How to Start a Blog on WordPress in 2021 [+ Free BONUS Inside]

In this article, I will write down a step by step simple process to provide the answer for those who have a question on How to Start a Blog on WordPress in 2021.

Setting up a brand new blog now becomes a more easier and quicker task than ever.

With the availability of the most recommended content management system called WordPress, anyone can start a blog on WordPress in 2021 with one-click installation.

Thanks to WordPress and it’s Developers.

Yes, you can install WordPress on your blog with just a single click and no programming language skills required.

Are you excited to read further?

Then, let’s jump into the whole interesting yet easy process without further ado

What is WordPress? Why start a Blog on WordPress?

WordPress is usually called as a content management system which means you can manage all the activities that your blog requires.

The term content management system itself mentions that WordPress can act as a system or platform to manage all your blog contents through the WordPress admin dashboard.

Installing WordPress for your blog is very simple. Almost all the web hosting service providers have the one-click installer option in which you can get WordPress for your blog with just a click.

Why to Start a Blog on WordPress?

why WordPress Blog

You might be wondering, why I have chosen to write specifically about How to Start a Blog on WordPress in 2021, as there are few other best blogging sites to go for.

Three major reasons that WordPress outrank other platforms such as

  • Reliable
  • Fast
  • Secure

According to a report, 60% of the content management system built websites are running under the WordPress platform. That’s what WordPress is the bloggers first choice and I strongly recommend you to go with WordPress.

How to Start a WordPress Blog for Free?

Without spending a single dollar, it is possible to launch your WordPress blog in less than 10 minutes.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Start your Website
  3. Provide your Email address, choose username and password
  4. Click on Create your Account to get started
  5. You can also create your account using your already existing Google or Apple account
  6. That’s it. Your WordPress free account will be created with these simple steps.

After the initial process, you can start customising your free WordPress blog by adding your site title, adding descriptions, installing themes, plugins and other required stuff.

The username you choose while creating your account is your WordPress blog domain name. If you want, you can change the domain name later from your WordPress account.

You can create multiple wordpress sites from your free wordpress account.

Important Notes to Remember While Creating Free WordPress Blog

  • You cannot get your very own domain name. As your domain name will be created along with extension like
  • The control you get over your free WordPress blog is less when compared to paid services
  • Sometimes, WordPress shows some ads on your free blog

Most of the techies do not recommend WordPress free options because of few issues and limitations.

If you are serious about your blogging journey, I recommend you to go with paid hosting services as well with your own domain name.

start a blog

Choose your Niche Before Anything

Niche is a topic you choose to write for your whole blog. In blogging, there is a good rule for bloggers to blog only about what they are comfortable with. Instead, writing everything. 

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For example, if you are good at offering mobile reviews, you choose your Niche on this and write contents related to mobile phone reviews.

This way you can choose your Niche. Make sure that you have enough interest in your niche.

Niche selection process for your blog is the first and most important step you should take.

In fact, many beginners easily give up their blogging dream within just six months only because, lack of knowledge on niche selection processes.

Blogging is a long term process, you must be clear on what your blog is completely going to be about. So that you can understand your audience well and move accordingly.

Few things to consider while choosing your niche

  • You must be more familiar with your niche to write contents from your own experience than following others
  • Your niche should be very narrow and specific.
  • Must be low competitive and High profitable. To earn a decent income easily from your blog, choosing a low competitive yet profitable niche is a must.

A Good Domain Name Registration Process

Every website or blog needs an address to let the users access it over the internet. The address is nothing but your domain name.

To start a blog, you need a domain name. It’s just a simple registration process.

There are several domain name registration service providers out there like BigRock, Name Cheap and many more. But GoDaddy tops the list and it’s a most recommended one.

So, get into the GoDaddy website and register your account by providing your basic details. 

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There is a search option on top of the godaddy website where you can insert your domain name to check the availability.

If your preferred domain name is available, you can then easily register your domain name with them. 

According to your choice, you can select your extension whether .com, .in, .net etc…

Registering a .com domain approximately costs you around less than 10 USD for the first year. Prices may vary for different domain extensions.

You will get even more discounts, if you are registering your domain for the first 2 or more years.

Secret Tip:- 

While registering your domain name with GoDaddy, make sure to check with their agent using online ChatBox available on their website for extra discount. He may provide you with a coupon code which helps you save your money. This is applicable only for your first order.

