How to Install WordPress in Hostinger [2021 Version With ScreenShots]

If you are a Hostinger customer or about to start your new blog in 2021 with a Hostinger web hosting plan and want to know how to install WordPress in Hostinger, the post is crafted for you.

Although installing WordPress from any hosting account is really a simple process. But for beginners, it seems like a tougher and time taking process.

Unlike many hosting providers, Hostinger offers a unique panel dashboard called hPanel. 

If you have already tried some hosting providers, you may have noticed they used to offer Cpanel and Softaculous Installer to install WordPress.

The case is different and simple with Hostinger as I said, you will get a hPanel dashboard when you log in to your Hostinger hosting account. Once you start using Hostinger hPanel, you will never look back for Hostinger alternatives. 

Hostinger not only offers affordable web hosting plans but also provides a clean user interface (UI) to the customers.

The Hpanel dashboard looks very simple and easy to understand interface. Even if you have zero knowledge of web hosting terms, you still understand the Hpanel dashboard.

The whole WordPress installation on the Hostinger process takes less than two minutes if you follow the step-by-step guides in a proper way.

Before entering into the WordPress installation on the Hostinger process, here are five valuable points Why WordPress is better than similar other platforms.

5 Reasons Why WordPress is Best Over Other Similar Platforms

1. Firstly, WordPress is an Open Source Content Management System. WordPress is an absolutely free platform. So, you do not need to spend money to install the WordPress CMS in your blogs and websites.

2. Security is the key to any blog owner to prevent blogs from Hackers. WordPress itself offers secured features to protect your blogs.

3. WordPress lets you free from stressful coding tasks. If you are afraid of coding tasks, WordPress is the solution in which you can develop your websites with zero coding knowledge.

4. Plugins are blessings. WordPress does support 50,000+ plugins. With the help of Plugins, you can add any kind of functionalities you want to your blogs.

5. Options in the WordPress dashboard are too easy to understand. No matter if you are just starting out, without learning anything, you can start your WordPress blogs.

You may now understand the power of WordPress. With the same energy, let us now jump into the process of installing WordPress in Hostinger.

How to Install WordPress in Hostinger Hosting (Step by Step Guide)

If you are already a Hostinger Customer and ready to install WordPress with your already bought Hostinger Hosting plans, do not bother about the first four steps and I want you to head over directly to Step 5 which explains the straight away process to Install WordPress in Hostinger.

If you are totally new to Hostinger, the whole process is for you as it explains the process from buying Hostinger Hosting Plans to Launch your WordPress blog on a Hostinger hosting account.

Step 1 – Head to Hostinger Home Page

Here is the Link to the Hostinger home page. Once you are landed on the homepage, you may see their homepage header with exclusive sale offer posters. 

The posters may change time to time according to the offers they provide during the particular time you visit.

Step 2 – Click on Start Now Button to Choose your Hostinger Web Hosting Plan

You will see a ‘Start Now’ button in the hostinger homepage. Click on it will take you to see Hostinger Pricing and Plans, you will have two main hosting options to choose from. One is best web hosting and another one is WordPress Hosting.

Best Web Hosting is nothing but shared hosting plans. That is what most people go for as it is affordable yet powerful for beginners and intermediates as well. I am using the Hostinger shared premium web hosting plan for my blogs.

Step 3 – Choose your Hostinger Web Hosting Plan

The third step is that you have to choose your Hostinger web hosting plan. If you want to host just a website, Single Shared web hosting plan is more than enough for you which costs only 79 INR/month. Otherwise go for a shared premium web hosting plan which is the best value pack.

hostinger shared web hosting plans

You can check the features of all the shared web hosting plans on Hostinger website itself and choose accordingly. 

The plan cost will change depending on the billing period you choose. Always, prefer to choose a higher billing period which is 48 months in which you can get a maximum discount compared to other billing periods.

Step 4 – Choose your Billing Period and Finalize your Hosting Plan Order

At step four, you have to choose your billing period. You will have four billing period options to choose from for all the shared hosting plans. Monthly, Yearly, 2 Years and 4 Years billing period as well. 

As shown in the image, I have chosen a 48 months billing period for single shared web hosting which costs me only around 3792 INR. You can save a huge amount when you go for a 48 months billing period. That’s why the billing period is highly advisable.

