The Ultimate Guide to Implement Coupon Popups in Woocommerce

As a store owner of the woocommerce based product selling websites, you should always be keen on your store conversions.

Offering Coupon Code through coupon popups in woocommerce to avail extra discounts to your visitors is a perfect idea to boost your woocommerce store conversion percentage.

You should be good at making your customer aware that you are running discount coupon code offers in your store. There is no use in running such coupon code promotions or even loyalty reward points programs if your visitors are not aware of it.

So, to easily create awareness about your coupon code offer, you can follow a promotional strategy called ‘Woocommerce Coupon Popups’ in your woocommerce store that never misses your customer’s attention.

woocommerce coupon popups sample

If you are serious about boosting your sales conversions whenever you provide coupon discounts to your visitors, trying implementing coupon popups in your woocommerce store is one fine method that has a high success ratio compared to other ways.

The implementation process of woocommerce coupon popups is very simple than you think as, in this ultimate guide, you will read how to implement coupon popups in your woocommerce web store with the help of two best woocommerce plugins Optinmonster and Advanced Coupons as well.

Before getting into the step-by-step ultimate yet quick guide to implement woocommerce coupon popups, here comes a few of the benefits of the same.

Benefits of Coupon Popups in Woocommerce

  • Coupon popups help you increase your email list as you can create popups saying sign up with your email to get a special discount.
  • It absolutely attracts new customers. When a new visitor browses your store and about to exit, if there are exit coupon popups in your store, then it might offer that new visitor to visit your store again at least to use the code and avail the discount.

While many websites with high reputation these day avoids popups advertisements as it makes users bore to look for, the discount coupon code based popups are still plays an important role in sales conversions ratio.

Let’s dig into the step by step guide:

How to Create Woocommerce Coupon Popups using Optinmonster Combined Advanced Coupons Plugin?

About Optinmonster:

Optinmonster is a powerful conversion optimization toolkit that is available in the form of a Plugin that you can install for FREE in your woocommerce store to avail great features such as lightbox, footer bar, slide-in forms, scroll boxes, gamified wheels, and many more.

According to Neil Patel’s review on OptinMonster Plugin, it does have the capacity to offer its users an ‘Instant 12% Lift in Driving Sales’.

Step 1 – Create a Woocommerce Coupon Code Using Advanced Coupons

You still can create coupon codes without the Advanced Coupons plugin as Woocommerce itself has a default coupon code creation feature. But to grab more features, the free Advanced Coupons Plugin is more than woocommerce basic coupon feature.

Right from your WordPress Dashboard, Click ‘Coupons’ and then Click ‘Add New’. A window will open the same as the image.

add new coupon using advanced coupons plugin

You have to input the ‘Coupon Code’ as your wish and description as well (optional field). Ensure the save the coupon code you input as the coupon code is what you need to add in your woocommerce coupon popups.

Scroll Down where you have to input the coupon data like the type of the discount as well a coupon discount percentage amount. In our case, we input coupon type as ‘Percentage Discount’ and Coupon Amount as ‘25’ as you can see in the image below.

coupon type and amount

Step 2 – Cart Conditions Set Up

There should be cart conditions for every discount coupon you create from your woocommerce store using Advanced Plugins. Cart condition setup process is easier and it is nothing but you have to declare what products or what specific category of products you offer the coupons to your buyers.

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To set up the restrictions in the cart conditions, head to ‘Usage Restrictions’ under the ‘Coupon Data’ tab from the Advanced Coupons Plugin. As shown in the image, you can set up the restrictions and choose the products or product categories that you wish to offer the coupon code.

cart conditions for specific products

Here come the actual cart conditions set up by means of rules, as displayed in the image, you can set up the ‘IF’ conditions according to your favor to let coupon codes you create in step 1 work perfectly at the front end.

cart conditions rules

In order to avail of the exclusive feature in the plugin, you have to upgrade Advanced Coupons free to the premium version as you can seamlessly do so by clicking this special link which gets you extra OFF on your purchase.

Step 3 – Create Woocommerce Popups Using Optinmonster Plugin

From your WordPress dashboard, Check for the OptinMonster Plugin, under the Popup tab, you will see Create New option to go further.

create woocommerce popup in optinmonster

There are plenty of ready-made popup templates available in the OptinMonster Plugin in which you can choose one as your choice.

As a free user, you will be getting limited templates only. To unlock the premium popup templates, you can go for the OptinMonster Premium Plugin Version.

As I am talking about woocommerce coupon popups, I chose a template in a coupon format as you can see in the image. Click preview to have a look at the template and click ‘Use Template’ if you want to use the same.

optinmonster coupon pop up templates

In default, this is how the pre made coupon template looks like when you click the ‘Use Template’

optinmonster premade woocommerce coupon popup templates

The next work is to design the template with available designing elements from Optinmonster Plugin. You can do a lot in the particular task as your choice of creativity which gains you attract more visitors.

Ensure to have an Email input field along with the submit button to collect emails from the popup.

After finishing all the designing works and if you are satisfied with the final copy, click the ‘Success’ button and stay in the same window without closing the editor as you need the same section to work on in step 4.

Step 4 – Set Up the Woocommerce Coupon Popups Display Conditions

In the Optin tab, you will find a section called ‘Display Settings’ click on it to set up the display conditions for the already created woocommerce coupons popup template.

optinmonster display settings

You can read out the display conditions carefully and input your settings accordingly. There are so many knowledge bases out there in which you can understand what kind of display conditions are performing well for woocommerce coupon popups.

Finally, ensure to save all the changes and hit the ‘Publish’ button. The coupon popup you published will start displayed to your visitors in your woocommerce store according to the conditions you set.

Wrapping it Up

Woocommerce Coupon Popups are actually the need of the hour for any woocommerce stores you own as it surely gains you new customers.

Also, implementing the coupon popups feature helps you boost your store sales conversions.

With the availability of the Freemium Plugins like OptinMonster and Advanced Coupons combined, you can seamlessly run an effective coupon popups campaign in your woocommerce stores which not only builds your email list but also skyrocket your store sales.

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