger India is one of the most recommended and best value plans especially to create personal websites and bloggers in India.

The premium web hosting plan starts from 179 INR monthly in which you can host up to 100 websites of your own which is quite a superb plan you won’t get the same offer from any other hosting providers in India.

I am using Hostinger Premium Web Hosting annual plan for my primary blog

Plan Name




Premium Web Hosting

100 GB

100 Websites

INR 179/mo

More Features of Premium Shared Web Hosting Plan as Shown in Website

  • 100 Websites
  • 100 GB SSD Storage
  • 25,000 Visits Monthly
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free SSL Certificate worth 855 INR
  • Free Domain worth 602 INR
  • Managed WordPress
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

3. Business Web Hosting Plan

Business Web Hosting plan is the highest yet advanced plan from the ‘Best Web Hosting’ category. You can opt for the plan only if you run business websites. Otherwise, a premium plan is more than enough for you.

The plan costs you around 279 INR monthly in which you will get free daily backups feature worth 660 INR and free CDN worth 545 INR which you cannot get in single and premium shared web hosting plans.

Plan Name




Business Web Hosting

200 GB

100 Websites

INR 279/mo

More Features of Business Web Hosting Plan

  • 100 Websites
  • 200 GB SSD Storage
  • 1,00,000 Visits Monthly
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free SSL Certificate worth 855 INR
  • Free Domain worth 602 INR
  • Free Daily Backups worth 660 INR
  • Free CDN worth 545 INR
  • Managed WordPress
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and many more

KeyNote: Hostinger India offers different payment period options. You can either pay your web hosting plans monthly (renews every month), annually (renews once in a year), bi-yearly (renews every two years), or even quadrennially (renews once in four years).

The above-mentioned hosting pricing plans are applicable only when you opt for Hostinger India quadrennially period. As you have to purchase a 48 months plan in order to afford such hosting plans at such unbelievably cheap prices.

When you opt for other period payment options either monthly or annually, the pricing plans may vary accordingly which you can check in website when you get started.

I would suggest you Go For Hostinger 48 months plan in which you can save a huge amount of money and you never need to worry about your hosting renewals for the next four years.

If you cannot afford the 48 months period, you can still consider Hostinger India as a good option as even their monthly and annual billing plans are affordable compared to similar hosting platforms.

As I said, apart from basic shared web hosting plans, Hostinger India offers 10+ other web hosting packages such as WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Ecommerce Hosting, VPS Hosting, and a few more to list.

Here comes the Quick View in the table format of the prices and features of Hostinger India other powerful web hosting packages.

Hostinger Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name






300 Websites

200 GB

3 GB / 2 CPU

INR 799/mo


300 Websites

250 GB

6 GB / 4 CPU

INR 1499/mo

Cloud Global

300 Websites

300 GB

16 GB / 8 CPU

INR 5099/mo

Hostinger Woocommerce Hosting Plans

Plan Name



SSL / Domain


Woo Starter

100 Websites

100 GB

Free / Free

INR 119/mo

Woo Premium

300 Websites

200 GB

Free / Free

INR 899/mo

Woo Business

300 Websites

250 GB

Free / Free

INR 1799/mo

Hostinger VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name

Disk Space






1 GB

1 TB

INR 285/mo



2 GB

2 TB

INR 639/mo



3 GB

3 TB

INR 925/mo



4 GB

4 TB

INR 1135/mo


120 GB SSD

6 GB

6 TB

INR 1999/mo


160 GB SSD

8 GB

8 TB

INR 2999/mo

Hostinger WordPress Hosting Plans

Plan Name



Free Domain



1 Websites

30 GB


INR 99/mo


100 Websites

100 GB


INR 119/mo


100 Websites

200 GB


INR 279/mo


300 Websites

200 GB


INR 899/mo

How to Get Started with Hostinger India Web Hosting Plans (Step by Step Process)

  1. Click Here to visit, you will see an ongoing Hostinger India offer sale at the top of the website. Hostinger offers several deal sales frequently for new users.
  2. Scroll down a little to have a look at the Hostinger India web hosting plans and pricing details, click the ‘Add to Cart‘ button from the plan you wish to purchase.
  3. You will be taken to your shopping cart page inclusive of price and taxes for the plan you chose in step 2.

I have added a single shared web hosting plan for 48 Months period which costs only around 4475 INR inclusive of taxes for the four years. Choosing a 48 months web hosting plan is a wise idea as you can save up to 5760 INR. If you are not comfortable with a 48 months plan, you can also choose monthly, 12 months or even 24 months plans. The higher the period plan you choose the higher savings you can get.

