How to Install Google Analytics on WordPress in 10 Minutes

If you are new to the blogging industry, you may find some difficulties in checking your audience’s visit to your blog. With the most recommended official Google Tool called Google Analytics; you can easily monitor your Website traffic.

In this post, you will learn How to Install Google Analytics on WordPress blogs within 10 minutes.

What is Google Analytics and Why do you need to Install it on your WordPress Blog?

As said above, Google Analytics is a very simple and Free to use tool offered by Google itself. You can easily monitor what’s happening with your website or blog in terms of audience visits.

With the tool Google Analytics, you can know how your site performs overall, and easily you will decide what improvements your site needs.

There are four major things that you can monitor your website with the help of Google Analytics:

  1. Number of People visit your blog or website in a day, week, or month.
  2. From Which sources the visitors are coming from, such as Google Search Results, Social Media Channels, or Direct Visits.
  3. How much time your audience spends on your blog.
  4. And finally, which pages or posts on your blog get high visits.

How to Create a Free Account in Google Analytics?

First of all, to create a free Google Analytics account, you need a Gmail account. If you already own a Gmail account, you can use it or create one for free of cost.

Here is the Step by Step Process on How to Create Free Google Analytics account with your already created Gmail account.

  1. Open a Web Browser on your PC or Laptop and Type Google Analytics. Click on the first result from your search.
  2. On step 2, click ‘Set up for Free.’ And in the next window, Make sure to enter the Account Name of your Google Analytics. The name can be anything as your wish, and you can add multiple blogs or websites later under your one Google Analytics main account. Once you are done with entering your name, scroll down, and click ‘Next.’
  3. In the Next Step, the setup page wants you to confirm what you want to measure with your Google Analytics account: website, apps, or website and apps. As we set up Google Analytics for WordPress blogs, make sure to Click ‘Web’ and then click ‘Next.’
  4. On this third and final set up called Property Set up option, you need to input your website details such as the Name of your Website, Your Website URL as well as your Time Zone. While entering your URL, Do not type as you may make some spelling mistakes. So, the proper way to enter your website URL is to head to your Website and Copy the URL there without https:// and www there and Paste it on the URL section of Google Analytics Property Set Up Page.
  5.  Click ‘Create,’ and you are done with creating your Free Google Analytics account.

How to Connect your Google Analytics Account with your WordPress Blog?

Using three different simple steps, you can instantly connect to your Google Analytics account with your WordPress blog and instantly monitor your website traffic.

Step 1: Installing the Site Kit by Google WordPress Plugin

You have to install the Site Kit by Google WordPress plugin straight from your WordPress dashboard. Log in to your WordPress dashboard; click on Plugins and then click’ Add Plugins’ on the right side menu. Type’ Site Kit by Google’ on the search column. You will get a plugin. Ensure to Click ‘Install Now’ and then ‘Activate’ to let the plugin work.

Step 2: Setting up Site Kit Plugin

On the Site Kit Plugin Page, you will see an option called ‘Start Set Up’ click on that, and it will take you to Google Sign In page. Click on Sign In and Choose the Google Account which you used for Google Analytics Sign Up. Click ‘Allow’ to confirm your access to the plugin with your Google Analytics account.

On this Site Kit Plugin Set Up Page, you have to manually confirm three steps after signing into your Google Account straight from the Plugin Page via WordPress Dashboard.

Firstly, you need to verify your site ownership. So, Click on ‘ Proceed’ under the verify site ownership option. Once you click Proceed, it will be verified automatically as you have already added your website into Google Analytics.

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Secondly, Click ‘Allow’ to let the website you added to your Google Analytics account can access Google Account data and show the metrics on your Site Kit Plugin dashboard.

On this Final Set up Step, which is ‘Set up Search Console,’ you have to click ‘Add Site’ to add your site to Google Search Console. Google Search Console is a similar tool to Analytics in which you can monitor how people can find your WordPress blog on search results.

Now you’re done with setting up your Site Kit by Google Plugin. Click ‘Go to your Dashboard’ that takes you to Site Kit Plugin on the WordPress dashboard.

On the Plugin Header Message, You will see a Message’ Congratulations on Completing the Setup for Site Kit’. That’s it, and you are successfully setting up the Plugin.

Now it’s time to learn How you can connect your Google Analytics account with the help of the Plugin.

Step 3: Connect your WordPress Blog with Google Analytics Account through Site Kit

Under your Google Site Kit Plugin, you will see an option called ‘Google Analytics.’ Under this, you have to click ‘Connect Service.’ Then, You will be asked to sign in to your Google Account. Make sure to click your Google Account and sign in. Click ‘Allow’ on to the next step.

Now, it’s time to connect the service between the plugin and your Google Analytics account. Click ‘Configure Analytics,’ and you are now connected with your WordPress website.

You are now fully completed the process, and your WordPress blog performance will now track in your Google Analytics account.

You can check whether the process you handled yourself to install Google Analytics on WordPress is working fine or not.

How to Check whether the Whole Process you Did Working Fine or Not?

Open your Google Analytics account. Click ‘Real Time’ and then click ‘Overview’ to monitor your real-time traffic. If no one is on your site, the overview seems ‘Zero.’ In this case, open a new window in your browser and type your WordPress blog URL. You will see the change in Real-Time Overview on your Google Analytics account as it will change from Zero to One user. That means your Google Analytics account is working fine.

google analytics real time view

Once you find your Google Analytics is working fine, you never need to open your analytics account whenever you want to monitor your blog performance. You can get all the traffic insights straight from your WordPress dashboard.

You will see the Google Site Kit Plugin on your WordPress dashboard’s left side, Click on It and then Click ‘Analytics.’ It will show you the overall performance of your blog on this plugin page, and you can easily monitor all the stuff you need.


The process of installing Google Analytics on WordPress blogs is completely easy and free, as you can do within 10 minutes on your WordPress blog following the above quick steps. All you have to do is, follow the steps mentioned above properly without missing anything.

Remember, Soon after setting up your blog with WordPress and a Theme installation, the next big thing you should handle is installing Google Analytics on your WordPress blog, which helps you understand your site’s performance.

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