Learn How to Offer Quantity Based Pricing for Your Wholesale Customers

This post intends to write an excellent solution for the woocommerce wholesale store owners looking to offer a quantity based pricing system for their bulk buyers. Wholesale business is all about selling quantity in bulk, and that’s why you should provide special prices to your wholesale customers.

It’s common in any wholesale business to offer a price depending on the quantity of the buyer’s order. If you are running a woocommerce wholesale store, you cannot provide the same price for those who buy only 50 units and those who willing to order you 500 units. Obviously, as a good factor, you can differentiate the price for wholesale customers depending on the number of units they want to order.

The way you differentiate pricing depending on the quantity makes your wholesale buyers think to buy more in quantity in order to get the product at extra discounts. On the other hand, quantity based pricing benefits those who are scared about buying more quantities as you can even separate the price range for those who need to order in the lesser units.

Everything is good, but the question is, How can one implement the quantity based pricing method in woocommerce stores? No worries, as said in the beginning, the post offers a solution which is about a most popular plugin called Woocommerce Wholesale Prices plugin in which you can set the quantity based pricing that never hassles you and your wholesale customers.

Look what Casey Winterblower – Owner at Nimbll has to say about this plugin.

casey winterblower testimonial

In simple words, the Plugin Woocommerce Wholesale Prices offers your wholesale customers to see the price range according to different quantity slabs.

To get an even clearer view about what the plugin can benefit you, refer to the image here.

samples quantity based pricing plugin benefits

As per the T-Shirt product image, the regular wholesale price of the T-Shirt is USD 17.10. But, look at below the price, which shows the quantity based pricing range for different units. When your buyer orders around 400 units, they can save around USD 3.60 per unit, and this is a considerable saving, and this way, you increase your sales in terms of units.

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Coming back, to display your products in quantity based pricing on your woocommerce store, you need the Woocommerce Wholesale Prices plugin. According to your choice, you can quickly fix the quantity and price range.

Install and Activate Woocommerce Wholesale Prices Plugin

Before getting started, you need to get the plugin installed and activated on your woocommerce store. You can get the plugin on the Wholesale Suite Plugin official website. Or click the button below and it will take you directly to the plugin page.

There is a lifetime deal offer going on the Wholesale Suite Plugin official website in which you can grab it with a special 50% OFF when you buy using the above button link. Luckily the plugin is available to download and install even in the FREE version with limited features. You can download the Wholesale Wholesale Prices plugin for free of cost here.

Once you are done with the download, installation, and activation process, you can easily implement a quantity based pricing option on your woocommerce store in just four simple steps.

Step 1 – Know How to Set Quantity Based Prices from your Woocommerce Dashboard

Note: We added reference images for every step, so make sure to look at the pictures carefully to understand the steps better.

Click on the Settings section on your Left Menu under the Woocommerce section, and then Click Wholesale Prices and Discounts. Refer to the image, the options you need to click have mentioned the Yellow box.

navigate to quantity based general discounts settings section

By scrolling a little down, you will see a section called ‘General Quantity Based Discounts.’ You can define the wholesale customer role as well as the starting and ending quantity and percentage of the discount you wish to offer. This is the first range of starting and ending quantities that will be visible on your product page.

set up starting and ending quantity

Once you input the value, click on ‘Add Mapping’ to let the quantity based pricing reflect in your store product. To add more starting and ending quantities, repeat the process with different quantity inputs, fix percentage discounts, and click the ‘Add Mapping’ button each time.

discount quantity ranges

Refer to the image above; this is how it looks every time you set up new quantity ranges. To make changes in the discount percentage and quantity ranges, You can easily edit from this section. Or even you can delete the particular range if you want.

Step 2 – Enable Quantity Based Pricing Discounts for Individual Products

Moving forward to step number two, you need to decide whether you want the quantity based prices only for individual product orders or the entire cart items.

apply discounts based on individual products

There is an option ‘Apply Discounts Based on Individual Product Quantities,’ by enabling the option, your buyer needs to order 100 or more units in the same product to get the extra discount. When you disable the option, your buyer will get a discount percentage as per your setting, when they order 100+ units of any products combined on your woocommerce store.