Refer to the image below, this is how your Hostinger India shopping cart will be like when you add your preferred hosting plans to your cart.

hostinger India single shared web hosting shopping cart

4. Click on the ‘Checkout Now’ button to complete your order. The payment process is very simple as Hostinger India offers many payment methods. You can use Net Banking, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, or even PayPal as well UPI payments apps like Gpay, Paytm as your payment method to complete your order. Fortunately, Hostinger India also offers you pay from your cryptocurrencies wallet to complete your order payment process.

5. Before completing the payment process, you may also need to fill up all your basic details including name, email address, etc. to get your hosting plans.

Get your Domain Connected and Install WordPress CMS

Now it’s time to connect your domain with your hostinger india web hosting plan you purchased.

It’s a very simple process as you can do it yourself or even you can ask for a Hostinger India Chat support team to get the work done for you.

For web hosting plans except for Single Shared Web Hosting Plan, you will get a Free Domain from Hostinger which you can connect easily without providing any name servers as Hostinger itself connects your domain automatically.

If you want to connect your domain from other domain name registration services, you just have to configure your nameservers to the domain name service provider’s website. It’s an easy process. Here are your Hostinger India name server details.

hostinger india name servers configuration

Once you are done with connecting your domain to the Hostinger account, you now need to Install a WordPress content management system. WordPress is undoubtedly a number one platform for bloggers to get started with.

WordPress installation is damn easy with Hostinger India as you will get one click WordPress installation option in all your hosting plans.

In your Hostinger hPanel section, you will see the ‘Auto Installer’ tab. By clicking the tab, you are able to install WordPress in a single click by offering a few basic details such as site name and few other details.

one click wordpress auto installer

If you are new to the WordPress platform, in this blog I have a hands-on article for you which explains the basics of WordPress dashboard. It helps you understand WordPress better.

Read the BlogPost: WordPress Admin Dashboard Basics [A to Z Explained]

Soon after the WordPress installation, you are now all set to work on your newly launched blog. Obviously, the first step after installing WordPress successfully in your blog, you have to install a good yet lightweight WordPress theme on your blog in order to handle customization works.

When it comes to a perfect light WordPress theme, GeneratePress WordPress Theme is the #1 choice as it is available in both free and premium versions. If you wish to take more designing controls over your blog without coding knowledge, page builders are the key. Elementor Pro is undoubtedly the world’s number one WordPress website builder as of now.

You can utilize your Hostinger India hPanel dashboard to do all the activities such as creating addon domains, creating email accounts and much more.

Hostinger India Web Hosting Platform Pros and Cons

Let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of Hosting India web hosting plans


  • Offers unbelievable pricing plans for new users
  • Free Domain + Free SSL Certificate + Free Daily Backups + Free CDN
  • Low renewal costs compared to other similar hosting companies
  • Quick chat support via chat box and email
  • 1 click WordPress Installation
  • Reliable, Fast, and Secure
  • Server located in Singapore, Asia which is a great option for Indian users
  • Easy, Quick, and Free Website Migration
  • User-Friendly panel to access all process at a single click
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee on All hosting plans
  • Website Builder to design your blogs using default templates
  • Password Protect Directories


Nothing disadvantageous with the Hostinger India hosting platform to list here as I feel the only thing is, it will be even better if Hostinger offers phone support as well along with Email support.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Now after all the clarities about The Hostinger India Review 2022, you may come to decide whether the web hosting platform is good for you or not.

I believe you are fully satisfied with features and pricing plans which is a sure shot best platform compared to other similar service providers.

And at the end, I would say Hostinger India is an ideal solution especially for beginners to start a WordPress blog in 2022.

If you are hosting your WordPress blogs already with any other platforms but not satisfied with their services, you may now migrate to Hostinger India with the same price. Website Migration is absolutely free.

No matter if your blog becomes high traffic generating one, you may simply shift to Hostinger Cloud or VPS hosting plans that handle heavy traffic smoothly. Also, E-commerce Hositnger hosting plans are the best deal for eCommerce stores.

If you have any suggestions to improvise the Hostinger India Review 2022 blog post, drop a comment and I am grateful to add your valuable points (pros and cons whatever) here.

Affiliate Disclosure:

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of the links and buy an item, we may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). All opinions are unbiased and we never accept any payments just to write positive feedback.

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