Ultimate Guide On How To Approach Retail Stores To Sell Your Products in 2021

Depending on the single source of income from your wholesale store is not anymore a great idea in 2021. As a wholesale distributor, to survive the long run in your business, you have to try new marketing plans and sales strategies frequently to get rid of low sales issues.

In this post, I will be sharing with you all about one fine approach exclusively for wholesale store owners and distributors which helps you increase your sales in no time. The approach turns skill is a must for wholesale distributors in 2021.

Yeah! As already revealed in the title, I am talking about approaching retail stores to sell your products, a smart business move in 2021 for wholesale distributors to see some hike in your monthly sales graph.

To improvise your overall wholesale business growth, selling to retailers is the finest idea you could come across in 2021. 

The approach not only helps your profit growth but also your business brand name will get high recognition and you will see the reputation of your wholesale business increase in real-time when you start approaching retailers to sell your products.

Before approaching retail stores, firstly you should understand the difference between retailers and wholesale customers who are not doing any retails.

Know the Contrast Between Retailers and Non-Retail Wholesale Customers

  • Retail Stores do face too many complexity factors such as monthly shop rentals, employee pay, electricity bills and more
  • Retail Stores should maintain high number of stocks on hand.
  • Compared to online only retail business, investment for starting a retail stores are high.
  • Showcase the appearance of the products is most important aspect in retail stores.

Guide to Approach Retail Stores to Sell Your Products in 2021

Unlike approaching any other business models to sell your products, approaching retail stores is a challenging one as a retailer used to check so many things from wholesale distributors. You need to master the marketing plan at first and then proceed further with the retailers.

When I did the research for the topic, I found three strategies that professionals and experts in the field believed to be good to approach retailers in order to get orders.

Before going through the three primary approach models, ensure that you have quality products in stock as well as the best price than other wholesale distributors who are dealing the same in your locality. As I said, approaching retailers is not at all as easy as it sounds.

1. Approach the Retailer In-Person Directly

This is one of the finest approaches you may try to create your wholesale business brand awareness from the retailers. No sales approach will be better than meeting the person directly.

First, you need to take a list of retailers in your location who already sell the products you have in Wholesale or similar kinds of retailers.

approach the retailer in-person

While taking the list, here are a few things you should keep in mind that help you find the best retailers in your location.

  • The retailers in your list should have a store in a location where a high number of people used to be there all day.
  • The retailer must already have a good reputation from their end customers and so, your products will easily get sales.

Once you are done with enough list of retailers (at first take at least 50 retailers), start approaching them with your products In-person. Explain the good about your products, demonstrate the product to the store owner, show the retailer how the product performs in the market, how people (end customers) love to purchase the product, ask the store owner to try the products personally etc..

Probably, you have to approach each retailer in person one by one to get orders as there are no shortcuts to look for. Yes! May be few rejects but when you try the approach with more confidence and with good products at the best wholesale price, you win for sure. By visiting the store owners directly, it does offer the retailers a huge trust in you and they may give some good orders.

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2. Approach the Head Office If the Retailer have Branches

If the retailer in your list has more branches or larger retail chains, it is better to approach the general head of the retail chain at Head Office than approaching in-person at each branch store.

Ensure to find out who is the purchase engineer of the retail chain and try to get an appointment with him/her. Finding out such a person in the larger retail chains might not be easy as you have to approach the branch managers smartly to avail an appointment with the main guy in head office.

Social media sites are great places to find the person, as you can check for the retail chain page or profile and possibly there you can get the person you want to meet to demonstrate your products. If you find the person, it’s totally up to you to convince the person. Speak with confidence and make sure to offer some extra discounts and facilities like free delivery, easy returns kind of similar stuff to convince. 

Remember, when you are convinced, it’s going to be a huge deal for your revenue boost as large retail chains give you huge orders on a frequent basis.

3. Sending Free Samples to Retailers

Offer free samples to retailers

This is another good approach that you may look for to convince the retailer. The approach is too popular worldwide and most probably used by manufacturers to wholesale distributors. You may experience an approach of your own.

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For instance, when you order products like pampers, along with the parcel you will get free wipes or rash cream from a brand as a free sample. So, when the end-users tried and were satisfied with the free sample products, they would surely buy the products.

In the same way, you can approach the retailers by sending them free samples of your products and attached them along with some pamphlets about your products.

Sending free samples to retailers will definitely work out in most cases. The best of the product you sell will be felt by the retailers when you use them personally rather than seeing the products in just pictures or even videos. Try the approach, it will work out like charm in 2021.


When you try all the above-said approaches to retailers, at the beginning you might feel difficulties to get things turned out of your favor. Consistency is the key and never give up is the stand you should keep in mind.

Once your approaches start working out and you get orders, you will start exploring new approaches easily and get a good amount of retailers to buy your wholesale products.

Selling wholesale to retailers plays a key role in boosting your revenue. Your business growth automatically happens when you start trying the perfect approaches to retailers to get them in.

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