Woocommerce Auto-Apply Coupons – How to Make and its Benefits

Your buyers would love to purchase from your woocommerce store when you offer auto-apply coupons deals for the products in your store. The specific coupon system is playing a huge impact on any woocommerce store to develop store business.

Offering unique coupon codes to your buyers to get exclusive discounts by applying manually while checkout is undoubtedly one fine promotional strategy, but the auto-apply coupons system even performs better than manual coupon codes.

What is Woocommerce Auto-Apply Coupons?

If you already make the auto-apply coupon and customize it for your woocommerce store, whenever the buyer is placed, the coupon will be activated automatically. Probably, the deal saves both your buyer and your time as well.

Do check this screenshot for reference which was taken from one of my woocommerce stores as in the coupon code column, my buyers should have to manually type the codes I provide in order to avail the discounts.

apply coupon code

But, If I were integrated with Auto-Apply coupons, my buyers don’t need to hardly enter the codes manually as the discounts will apply automatically once the product is added to cart.

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You do not need to feel any hassle to set up auto-apply coupons in your woocommerce store as this article clearly explains you with step by step simple procedures on how to make and customize auto-apply coupons on your woocommerce store.

Here comes the step by step process you have been waiting for on how to create auto-apply coupons in woocommerce stores.

The process never demands you handle any kind of coding tasks as you can proceed the step by step process offered by default on woocommerce itself.

1. Add a New Coupon from WordPress Dashboard

You don’t even need any woocommerce special plugin to do step 1 of the process. On your already created woocommerce store, you can see the ‘Coupons’ option in your WordPress dashboard.

Click ‘Coupons’ under ‘Marketing’ straight from your WordPress dashboard and you will be taken to a window where you can create your First Coupon.

Here is the sample screenshot of how the first step ‘Creating a New Coupon’ process looks.

adding new coupon from wordpress dashboard

Remember, ‘Adding a New Coupon’ process is a mandatory setting whether you are adding it for offering your buyers to enter it manually or even it is auto-apply coupons. As you see in the screenshot, there is an optional description field for the particular coupon. You can use the field to add a description for your reference about the coupon as it won’t publicly display on your store front end.

Soon after input the basic coupon details in the general section of the coupon data settings, you can head into the ‘Usage Restriction’ section to set up the type of the discount, the expiration date of the coupon, minimum and maximum spend, products and its categories to include or exclude etc. Refer the image below for ‘Usage Restrictions’ coupon data setting options.

setting up usage restrictions

2. Learn to Set Up as Many as Advanced Features

Here in this step 2, you can add more advanced features as many as you want when you create an auto-apply coupon for your woocommerce store. Unfortunately, you cannot get this advanced option from the default woocommerce coupons option as you have to install an effective, well known yet Free to use a plugin called Advanced Coupons.

With the plugin, you can get more advanced features like BOGO (Buy One Get One) deals, easy coupon scheduler options as you can set coupon start and expiry date and many more.

All the features you get on this Advanced Coupons plugin are easy to set up as you can single-handedly set up the process without asking for expert help.

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The screenshot of Coupon Data tab from Advanced Coupons plugin lets you see all the advanced options they may provide you to set up your auto-apply coupons with more features enabled on it.

When it comes to setting up BOGO offers, you can simply trigger the product category in which you want to offer to buy one and get one free to your buyers by selecting it from Coupon Tab of Advanced Plugins.

All you have to do is, click BOGO Deals in Coupon Data section, and select ‘Product Categories’. And then, you can decide which category you may enable under the Apply Type section. You can add any number of categories by clicking ‘Add Category’ to offer BOGO deals.

For even better understanding the concept, check the screenshot below

setting up BOGO deals using Advanced Coupons plugin

As you see in the screenshot, the ‘Clothing’ category has been triggered in the BOGO deals. When your buyer adds any product from the clothing category, they can be able to claim one extra product in the same category for free of cost. By offering BOGO deals to your buyers, you can get more sales from your woocommerce store.

3. Setting up the Conditions of Cart Matters a Lot

If there are no cart conditions options, you may probably lose your margin when you offer auto-apply coupons as your buyers possibly get the coupon discounts if they even buy for some minimum amounts like 5 to 10 dollars.

By setting up some amount for the cart conditions, you can restrict your buyers to meet the cart condition in order to receive the coupon offer, BOGO deals or whatever offer you provide.

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On the Advanced Coupons plugin, you can see a tab called ‘Cart Conditions’. The option has exclusively been offered for plugin users to set up cart conditions which help way better to promote your store in straight forward.

You can fix rules under cart conditions tab with the help of If/Then statements. Here is another screenshot you may refer to understand how cart conditions set up works.

set up cart conditions sub total

See, if the cart subtotal will be more than 24.99 USD as shown in the screenshot, the buyer can get an affordable discount or BOGO offer as you set up the cart condition as the cart subtotal must be more than 24.99 USD.

You can set any rules here according to the way you want using the cart conditions ‘IF’ statement.

4. How to Enable Auto-Apply Coupon Option

You are almost done after you completed the process till step 3. Now the only pending yet the most important set up is to enable the auto-apply option.

After you set up all the required things, on your right-hand side, you will see an option called Auto Apply Coupon. All you have to do at this point is just to check the ‘Enable Auto Apply for this Coupon’ box. That’s the end. For reference, have a look at the screenshot below.

enabling auto-apply option

Now your buyers can be able to avail auto-apply discounts whenever they purchase something from your woocommerce store. If they meet your cart conditions, they get discounts automatically on their cart during checkout.

Benefits of Auto-Apply Coupon

  • Your buyers need not hassle remembering the coupon codes while checkout.
  • You can mention the Auto-Apply Coupon deals while you are running FB or Google Ads.
  • Save both of your and buyer time.
  • The term Auto-Apply Coupons might create the Biggest Impact on your Store Promotional pamphlets.
  • As an owner, you can set the cart conditions according to your favour to let the auto-apply coupon work accordingly.


As the above written four step by step process are not at all tough to handle as you can easily done enabling the auto-apply option with the availability of Advanced Coupons plugin.

Whatever the good stuff like auto-apply coupons you add to your woocommerce store, it will definitely help you boost your store sales.

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