Why Only Running a Woocommerce Retail Store a Bad Idea?

To create a foremost online retail store to sell products, there will be no better and easy option than Woocommerce Plugin.

With the Woocommerce plugin, you can easily set up your online retail store for Free of Cost on your WordPress website without spending your energy on coding tasks.

Having said that, running a woocommerce retail store is actually a good idea. But, I would say running only a woocommerce store for selling products in a retail format is not a good idea.

Why not try to include wholesale along with your Woocommerce retail store?

include wholesale on your woocommerce retail store
With the help of very minimal plugins, you can sell wholesale in your retail store.

If you do so, I am sure you will definitely see some hike in your order numbers from your existing retail store within a few months.

In order to include a wholesale format on your store to gain more wholesale sales, the Woocommerce plugin only itself, not enough solution as it does not offer so much of the features that a wholesale woocommerce store needs such as:

Dynamic Pricing Settings
Advanced Coupons Setup Features exclusively for Wholesale Buyers
Hassle-Free Wholesale Ordering Process
Adding Multiple Wholesale Customer User Roles and many more to list out

So, here is the blog post in which I break down the importance of the four above mentioned features that every wholesale website needs which woocommerce does not offer by default.

Key Point to Remember

With the help of installing a few plugins on your existing woocommerce retail store, you can easily get the specific four major features that play a key role to add wholesale to your woocommerce store.

1. Why do you need the ‘Dynamic Pricing’ Option?

You may think, when Woocommerce allows its users to set and edit pricing anytime, Why should I even bother to opt for ‘Dynamic Pricing’?

If you are only just running a woocommerce retail store, then woocommerce default product price modifying option is more than enough. But, when you look to include wholesale, you need a dynamic pricing option.

With the dynamic pricing option, you can easily set custom wholesale prices for each item that do not disturb your retail buyers. As said above, to avail the feature, you need to install a plugin called ‘Woocommerce Wholesale Prices’.

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The plugin offers you a dynamic pricing option, the settings are damn simple to handle with the help of the plugin. There are different methods you can price the products dynamically to your wholesale buyers. The two common ways are category % based discount and global percentage-based discount. 

Apart dynamic pricing, you can avail many features from the plugin Woocommerce Wholesale Prices.

2. Offer Any Conditions of Discounts on your Store

I agree ! Woocommerce offers to create discount coupons by default. But, if you deeply look for their default options, it won’t benefit your wholesale website anyway.

So, again there is a plugin called ‘Advanced Coupons’ in which you can try to create any sorts of discount coupons a woocommerce wholesale website needs.

offer discount coupons for wholesale buyers
The Plugin available in both Free and Paid Version

You can create a user role for your wholesale buyers (as many customers as you want) and allow only those customers to avail special discounts when buying bulk in quantity. Also, you can fix the minimum order quantity or minimum order amount for the buyers to avail extra discounts using the Advanced Coupons woocommerce plugin.

Using the plugin does not anyway affect your retail buyers as even you can offer them coupon discounts separately which screws your retail buyers to shop more from your store. 

The plugin almost offers you to create coupons in eight different conditions as you can check on the plugin official page before downloading it.

3. Make your Wholesale Buyers Checkout Process Flawless

Offering products at best wholesale price on your website not only enough for surviving in the long run. As you have to focus more on providing your bulk buyers a flawless experience while checking out their orders from your wholesale website checkout page.

Do you Know? 90% of cart abandonment happens around online shopping websites because of not properly optimizing the checkout pages for buyers.

I believe you don’t wish your woocommerce wholesale website to be one among the 90%. Without taking this inconvenience as pressure to your brain, you can simply make your wholesale buyer’s checkout process seamless by installing a plugin called Wholesale Order Form. Rest is Success, for sure.

wholesale order form plugin to make wholesale customer orders seamless

A major feature that the plugin offers you that you can effortlessly list out your entire product catalogs on a single page. The option makes your bulk buyers feel more comfortable to have a look at all your products on one page rather than opening any other pages to browse different products.

4. Adding Multiple Wholesale Customer User Roles

To get this feature, you don’t need to obtain any other plugin as I already talked about the plugin in this blog post itself.

As said above, apart from dynamic pricing features the plugin ‘Woocommerce Wholesale Prices’ offers its premium users to automatically create wholesale customer user roles.

add multiple user roles using woocommerce wholesale prices plugin

With the plugin, you can offer user roles yourself to your bulk buyers according to their level of purchase. According to user roles, you can set up different prices and minimum order quantity.

Also, with the plugin, you can separate products as you can hide ‘Retail Only’ products from Wholesalers and hide ‘Wholesale Products’ from retailers as well to avoid price confusion issues.


To earn thousands of dollars every month from your wholesale store, you should not hesitate to invest around 100 to 150 USD annually to avail all the features  through the plugins mentioned above.

Luckily, when you prefer to buy all the plugins at once, you will have an option to buy in bundle format which gives you all the three plugins in a single purchase and saves you more money.

You do not need to look for different providers to buy all the above-said plugins, as you can get all the plugins from a single provider called Wholesale Suite, an Australia based company that offers well-developed plugins that any wholesale woocommerce website needs. 

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