Things to follow while registering your domain name

  1. Avoid using numbers on your domain name. That is not recommended.
  2. Choose a name easy to pronounce and catchy as well. It’s going to be your brand.
  3. Choose a name which is related to your blog niche.
  4. Do not choose lengthy domain names. Advisable to choose domain name characters 15 or lesser.

Purchase a Web Hosting Plan

Once your domain name registration process has completed, you need a good hosting plan to host your website.

By login into your hosting Cpanel account, you can access all activities for your domain from installing WordPress to writing blog posts and almost every other task.

Purchasing a web hosting plan is the most crucial part while starting your new blog. There are thousands of cheap web hosting service providers out there in the market. There are plans starting from 0.5 USD per month up to 100+ USD a year available to choose.

Choosing the best web hosting plan is a big challenge and also a little complicated task for beginners to choose the right hosting plan for their new blog. But leave your worries, I have an easy solution for you.

According to top expert bloggers recommendation and from my personal experience, here I suggest you three best hosting plan service providers which you can consider purchasing a plan from one among these three according to your budget.

SiteGround Web Hosting

Note to Remember: From June 18, 2020, SiteGround has revised their web hosting plan package in which it costs you around 6.99 USD/Month (previously 3.95 USD/Month) paid annually for their basic plan. If you are ok with the budget, go with SiteGround. But it’s too high and you can go for best SiteGround alternatives.

Trusted by the 2+ Million domain owners as stated on their website.

When you ask famous bloggers for hosting recommendations, 90 out of 100 without a second opinion will suggest you buy SiteGround hosting plan.

That’s the beauty of SiteGround. Actually, they deserve such recommendations because of their promising services.

As a beginner, you can initially go for the SiteGround Startup hosting plan if the budget is not a big matter, in which you have to pay just 6.99 $/month annually which approximately costs you around 84 USD per year. After their revised plan, that is quite a non-affordable plan for a newbie blogger.

With the SiteGround Startup Hosting plan, you can host a single website with 10 GB web space. Apart from this, they even have few other hosting plans and features according to plans.

If you have a budget of around 84 USD for the first year for your hosting plan, SiteGround Hosting is the one good option you should choose.

A2 Web Hosting

A2 Hosting becomes my must recommended choice after SiteGround has increased their plans with huge hike.

Another promising web hosting service provider which offers four different plans such as Startup, Drive, Turbo Boost and Turbo Max on shared hosting to host a new blog.

A2 Hosting StartUP shared hosting plan starts from 2.99 USD/month in which you will get to host a single blog with 100 GB storage. That is more than enough for your new blog. For the first year, you just need to pay them around 36 USD for your single blog hosting. You will get a free SSL certificate along with this plan.

When compared to SiteGround startup hosting plan, you can save upto 48 USD a year when you go for A2 Hosting startup plan. 

In addition, A2 hosting offers you to pay your hosting bills on monthly terms in which option you have to pay almost 3x higher on their startup plan. Yes, it costs you 8.99 USD each month. If your budget does not meet with 36 USD paying one time per year then go for their monthly plan. But I recommend you to pay yearly. That is quite a great option to save more dollars.

BlueHost Web Hosting

It’s official that Bluehost has been a recommended hosting service provider by WordPress.Org itself since 2005. I had a smooth and good personal experience with Bluehost as I hosted two of my projects with them for almost a year. I really enjoyed their customer service support. If any issues with your hosting, they are quick to solve it via their chat option.

Well, talking about Bluehost plans, they have shared hosting basic plans starting from 3.95 USD per month for a single domain with 50 GB storage as well as a free SSL certificate.

This is quite a tough go for beginners, as you have to get their 36 months plan if you want to afford a 3.95 USD / month plan. In total,you have to pay approximately around 142 USD for 3 years. As a beginner, to pay such a huge amount is a panic I believe.

You can still get Bluehost basic plan per year paying 5.95 USD / month which is around 72 USD per year. Compared to A2 hosting, Yes! Bluehost costs you more. But still, they have a huge customer base due to their good customer support and company reputation.

Now with the three topmost prominent web hosting service providers, you can choose according to your budget and requirements as well. If you are still low in the budget to afford anyone from above mentioned, you can even have some other providers who are ready to offer you a plan less than a dollar/month. You still can google it for the best cheapest web hosting services.

Installing a Good WordPress Theme

A theme for your WordPress website is mandatory to take complete care of your blog design. Yes, with the help of a theme, you can customise your blog design.