You will get a free SSL Certificate on all your Hostinger shared hosting plans.

hostinger single web hosting price

Once you finalize the billing period of the web hosting plan you choose, the next step is to complete the payment process. While checking out, you must create your Hostinger account by providing your basic details.

The checkout process is very simple as Hostinger offers countrywide payment gateways as well as international payment gateway like Paypal.

Choose the payment gateway as per your convenience, complete the payment process and get the best Hostinger shared hosting plan on your hands. You are now ready to host your websites and blogs with Hostinger.

Step 5 – Installing WordPress on Your Newly Bought Hostinger Account

Log in to your Hostinger account using the Email and password credentials which you have used during the signup process.

This is how your Hostinger account login page looks like, you can even use your Gmail or Facebook to log in if you use the same Email for Hostinger account creation.

hostinger account login panel

Once you are logged into your Hostinger Account, this is what you see. Your primary domain name will be shown there with the ‘Manage Button’. Click on it to proceed further.

hostinger account main page

You will be straight away taken to your Hostinger account, a unique yet user-friendly hPanel where you can install WordPress on Hostinger.

By scrolling a little down, there is a website section where you can see the ‘Auto Installer’ tab.

hostinger auto installer

Once you are clicked Hostinger Auto Installer, you will be taken to the page where you can choose WordPress to install on your blog. As shown in the image, I have already installed WordPress on two of my blogs.

Below that, you will find WordPress, WordPress + Woocommerce, Joomla and Others (a few other platforms).

select wordpress from hostinger

Select WordPress – If you want only WordPress to install in your Hostinger hosting account blog.

Select Woocommerce + WordPress – If you want to install WordPress along with Woocommerce.

As you may or may not know, Woocommerce is a Plugin in which you can turn your normal blog or websites into Ecommerce stores.

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As our main subject here is to Install WordPress on Hostinger, so Select WordPress.

In the next step, a WordPress installation form will open. You just have to fill up the simple details such as username, password, email, language, and website title (later you can change) as well. Input the simple details and click Install.

That’s it and to confirm whether the WordPress has been installed properly on your blog, ensure to check out under Auto Installer Installed applications section.

As you refer to the image above, you may see two WordPress applications installed on my two blogs. Likewise, you confirm on your dashboard.

You are done with the WordPress installation process on your Hostinger hosted blog.

Step 6 – How to Log In to your WordPress Dashboard from Hostinger hPanel

This is the one final step in which you have to log in to your WordPress dashboard from your Hostinger hPanel to work on your newly launched WordPress blog.

Once you logged in to your Hostinger account, you have to click the ‘Manage’ button which is near your domain name. You will be taken to the page where you can see all your hosting account details such as domain, usage, etc.

On top of the page, you will see it starts with WordPress section, Click on ‘dashboard’

click on WordPress under dashboard

You will be taken to the page where you can see all the details that have been enabled on your blog such as CloudFare, SSL, etc. On your right-hand side, you will see an option called ‘Edit Website’ click on it and let it take you to your WordPress dashboard in no time.

click edit website to head WordPress dashboard

WordPress dashboard is the place where you can customize all the blog works you want starting from uploading new plugins, themes to publish your blog posts.

You are done with the process of installing WordPress on Hositnger. Way to Go.

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Over to You

I hope that your curiosity towards installing WordPress on Hostinger becomes alright now as you can easily install WordPress on Hostinger and launch your blog in just a few steps.

Installing WordPress on Hostinger does not mean you are done as it is the very first step to launch your blog. To survive in the long run and to make the Investment you spend on your Hostinger web hosting plan a worthy one, you should work consistently on your blog to reach the goal.

Hostinger hPanel offers you too much stuff to explore as you can have a look at the dashboard and check one by one to understand the power of all features.

Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of the links and buy an item, we may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). All opinions are unbiased and we never accept any payments just to write positive feedback.

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  1. Hi Yasar,

    I was looking for this kind of article and then I saw your post on fb and landed hear. Just want to say, Awesome Post! and the step by step guide is easy to understand and through it I can say, Every beginners can use it easily. Well, I am thinking to downgrade my hosting to Hostinger because I won’t be doing blogging much. What’s your opiniion?

    Digital Pravakar!

    • I suggest you go for Hostinger without second choice as it is affordable, user-friendly, and offers many features that you need for your blogs.


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