How to Earn Money From Glowroad [10 Bonus Tips Inside to Get Orders]

In this post, you will learn about how to earn money from glowroad reselling mobile application. As I have already explained in detail, what is Glowroad app, How it works, and the application entire overview in one of my previously published posts. If you are totally new here, I wish you to read the basics of glowroad firstly in the post What is Glowroad App? Become a Professional Reseller in 2020

There is no doubt that social commerce platforms are gaining a huge popularity among Indians, especially homemakers and students. To make a decent amount of extra income every week, one can start reselling business with social commerce platforms without investment. Glowroad is one that helps you start a reselling business.

Here are the easy to start processes on how to earn in glowroad. Before heading forward, make sure that you have already installed the glowroad app on your smartphone and setting up a reselling account there. If you are yet to download the application, click the link to download and set up your free account in less than two minutes.

To understand the concept of how to earn money from glowroad better and clear, I will break it down with three different steps below.

Step 1 – Sharing the Products

How to Share Products from Glowroad Reselling Application to WhatsApp Contacts?

sharing products to Whatsapp on glowroad

In this step, you will learn how to share products directly from your Glowroad app.

  1. Open the Glowroad App from your Mobile Phone.
  2. Scroll a little down to see the new and randomly added catalogs. 
  3. Just click the catalog to open it. Go through the Products, Price, Description, and If possible, read out the other reseller’s reviews and ratings.
  4. To share the product from particular categories, on the bottom of the application, you will see the categories icon, Click on that and go through the categories in which you want to share the products.
  5. Decide whether you are going to share the catalog or not. Once you are decided to share. Follow the below step.
  6. You have two options actually, when it comes to sharing products from the Glowroad app, either you share a single product or the whole catalog.
  7. If you want to share a single product, there is a green color button with the Whatsapp logo added ‘Share & Earn.’ Click on it. The link will take you to your Whatsapp Application; you can choose the profile, group, or broadcast from your Whatsapp whom you want to share the product.
  8. Once the product images are shared, when you click back from Whatsapp to Glowroad, it does ask you two options. The options are ‘Share Description Only’ and ‘Share Description with your Price and Your Online Shop Link.’ If you want to share only product description without price, choose the first option or else choose the second option. While sharing, you can make changes in the description as your wish.
  9. If you want to share the whole catalog, the process is almost the same as what you read in Step 6 and 7. Instead of the ‘Share & Earn’ button, you will see the ‘Share Collection’ button with the Whatsapp logo on it at the bottom of the catalog. Click on the button, and you can share the entire product catalog along with a description.

How to Share Products from Glowroad App to Social Media Sites?

Apart from Whatsapp, you can even share the product catalogs directly from your glowroad application to the other social media networks. 

  1. Click on the Product Catalogue. If you are deciding to share the product catalog, you will see ‘option ‘More’ with a share symbol icon at the bottom of the catalog page. Click on it. 
  2. You will get five different sharing options. The options are Instagram, Facebook Wall, Facebook Page, Whatsapp Business, and Telegram. Choose the option where you want to share the product catalog, and you are done. The catalog will be shared on your social media profiles with the description. If you want, you can add the price while sharing, or even you can do it later by logging into your social media profile and edit the post.

How to Manually Share Products from Glowroad Reselling Application?

Apart from the above mentioned two direct sharing methods, you can even share the products you wish manually to your customers via Whatsapp or other social media channels. It’s a simple process.

All you have to do is download the particular product catalog images from the glowroad app by clicking the download images option, as you can see below the catalog. The product images will be downloaded from glowroad on the gallery on your smartphone. 

You can share the products manually then wherever you want to share. You can create your own description or even copy the product’s description from glowroad and paste it on the place where you shared the products manually.

Adding your Own Margin While Sharing Products

add your customer order margin

Adding the margin is one of the most important processes you need to handle better. But the process is way simpler than it sounds. The process is nothing but you should add your own margin while sharing your customers’ products. You can either send the price manually along with the description by editing or choose to send the margin you set by choosing the option ‘Share Description with your Price and Your Online Shop Link.’

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You can set your default margin percentage on your glowroad application. On your glowroad app, click a profile, and there you find your business name at the top. Clicking on the ‘Manage’ button will take your shop collections page. There you can easily edit your margin percentages as you want, either for individual products or for the entire catalog or category even.