Soon after WordPress installation is done on your blog, as a next step you have to install a good and lightweight theme. There are thousands of WordPress themes available to install both free and paid themes. 

Premium WordPress themes starting approximately from 40 USD. Considering purchasing a premium theme is a good sign if you have enough budget. Few most recommended WordPress premium themes are GeneratePress, Astra and Ocean WP which come with fast, lightweight and handy premium features. A lightweight theme improves your blog speed. A blog with less loading time gets higher Google rankings.

No budget for premium themes means you still can start with free themes like GeneratePress available with both free and paid. You cannot use all the features on the free version. That’s not a big issue as you can afford a paid one after a few months if possible.

A theme installation process is an easy task, as you can do it directly from your WordPress dashboard with these simple processes that take less than a minute.

Must-Have Plugins for a New WordPress Blog

Plugins are the mandatory one for your blog that helps for different functionalities. There are thousands of both free and paid plugins available on the market. Each plugin comes with different functions. 

When you are done with the theme installation process, you have to install some WordPress plugins that are must to run your blog smoothly.

Again, plugins available in both free and paid options. Go with free plugins initially and then later buy whichever you want. Here are the lists


To Prevent Spam Comments, Anti-Spam plugin is a must install. It does handle the perfect job to secure your blog from spam commenters. Once you published a blog post, you used to get so many comments from spammers. They used to post spam comments just to get a backlink. Anti-Spam by Titan helps you find and blog spam comments.

Rank Math SEO Plugin

A plugin that you never miss. The one single plugin helps you sort out all mistakes you made on your blog that affects your search engine rankings. Most recommended and a must-have plugin.

Add This – A WordPress Share Buttons Plugin

You would have seen many other blogs and blog posts which have different social media share buttons on it. The purpose is to let your users share your content to their social media handles with the help of easy share buttons. To have social share buttons, you need the best social share plugin to be installed on your WordPress blog. To get more social media exposure on your blog, Add This plugin is a deal.

Contact Form 7

You might have seen most of the websites contact us page, they have a form like a pattern to input Name, Email and Message and a submit button to proceed. This kind of form can be made by Contact Form 7 plugins. You too will need this plugin to create several forms on your blog. So, install and make use of it.


A plugin to backup your WordPress blog data. There may be possibilities that you lose your website data due to hackings and other similar bad happenings. To save your hard work from such a deadly situation, you need a backup plugin like UpdraftPlus. You can take backups and store it on your Google Drive.

Probably, your web hosting service provider offers you free backup solutions on most of their plans. Make sure to check all features and choose one wise plan that gives best.

WP Super Cache

A plugin that helps your blog overall performance in terms of speed.  As I stated earlier, your website speed matters a lot to achieve higher rankings and to offer your readers a smooth experience. WP Super Cache is all you need to take care of such issues.

There is a paid plugin called WP Rocket which is used for the same purpose. But the paid one offers even more handy features which cost around 39 USD / year.

The plugin installation process is a simple task that you can do from your WordPress dashboard. Under the plugin option, there will be an Add New Plugin option in which you can search directly for a plugin by typing its name and you can install in just a single click.


Apart from these plugins, there are thousands of other plugins available to use for different functionalities. But it is advisable only to use a few plugins that make sense. Installation of too many plugins may increase your blog loading time. So, avoid using plugins as much as possible.

Create About Us, Privacy Policy, Contact Us Pages

People love to read good looking, informative and authorised blogs. To show your blog authorised and to create trust among your readers, you need all these pages. A blog or website without about and contact pages does not seem to be trusted to its visitors.

So, once the plugin installation work is done, start creating pages such as About Us, Contact and Privacy Policy. You can create any number of your page you want from your WordPress dashboard. Give it a title and add content over the pages and tap the publish option. Pages can be edited whenever you want. 

About Us Page – This is a page where you can write more and more about yourself and your blog. A neat and catchy about us page grabs your readers attention more than a regular blah blah kind of stuff about us pages.

Contact Us Page – Here on this page, you can write down your contact details such as Email id and other social media profile links. It helps your blog audiences to contact you if they have any queries or sponsored offers for you.

Privacy Page – You are the sole responsible for your mailing list subscribers and website visitors to keep their data safe. You should write about your blog privacy policies. If you are not sure about how to write, there are online generator tools to create privacy policy content, so you can make use of it

Apart from three pages, if you are using any affiliate links on your blog, then you must create an affiliate disclosure page. Again, you can simply create with the help of free generators.

