Loyalty Program for Woocommerce Plugin – A Brand New Addition

A great news ahead for those who are looking for a well established woocommerce plugin to run loyalty programs on their woocommerce stores.

Advanced Coupons, one of the well-known and popular names in the woocommerce plugin sector, recently announced its new plugin launch. You heard it right.

Loyalty Program for Woocommerce Plugin, in which woocommerce store owners can easily offer rewards programs to the customers.

According to sources, a woocommerce store that integrates with loyalty programs gets a higher amount of sales than a store with no loyalty reward programs.

With the help of the Loyalty Program for Woocommerce Plugin by the Advanced Coupons team, now it becomes even easier for woocommerce store owners to reward their beloved customers in the best possible ways.

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Loyalty Program for Woocommerce Plugin – A Quick Definition

There may be too many woocommerce plugins available in the market to create loyalty programs. But the question is, Do the plugins actually offer fully functional reward points programs? Maybe or No, I would say. 

Unlike other plugins, the Loyalty Program for Woocommerce Plugin by Advanced Coupons offers all features that a proper loyalty plugin needs.

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Offering loyalty programs in your woocommerce store is one finest ways to get repeat customers. The functionality is as simple as that, you will reward points to your customers whenever they order some products from your store, with the points your loyal customers earned, they can redeem what you offer for the points.

You may have already experienced and been a part of some loyalty reward programs in your life for sure such as when you buy things at supermarkets, coffee shops, etc… you will be rewarded with the points for your bill amount, and later you can redeem the points.

The same concept here, but you’re doing  it online with the help of Loyalty Program for Woocommerce Plugins to your buyers.

5 Basic Functionalities on How The Loyalty Program for Woocommerce Works

Before launching your first reward program in your woocommerce store, you should understand the basic functionalities of how it works actually.

  1. You have to set the value of a point your customers earn from your store.
  2. Whenever your buyer makes orders in your store, he/she earns points accordingly.
  3. Your buyer can redeem their earned points when he/she purchases from your store. 
  4. You can set how many points are required for your buyers to redeem or avail discounts.
  5. Once your customer reaches enough points as you set, they can avail the special offers from your reward program.

For your customers and store visitors, earning points from your reward program should not only be limited to placing orders, but you can offer them points when they drop comments on your blog posts, share your products on social media sites, refer their friends to your store, etc…

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With the plugin Loyalty Program for Woocommerce, it’s easy to reward your best loyal customers in the best ways.

Check Points Status and Your Customer Earnings

There is a user-friendly admin dashboard in the Loyalty Program for Woocommerce plugin where you are able to monitor the active points.

loyalty progam for woocommerce plugin dashboard

You can easily gather all the details about the point’s status from the admin dashboard. As shown in the image, it will show all your points such as total points (all time), unclaimed points, deducted points, claimed points, expired points with their equal value.

Apart, there is a sources section in the dashboard, where you can go through the sources of the points actually came from like commenting on a blog post, leaving a product review, etc…You can also see your customer points earnings as it will list out your top earning customers with their respective points they earned from your rewards program.

Check Your Customers Earning Actions

In the plugin loyalty program for woocommerce, you will be granted access to go through all your customers’ earnings actions. 

On the Plugin, there is a ‘Customer’ section where you can search your buyers using either their name or email and monitor all the earning actions and redemptions made by your customer from the loyalty points reward program.

You can also have a look at the particular customer points earned history by date and time along with the name of the activities that your customers earned points. The section is called ‘Customer Controls’ where you can control your customer points.

loyalty programs customer controls

Repeat purchases are a big deal for online stores that many store owners have failed. When you offer reward points for your buyers activities in your store, repeat purchases are highly possible and this way, you can boost your store revenue.


The Loyalty Program from Woocommerce plugin is undoubtedly a way to go for any woocommerce store owners to increase their sales.

With around 20+ superior features integrated in the plugin, I would say, If you are seriously boosting your store revenue, the plugin is for you.

The limited-time Special 50% OFF is currently going on the developer’s website, you can grab the plugin with a single site license or with unlimited sites licenses according to your need.

Loyalty Program for Woocommerce plugin is a sure shot way to skyrocket your woocommerce store sales.

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