Enjoy the Free Tip – I would advise you to add your margin manually on your description whenever you shared the products with your buyer.

Step 2 – Getting the Orders

There are easy multiple methods you can follow as a reseller to get orders from what you shared. Initially, getting the orders may be tough for anyone, but soon after, you understand the concept like what products to share, which social media platform works well, etc..then your orders will increase.

Bonus – 10 Quick Tips for Beginners to Get Orders

  1. Create a Whatsapp group or Broadcast list on Whatsapp and add your friends, colleagues, relatives, and neighbors. Tell them you are doing reselling business and share products with them to get orders.
  2. Create an Instagram account for your business and add your products frequently to your Instagram account as posts and stories as well.
  3. Create a Facebook business page for your reselling business. Share your products on your page to help you get good orders.
  4. Apart from Instagram and Facebook, use social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest to share your products. Initially, it might slow to get orders, but you will get orders regularly once your follower base increases.
  5. Facebook marketplace is free to use to add your product listings and get orders from new customers. To learn more about how you can get orders from the Facebook marketplace, read the post in this link.
  6. Running Facebook ads on your Facebook page helps you get orders. You can refer to Youtube videos and tutorials about Facebook ads. Remember, Facebook ads are a paid promotional method.
  7. You may already have a good amount of friends on your Facebook profile. So, you can use it wisely to get orders as you can share the products to your Facebook personal profile.
  8. Ask your friends and neighbors to refer their friends to your business. You can share your Whatsapp group invitation link to your friends to share on their known groups.
  9. There are hundreds of Facebook groups out there relevant to buying and selling, shopping groups, etc.. Search for the Facebook groups with a high member base, Join there, and list your products. The particular way not only gets your orders but also helps you gain more new customers.
  10. Spreading your business through word of mouth is still a great way to gain orders on your business. Ensure to speak about your business in person and ask them to check out your products on your social media pages and profiles.

Step 3 – Placing your Customer Orders with your Margin from Glowroad Application

After all, the third and final step is to place the orders you received from your customer. You can place the order from the Glowroad application. 

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Once your customer places an order to you via WhatsApp or any other social platforms with their addresses, search for the particular product on the glowroad app. There are individual code numbers for all the products you share. You can easily search the product from your glowroad application by inputting the product code number or even doing the direct images search option by uploading the exact product image.

There is a section ‘My Shared Catalogs’ under your profile tab where you can see all your shared catalogs and products. I would suggest you search with a product code number to find the product, which saves you a huge amount of time.

Once you find the product,

  1. You will see the ‘Buy Now’ button below all the individual products. Click on it. Select the size accordingly if the products available in sizes and Click ‘Buy Now, once again.
  2. At this point, you have to choose whether the order you received was either paid or cash on the delivery order. Choose it accordingly.
  3. Below, you will see your ordered product with size in the drop-down as well as product price details (GlowRoad Price). If you choose to proceed with paid order, you will get an extra 7% OFF from your cart value as you can pay it from your Glowroad wallet if you have any wallet money already. At the bottom of the page, click ‘Proceed.’
  4. On this 4th step of the order placing process, you have to enter your customer price. This is quite an important step as the customer price you will enter will include your margin price. For example, If the glowroad price is 800, and you quoted your customer 850, you should enter the customer price as 850; 50 INR is your order margin. Click on ‘Next’ 
  5. On this step, you have to input your customer complete address, including Name, Contact Number, Pincode, and Home Address. Input wrong address will lead you to order returns. So, input the address carefully.
  6. Once you add a customer address, it will be added to the database, and for the next orders from the same customer, you do not need to add the address again as you can search the name of the customer and select the address.
  7. That’s it. Click on ‘Place Order.’ If you choose the COD order, the order will be placed right after you clicked the ‘Place Order’ button. If paid, it will take you to the payment gateway pages as you have to complete the payment process to get the order done.

This is the entire easy process to place the orders you received for your customers. Once the order is placed, you can check all the order details on your ‘My Orders’ section under the Profile tab. You can check the status of the order, whether it has shipped, delivered, or returned to origin by searching the customer’s name. You can directly share the order tracking details to your customer on WhatsApp from this section if you want.