It’s totally up to you to decide whether the quantity based prices to the entire cart units or individual products. ‘Check’ or ‘Uncheck’ the option accordingly.

Step 3 – Ensure to Check the Box ‘Enable General Quantity Based Discounts’

The step is a vital setting option you need to be aware of while setting up quantity based pricing. Refer to the image below; you could see an option ‘Enable General Quantity Based Discounts.’ Make sure to tick the box and click ‘Save Changes’ to show the quantity based pricing on your products.

enable general quantity based discounts

Forgetting to tick the box does not display the quantity based pricing on your woocommerce store products. Look at the product image that shows quantity based pricing. It won’t display if you failed to tick the ‘Enable General Quantity Based Discounts.’

t-shirt product with quantity based pricing discount

You can even hide the wholesale pricing for any products you want by navigating to the appropriate setting sections from your woocommerce dashboard.

Step 4 – You can Set up a Specific Product Based Prices to Users, Products and Even Categories

Step 4 is quite an awesome feature in the plugin that any wholesale woocommerce store owners might badly need. Luckily, you can override the percent of the discount and starting and ending quantity for specific users, products, and specific product categories.

You may not want to offer the same discount for all the users and products, so you can use the overrides settings to differentiate the quantity based pricing.

How to Set Up User Specific Quantity Based Prices

To handle the setting, look for the specific user account from your WordPress dashboard under the ‘Users’ section. Click ‘Account Settings.’ You will see an option labeled ‘Override Wholesale General Discount’ with the default option ‘No.’ Refer to the image.

override general wholesale discount for specific user

Change the option ‘No’ to ‘Yes.’ A ‘Percentage Discount (%)’ field appears, input the discount percentage number there in the field as you want to offer the discount for the specific user. Ensure to choose ‘Define Alternate Quantity Based Discounts for This User’ from the dropdown under the option Override General Quantity Based Discounts.

override wholesale general discount settings for users

Next, define whether you want to offer a discount on a particular product basis or whole cart quantity basis. We discussed this step earlier and then click ‘Save Changes’ to let your settings reflect the specific user.

How to Set Up Product Specific Quantity Based Prices

As said above, like offering quantity based pricing for specific users, you can set quantity based pricing for particular products.

You should navigate to the particular product page by clicking edit products straight from your Woocommerce all products page to handle the settings. On the page, you will see an option ’Product Quantity Based Wholesale Pricing’ and then tick the checkbox labeled ‘Enable further wholesale pricing discounts based on quantity purchased?’.

quantity based pricing for specific product

You must input in the field to specify the quantity range and discount percentage for the particular product you are editing.

specify quantity range for particular product

Once you are filled up, ensure to hit the ‘Add Quantity Discount Rule’ button to make the changes. This way, you can specify quantity based pricing for particular products. The feature only works if you already configure the wholesale price on your products. To read how to configure the wholesale prices on products, check this link.

How to Set Up Category Specific Quantity Based Prices

Another cool option that you can set quantity based wholesale pricing for products only from a particular category. Click on Products and Categories and the ‘edit category.’ As shown in the image, you will see the ‘Quantity Based Wholesale %’ option.

category specific quantity based prices

Just check the box under ‘Enable further wholesale pricing discounts based on quantity purchased?’ Enabling this option appears fields to input starting and ending quantities along with wholesale discount %. Input the fields accordingly with the numbers as per your choice. 

quantity based wholesale percent as step 1

Repeat the process as done in step one, if you want to define more start and end quantity ranges for the specific category products. While working on this setting, you should keep in mind about the concept category-specific percentage-based discount.

You should know these four steps to avail of the maximum advantages from the Woocommerce Wholesale Prices Premium Plugin.


The Woocommerce Wholesale Prices plugin recently achieved the milestone that crosses 20,000+ active installs as the plugin indeed a must-have addition to your Woocommerce store plugins list to see some hike in your sales.

Like any other Wholesale Suite Premium Plugin, the Woocommerce Wholesale Prices Premium Plugin also does not demand any user coding knowledge as all the settings are simple to implement. 

You can contact the developer’s team for any support you need related to the plugin. I wish you to try it and make more use of it.

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