How to Promote your Blog Posts for Free After Published – 5 Quick Formula

Have you just hit the publish button of your new blog post? Are you not sure what to do next? Here come the five quick and working formulas on how to promote your blog posts for free soon after published.

Most of the newbie bloggers think that they are well enough to receive the right amount of traffic soon after publishing a new blog post. And so, many bloggers published blog posts and merely waited for traffic. I am sorry, this won’t work out as even expert bloggers used to promote their newly published blog posts using different formulas to drive traffic to their posts initially. Remember, organic traffic does not happen instantly. 

In fact, according to experts, to start receiving organic traffic on new blogs, you have to wait for a minimum of six to eight months usually. So, during your first six months of the blogging journey, you must learn to promote your blog posts through different other methods without only depending on organic sources of traffic.

You may be a professional at writing a great piece of blog posts, but there will be no use if you do not know how to promote your blog posts. It’s an expert voice that you have to spend more time promoting your blog posts in a day than other blogging works.

According to a post that I recently read, it mentioned if you get one hour to work on your blog in a day, spend your 50 minutes out of one hour to promote your blog posts. I believe, now you realize the importance of promoting your blog posts.

Let’s have a look at the five quick and simple formulas without spending much time discussing ordinary stuff.

List of 5 Quick Formulas on How to Promote your Blog Posts for Free After Published

1. Share your Blog Post Link on your Own Social Media Profiles

share blog post links on social media profiles

As I registered the same point in many places on my blog, social media traffic for any new blog plays a highly significant role to get traffic during the initial blogging stages. It’s an unskippable formula, and you need to have an account on social media sites. If not all the sites, at least ensure to create accounts on four basic and the most used social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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Soon after you published the new blog post on your blog, make sure to copy the link to the post, and share it on your personal social media profiles to let your friends know that you published a new blog post. While sharing the link to your original post on your social media profiles especially like Facebook and Twitter, your friends show interest to check out the link, and this way you receive instant traffic to your new blog post.

Quick Tip:- Ensure to add some exciting texts along with the link you post on your social media rather than only sharing just a link. So, your friends know the basic ideas about the post you published.

2. Build a Relationship with Like-Minded People to Get your New Posts Shared

build a relationship with like-minded bloggers

In the blogging industry, having a good relationship (build networks) with fellow bloggers is a task that no one can skip. At the same time, you won’t easily get noticed for your work initially as you have to be familiar with others. 

You have to share your fellow blogger’s blog posts on your social media profiles tagging the person; you need to write some authority comments on other blogger posts. Also, it would help if you reacted to their posts. By doing this way, other people came to know your existence in the field. In return, they used to promote your blog posts for free on their social media accounts whenever you shared new post links.

If you want free shares of your blog post links from other bloggers, you must need to maintain a good and healthy relationship with them. In my case, I already have good blogger friends on my Facebook and Twitter, as they used to share my new blog post links whenever I published a new one on my blog.

3. Join your Blog Niche Relevant Facebook Groups

join facebook groups

Facebook groups are the ideal place to get your new blog posts shared by group admins. Again, for this, you need to have a good relationship in terms of helping others by sharing their blogging works in your social media profiles.

No one promotes your Blog posts for free unless you do the same to others. Once joined in the groups, you must involve in the discussion by other members by reacting to the posts and commenting on it. This way, people come to know your existence.

Apart, most of the Facebook groups for bloggers used to conduct promotional threads once in a week. You can share your links on the threads to promote your blog posts for free. Ensure you also share other posts.

I used to be a member in most of the best Facebook groups for bloggers, in which I used to share my blog posts on promotional threads as every week my posts got shared more than 20 times by other members. How cool it is to get such a massive amount of shares. You too can join to promote your blog posts for free after publishing.

Do you want to join in the best Facebook groups for Bloggers? I have a hand-picked list of 15 best Facebook groups for bloggers to learn blogging as well to promote your blog posts.

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4. Grow your Email Subscribers List to Promote Blog Posts for Free

build email list

Even in 2020, Email Marketing plays a key role, and many successful bloggers recommend Email marketing as the best method to promote your blog posts for free after published. From day 1 of your blogging journey, you must start collecting email ids from your blog visitors. No matter how many email ids you collect every day, when time goes, sure you will have a decent amount of subscribers for your blog.

There are many email marketing tools, both free and paid available as you can join and collect email ids of your visitors. Best of them are ConvertKit and MailChimp. 

Whenever you publish a new post on your blog, you can mail the post link along with some captions to all your subscribers through email. Sending subscribers an email of your newly published blog posts is one such an incredible way of promoting your blog posts for no cost. You cannot skip this method if you are serious about receiving instant views to your newly published blog posts.

5. Try to Create your Blog Posts also in Video Contents and Upload to Youtube

create video contents

Most of the people do not seem aware of this formula to promote blog posts for free. It’s hard to survive nowadays in the long term only with blog posts. Vlogging started to dominate the blogging industry and so many bloggers, you may see already started video blogs (Youtube Channels) to upload videos related to the same topics that are published on their blogs in blog posts format.

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Creating a Youtube channel of your own does not cost you anything as you can start it for free. All you have to do is, once you are done with keyword research for your next blog post, plan to create the content in both text and video format. Publish the text blog post on your blog and video post to the youtube channel. Ensure to add your blog post link in your video description.

No issues if you are not good at presenting your face for the camera, you can shoot videos on the topic without showing your face using only just voice-overs and screenshots. Try the method, drop your blog post link on your video description. It will indeed create a tremendous impact to receive traffic for your blog posts.


I agree that I cannot just limit only to 5 methods when it comes to listing out how to promote blog posts for free soon after published. Even with a few more techniques, you can try to promote blog posts for free. But, What I listed here is the most effective five quick formulas to promote blog posts that drive instant traffic.

I wish, if you are a beginner to blogging, try these five formulas and share with me your experience like how it’s working for you. 

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