Glowroad Payment Cycle

glowroad payment cycle

Glowroad payment cycle will be on every Tuesday and Thursday in a week, which means you will get your earnings every Tuesday and Thursday. Once your order is delivered to your customer address, you have to wait for the Return Window to be closed (Usually 5 days from the date the products are delivered). Once the return window closes, your earnings will be transferred to your bank account either Tuesday or Thursday, accordingly the day when the return window gets closed.

Example Scenario of Glowroad Payment Cycle

Let us assume If you place an order on Monday, and the order gets delivered on Friday. The return period will start from Friday, and you will have a return period possible up to 5 days from Friday to request a return for the particular order. That is, you have to wait till Tuesday. So, the return window will close on Tuesday, and you will get the earnings for the particular order to your bank account on Thursday. I hope you now clearly understand the Glowroad payment cycle.

How to Place a Return Request of an Order from Glowroad App?

return products on glowroad

Glowroad also supports an easy return policy. If your customer is not satisfied, you can request returning the product under the ‘My Orders’ section by uploading the real images of the product and mentioning the reason for returning. Once the return is approved, glowroad will take care of other stuff, such as reverse pickup of the returned order at your customer doorstep. The refund amount of the returned order will be deposited on your bank account without charging anything extra. Glowroad offers an Easy Return Policy with a 100% Refund.

Refer and Earn money on Glowroad App

The primary earning source from the glowroad app is sharing the products, getting orders, and placing the customer orders with added margin. Apart from the primary option, Glowroad offers you to earn another great opportunity with a referral program.

Unfortunately, Glowroad now temporarily stops the referral program as it may open the doors for its resellers any time soon. You can earn money by referring your friends to use Glowroad by sharing your unique referral link. As the program has been stopped temporarily, now you can be a part of this referral program on the Glowroad App. 

I will update here in the space if glowroad opens the referral earning method again. Between, do subscribe to the blog mailing list to instantly receive any such kind of notifications and updates straight to your inbox.

How to Earn Wallet Money in Glowroad?

glowroad wallet money

Many resellers at Glowroad still do not know how to earn wallet money on glowroad and how to utilize the wallet money while placing orders.

There is a unique concept in Glowroad that it offers you a wallet along with your reseller account. You can earn money on your Glowroad wallet for several activities, depending on the occasion.

You will be providing scratch cards daily in which you will get assured cashback to your wallet on Glowroad account. Apart from the scratch card options, you will get some wallet money on placing orders.

earn wallet money on Glowroad with scratch card

There is currently a special offer on the app to earn more money on the wallet whenever you place an order, and you will be asked to predict the IPL winning team on a particular day. If your prediction goes right, you will be able to earn up to 5000 INR daily on your wallet. The particular offer lasts till the IPL final, which is supposed to happen on 10th November 2020.

Glowroad frequently announces several offers to earn money on your wallet, as you will be notified whenever the offer is announced.

Important Points to Remember:

  1. You cannot withdraw the money you earned on your wallet to your bank account.
  2. Wallet money on the Glowroad account is only for placing the orders.
  3. Glowroad reseller account wallet money cannot be used for cash on delivery orders.
  4. Wallet money can be used only for Prepaid Orders.
  5. Currently, You can use up to 7% of your wallet money on your single prepaid order. If the glowroad price is 200 INR, you will get 14 INR OFF on the particular product when you choose the paid order option.
  6. Glowroad has all the rights to fix the percentage you can avail from your wallet money on prepaid orders. So, possibly the wallet percentage offers may change from time to time.

I hope now you clarified how glowroad wallet works and how you can earn wallet money in Glowroad app.


I am thankful for your time reading the entire article, and I believe I covered everything you need to understand about how to earn money from Glowroad. The article may be lengthy and time took one to finish reading. Still, sure the process of earning money from glowroad is straightforward as having a smartphone and internet connection on it is more than enough to earn money from the glowroad app.

If you start understanding the concept, there are high possibilities you can earn up to 25,000+ INR every month as a part-time worker sitting comfortably at your home in your free time. Truly, reselling business in India can offer huge income to its workers, and Glowroad plays a huge role in offering the business model in a hassle-free way to its resellers.

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