Write your First Blog Post

After all the one time setup, this is where your regular blogging work starts from writing your first blog post. The first impression is always the best as believed by many, you should write your first blog post a memorable one.

An introduction blog post should be in-depth basics of what your blog niche is everything about. Otherwise, you can write an introduction post about yourself along with words on what makes you create your blog, why you choose your niche and similar kinds of posts. So, your visitors come to know the motto of your blog from the first visit itself.

This way you can start your first blog post. You can create blog posts straight from your WordPress dashboard under Add New post option. That’s an easy task.

You will be provided space to add your blog post title and content on the WordPress editor. With the help of Rank Math SEO plugin, you can easily make your blog post well optimised adding elements such as post-Meta Title, Meta Description, primary keywords and so on.

Bonus – Promote your Blog for Free

free blog promotion tips

After publishing your very first blog post, you have to frequently follow the two major tasks that are promoting your blog and writing quality blog posts on a regular interval.

Blog promotion is an art that includes several strategies that help to increase traffic to your new blog. That’s a damn huge topic which needs to be discussed separately for better learning. As a bonus, I will explain here basic ideas that you can follow initially to drive traffic to your new blog.

Find Other Bloggers on your Niche

You are not the one! There must be thousands of other bloggers who are already running their blog in the same niche which you just started. Don’t see them as your competitors as try to have a good relationship with them.

Share Other Bloggers work to Gain Trust

Once you get a good touch with fellow bloggers, make sure to share their blog posts on your social media profiles. This way you can maintain a smooth relationship with like-minded people. In return, they might also share your blog posts with their circle and your posts will get good reach though.

Use your Social Media Profiles Wisely

Social media traffic will definitely be a key during the initial stages of your blogging as organic traffic takes time. So, use your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter wisely to get traffic. Do not just throw your links here and there, add interesting contents along with your link while posting on your social media about your newly published posts.

Learn New Things Daily

No matter if you are a novice or expert, learning new stuff would definitely help you implement new strategies which might work for you. So, spend some quality time on a daily basis to read and learn new things as there are huge authentic sources to study. Search engine optimization topics will be your more and more focus, it will be helpful than anything for you as a beginner.

Join Blogging Related Facebook Groups 

Whatever niche you choose, you must be good at SEO to take your niche blog to next levels. There are many Facebook groups maintained by professional and experienced bloggers in which you can request to join and become a member there. Many bloggers share their knowledge and experiences with FB groups. Also, you can ask any doubts there to get answers from other members. Most of the FB groups offer promotional threads once in a week, where you can share your blog posts and get social media shares from other participants.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Start a  Blog on WordPress in 2021

Q1: How to Start a Blog on WordPress and Make Money?

A1: Adsense, affiliate marketing, offer sponsored posts and even more chances are available to make money from your blog. To make the most out of your WordPress blog in terms of making money, follow the above-mentioned notes to start a better WordPress blog first, focus high and high on getting traffic and automatically you start finding solutions to make money from your WordPress blog.

Q2: Is there any other blogging platform better than WordPress?

A2: There are many WordPress alternatives both a free and premium-like blogger, Squarespace, Weebly, Tumblr, Wix, Medium etc.. Every other blogging platforms has its own good and bad features. Till date, WordPress is better compared to its other alternatives. The answer is No.

Q3: How to Publish a Blog Post on WordPress?

A3: Log on to your WordPress dashboard, at the top left corner you will see +New, move your cursor where you can see the post option along with the page, media and user. Click on post, add your blog post title and contents below the title. You can use the default WordPress editor that offers several blocks for better formatting. Once finished adding contents and formatting, use the live preview option to check everything you have done is perfect, and at last click on the publish button to make your blog post live on the internet.

Also, with the Rank Math SEO plugin, you can add Meta titles, descriptions and other optimisation stuff to check whether your content ticks all the SEO boxes.


As I explained everything in-depth on How to Start a blog on WordPress in 2021, I hope almost every question about creating a new WordPress blog that you have on your mind now becomes clear and you will get a super boost and confidence to start it today itself. 

If you still have anything to get answered related to this topic, drop a comment and get your queries resolved instantly.

Share it on your social media profiles, someone from your circle may want to start a WordPress blog and this post might be useful for them.

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