How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace for Free

Do you have hand-picked products to sell online? Are you not sure where and how to sell your products? No matter whether you are selling physical or digital items. From this post, I give you guidance about selling your products easily without spending even a single dollar or less.

Not a big deal if you do not have an e-commerce store to sell your items, you still can able to generate sales from your Facebook account. Are you wondering to know how it’s possible to sell items from the Facebook account? Readout below to know more.

I am not sure whether you may be noticed or not, there is a section on Facebook called “Facebook Marketplace” in which anyone having a Facebook account can able to buy and sell items. I feel that now you have a question, But How? Let me tell, how to sell on Facebook marketplace for free. Believe me, It’s an easy and worth the try as well luckily till date Facebook never charges anything for its users to list an item for sale on the marketplace.

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Before getting into the step by step process on selling an item, first, know what the Facebook marketplace is all about.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

I think there is no need to explain the term deeper, almost everyone knows the purpose of the marketplace. Yes!! You are right, with the marketplace, anyone as a registered member of the marketplace can able to buy and sell items.

Of course, the Facebook marketplace also works on the same purpose let users make use of buying and selling.

In 2016, Facebook has launched a business section called marketplace specifically to help out small businesses selling their items. Sooner, it got received a huge response among users across the world. One major reason behind the tremendous reach that Facebook opens the marketplace section for free of cost.

Facebook Groups

Earlier in 2015, Facebook first introduced Facebook Groups concept, by which any of its users can able to create groups and list an item for sale with the added price of an item, descriptions etc.. It will be publicly displayed to group members as interested members can enquire on the post and move further to buy the listed items.

The Facebook group concept was a big success and with the success, Facebook has further decided to launch a business model called the social marketplace. But still, there are millions of Facebook groups there to list out items for sale and people are getting a good amount of sales pitches from Facebook groups.

Interesting Fact: Globally around 1.69 billion people are having an account on Facebook till date, it is to be believed that around 800+ million people are using Facebook marketplace across 70 countries till 2019. This is totally huge as Facebook marketplace business model has achieved this within just 3 years as said, the marketplace has introduced in 2016.

How to Sell Items on Facebook Marketplace from PC or Laptop?

When you open your Facebook account from your laptop, you can see on your left-hand side of the screen, “Marketplace” has been placed below the News feed option. Click on Marketplace. Refer screenshot, if you have any doubts.

facebook marketplace desktop

You will be taken to the marketplace section. You can scroll down the page to see what others sellers are listing.

Again on the left side of your screen, you can see “+ Sell Something” button-shaped blu icon. Click on it to proceed to the next step. Refer the screenshot I mentioned the option in the red rectangular-shaped box.

Below this option, you will see the location option as you can able to set your preferred location to sell your item and also, you can set kilometres starting from 2 kilometres up to 200 kilometres. So, your listing will be served accordingly. In the screenshot, this option has mentioned in the yellow box.

Below the location,  you will see categories (almost 10 different categories). These are the categories probably you can list your items under any of these. In the screenshot, it has mentioned in a black box.

facebook marketplace desktop step 2

When you click on “+ Sell Something”, as a first step a new popup will open and you will be asked to select, what are you listing whether items for sale or properties for sale or rent. Choose “item for sale”.

On the second step, you have to give your sale item a name, price and then you must choose the category. There is another option, you must choose. If you have the only item to sell, select ‘list as single item’ or if you have more than one items, select “list as in stock’.

And then add a description of your listing (optional). But it’s advisable to add your items descriptions to get more enquiries. Then, you should add photos of your product, you are allowed to add up to 10 photos. Click on Next, will take you to one last step.

add your listing for sale

On the final step (refer screenshot below) you must need to choose the marketplace option along with you also have the option to list the same on the Facebook groups you already joined. You can choose up to 20 groups. Apart from the marketplace, your listing will be served to the Facebook groups also.

select audience facebook marketplace

That’s it. You are successfully posted an item for sale. Once it goes live after Facebook verifies it, you will start getting messages on your messenger about your listing product.

Ensure to check out Facebook marketplace commercial policies, they do have some restrictions to its users as you cannot simply post anything as your wish. You might be get rejected. So, feel free to read the policy here.

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace from Mobile Application?

  1. Open your Facebook mobile app.
  2. At the top below to Facebook logo, you may see the home shape icon. That is actually a marketplace icon. Click on it.
  3. Marketplace section will open. At the top, you can see the “sell” option. Click on it.
  4. Once you clicked, it does ask you to choose your listing whether you are selling items, vehicles, properties or even job listing. Choose items if you selling any products or choose something accordingly as your preference.
  5. Once you clicked items, you will be asked to provide details for the item you want to sell.
  6. Provide all the details includes title, price, description, category etc.. This is similar to what you have to do in the desktop version.
  7. As a final step, choose if want to serve the same to Facebook groups as your wish and then click publish. You are done.
Note – Once your listing has been published, you are allowed to renew your listing once in 7 days and up to 5 times overall. So, ensure to renew your listings on time to get more enquiries. Also, you can delete or edit your listings whenever you want.

Is Facebook Marketplace Safe?

You may definitely have this question now. Remember, Facebook offers you social marketplace solution and cannot act as a business model to buy or sell directly.

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If you listed an item for sale on Facebook Marketplace, it will be promoted to other users in and around approximately 200 kilometres from your location. Those who are interested to buy your products should contact you through Facebook messenger and chat with you about your listing.

It’s up to to you to convert the chat into sales. Typically, the marketplace section can give your enquiries from buyers.

There are chances fraudulent issues might happen. So, no matter whether you are selling or buying before proceed your order after conversion, you just need to verify properly about the buyer/seller whom you are going to place your orders.

Clearly, Facebook Marketplace acts as a medium to connect buyers and sellers. It’s your overall responsibility to act safely while proceeding to the further process.


Undoubtedly, Facebook Marketplace is the finest business model for sellers to list out items for sale. You would definitely get the high number of enquiries and most of the queries probably convert.

While listing products, ensure to offer your sales proposal clearly to your buyers and Sure, you will sell your products there with no commission need to pay to Facebook.

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