How to Create a Contact Form in WordPress [Simple Process]

In this blog post, you will learn how to create a contact form in WordPress websites or blogs using a simple step by step process.

If you own a blog or website, you might have known the importance of having a contact page on your blog. The contact page in a website makes way for the visitors or audiences to contact its owners. 

A contact page is a mandatory one for any website, whether it’s a business website, blogs, or even e-commerce stores, to let users contact the webmasters.

On your contact page, People may contact you in two different options as you can display your contact details, including address, email id, etc. Orelse, you can add a contact form in which people fill out the form and send you messages and queries regarding your business services and products.

Probably, some websites even display both contact forms and contact details as well.

What is a Contact Form in WordPress?

A contact form looks like a form structure containing a few necessary fields such as Name, Phone Number, Email, etc. The user needs to input the required fields and hit the submit button to contact the website owner.

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Your blog contact page may look like a professional one by adding a WordPress contact form on your WordPress blog. Without a contact form, your WordPress blog contacts us page might look incomplete.

WordPress Contact Form
This is How a Contact Form in WordPress Blogs Look Like

When people fill the form and click the submit button, you will receive the message in your mailbox that they sent you through the contact form.

Importance of Adding WordPress Contact Form

Adding a contact form in your .WordPress blog is not mandatory as you can add your email address to receive emails, but if you add, you can gain some benefits over the addition.

You can avoid receiving spam emails to your mailbox by creating a WordPress contact form as if you display your email address on Contact Page, spambots easily shootout unwanted mails.
You can decide what fields you want your users to fill according to the details only you want from your visitors on the contact form. So the users do not need to send all the information.
Of Course, the contact form saves both your and your audience’s time, as your audiences never need to open their Mail Box to contact you as he/she can send you queries directly from the form.

Do I Need to Learn Coding to Create a WordPress Contact Form?

Definitely Not. Thanks to WordPress. With better WordPress plugins out there in the market, one can create Contact Form on their WordPress blogs without learning a single line of coding.

So, Let me guide you with three simple steps on How to Create a Contact Form in WordPress.

Step #1: Install the WordPress Plugin Ninja Forms

As I said, you do not need to learn to code as you can create contact forms with a WordPress plugin. There are few plugins out there to create contact forms. You can try the Ninja Forms WordPress Plugin, which has 1+ Million Active installations to date and counting.

To Download Ninja Forms WordPress Plugin:

install the Ninja Forms WordPress Plugin
Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
On the Left Side, Under Plugins, click ‘Add New.’
Input the Plugin Name ‘Ninja Forms’ in the search column. You will get the result.
Click ‘Install Now’ and then click ‘Activate.
You can find the installed plugin ‘Ninja Forms’ on your plugin section as well as on your Left-Hand side of the WordPress dashboard.

Step #2: Create a Contact Form using Ninja Forms Plugin

Open the Ninja Forms plugin straight from your WordPress dashboard Left Side.

On this page, you will see a default already created form in the name ‘Contact Me’ Click the settings icon and click ‘delete’ to remove the form.

Now Click ‘ Add New’

create a contact form in Ninja Forms Plugin

You will see ten different types of form options as well as six additional templates. As we need to create a contact form, so ensure to click ‘Contact Us.’

create wordpress contact form

Your contact form will be created right away when you click the contact us form option with three different fields such as Name, Email, and Message, as well as a Submit Button.

Step #3: How to Add the Contact Form to Contact Us Page

At the end of step #2, you have done with creating your simple contact form. Now it’s time to learn how you can add the contact form to your Contact us Page.

Create a Contact Us Page from your WordPress dashboard. Click Pages on the left menu and then click ‘Add New.’ Give your Page a Name Contact Us in the page title field.

Below the title field, you will find two options such as Add Media and Add Form. Click ‘Add Form.’ A small pop-up will open in which you can select your already created contact form using the Ninja Form plugin. Select the Form and Click ‘Insert.’ The Form will be inserted into the page.

If you are using Plugins like ‘Ultimate Blocks’, you can click Add Block on your WordPress editor and add the Ninja Forms Block and then you can choose your form name from the Drop Down to display the same on your contact page.

add ninja form in WordPress pages

Now Click ‘Publish,’ and you are done. You can check the Contact Us page you created to check whether the Form has been added correctly.

These are the three simple steps on how to create a contact form in WordPress. You may now question, Where will I receive all those messages sent through the contact form?

It’s simple. While setting up a WordPress account, you might have given your Email address, right? So, the email address you should receive all those messages sent from the contact form you created. You can change the Email address anytime you want from your WordPress dashboard settings page under the General section.

Whenever you receive messages to your mailbox via the contact form, you will receive it along with the Sender Name, Email, and Message as well. You can reply to all those messages straight from your mailbox by merely clicking the reply option, same as you send replies to any emails.

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As said in the above section, creating a WordPress contact form doesn’t need any coding knowledge, as you can do it thoroughly with the help of WordPress contact form plugins. With the availability of clean and responsive plugins such as Ninja Forms, you can easily save your time.

If you want, you can also try other plugins that also offer useful features for creating contact forms. But, I recommend Ninja Forms as an easy and friendly one.

As a founder of this blog, I am thankful that you read this entire informative article on How to Create a Contact Form in WordPress. I hope you found the post helpful.

Feel free to share the post on your different Social Media Handles.

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