Rocket.Net Review 2022 – The Best in Class WordPress Hosting Provider

Rocket.Net Review 2022

Unbiased Review from my Own Experience

Ease of Use

Why Rocket Hosting?

A top-notch WordPress managed web hosting service provider Rocket.Net, I recently tested and immediately wanted to share my Rocket.Net review with you all my readers to let you know the unbelievable features and performances offered by the company.


Not all blogs and websites succeed. The reason, the owner may not spend his/her time on finding the best web hosting service provider. They used to purchase hosting accounts just for the sake of hosting their websites.

It does not work out. 

If you are really bothered about your website performance, you must look for a better web hosting company. I found Rocket.Net as a perfect web hosting provider for everyone out there.

Through this blog post, I came up with an unbiased review post from my own experience. 

In the Rocket.Net review 2022 post, you can explore the attractive pricing plans followed by the company quick glimpse, top-notch features I loved the most, the company customer support as well as advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s get started.

Rocket.Net Review 2022 – A Quick Glimpse about the Company

Rocket.Net homepage

Rocket.Net is the only company in the history of the web hosting field that tops the best companies list in a very short period since founded. The company started in 2020 and within a quick time, the company gets recommended by many experts.

The major reason behind the success is that Rocket.Net is the world’s first managed WordPress hosting platform that is fully integrated with Cloudflare enterprise.

If you would like to go with a WordPress content management system for your blogs, eCommerce stores, or business websites and looking for an out of the box service provider, Rocket.Net is an exclusive yet power-packed managed WordPress hosting service that is what you all require to skyrocket your blog performance in a quick time.

No matter which part of the world you are living in and want to host your WordPress blogs, Rocket.Net already claims to have 200+ data centers across the world to serve almost everyone in every corner of the world.

While many reputed companies even just have around 10 or a few more data centers, the 200+ number is a great sign for the company.

The company is a dedicated secure and super fast WordPress managed hosting service provider, it is better to look for some other providers if your requirement is not WordPress hosting. Remember, Rocket.Net is an exclusive WordPress managed hosting provider and their sole aim is to globally deliver better WordPress websites as much as possible.

Rocket.Net Review – Best-in-Class Features Offered by the Provider

Let’s have a detailed look at the top-notch quality features that are currently offered by Rocket.Net.

1. WordPress Migrations at an Absolute Free of Cost

Are you already hosting your WordPress blog or websites with another provider? Do you want to switch your service to Rocket.Net? If so, you never need to bother about the migration kind of tasks as Rocket.Net technical expert team would do the WordPress migrations work for you free of cost.

free wordpress website migrations

Not just for 1 site, you can migrate your unlimited number of WordPress blogs to Rocket.Net without any hassle and charges. Just sign up for a account using this special link and request your migrations there. The rest of the process will be taken care of by the team.

2. Fastest WordPress Hosting Solution

Not just fast, Rocket.Net is the fastest WordPress hosting solution provider I ever came across. 

In order to improvise your blog speed, you need to purchase some costliest caching plugins. But, when you opt-in for Rocket.Net WordPress managed hosting services, just forget about the higher prices plugins as the web hosting company servers are pre-configured and it does provide you the experience of lightning-fast WordPress websites.

Refer to the image which is taken directly from the Rocket.Net website that shows how fast their servers are performing when checking with different tools.

lightning fast browser experience uses enterprise-level optimizations which is an ideal option for any managed WordPress hosting providers out there to let the company itself help improvise their customer’s SEO scores. The optimization is one of the cool features here.

3. User Friendly Interface for Easily Managing your WordPress Blogs

You will be provided with a very powerful yet friendly control panel dashboard to manage your WordPress blogs with ease. You can take full control over your WordPress blogs hosted with Rocket.Net.

When you are getting a user-friendly control panel dashboard from your hosting providers, luckily you never need to bother about spending time managing your sites. Instead, you can focus on the development of your websites like creating different content, building quality links, SEO boost process, etc…

4. Expert 24/7 Live Support Available with Rocket.Net

I may give 200 out of 100 for the Rocket.Net customer support team. They are just exceptional. I came to know that most of the people from the customer support team have already gained 17 years of experience in the field of WordPress and Web Hosting. What else do you need?

Whatever the issues or queries you want to clear, you will use the Live Chat box integrated with the website to get your problems solved instantly.

The company average chat response time is just 47 seconds which means, you will get replies to your queries in less than 47 seconds.

5. Partnered with Enterprise Cloudflare Network

Rocket.Net managed WordPress hosting solution is partnered with enterprise Cloudflare network to offer the speed optimization solution for the users along with their web hosting plans at no extra cost.

Not just the Free Tier or PRO plan CDN which you can afford easily yourself, but the enterprise CDN solution you will get with Rocket.Net plans which alone itself value $6000.

You need not bother with the configuration process of all the CDN related stuff. All you have to do is, get your Rocket.Net hosting account today, and the rest of all the processes including setting up, WordPress installation, SSL, CDN, etc.. will be done by the Rocket.Net experienced team.

6. Solid Resources to Understand the Services Well

On their websites, they do offer an exclusive section called ‘Resources’ in which you can gain a good knowledge about how Rocket.Net offers such unbelievable features. It is better and advisable to understand your web hosting provider. And do, you will be provided with a knowledge base and case studies as well.

Also, you can find the company blog on their website to read many informative blog posts about their services, achievements as well as posts that gain you more knowledge in the WordPress field.

7. Automatic WordPress CMS, Themes and Plugins Updates

Maintaining WordPress and its themes and plugins with up-to-date updates is quite a challenging task as many of us usually do it manually and sometimes we may forget to update manually. Updating this stuff on time helps you benefit from the new features.

With Rocket.Net you will never miss a single WordPress update again. As the company makes sure to keep your WordPress CMS core, plugins, and themes up to date with an easy automatics update process.

Whenever the new update gets released by the plugins, themes, or WordPress core, your site gets updated to the latest versions instantly.

8. Always-on WordPress Website Firewall for Higher Security

The company has been pre-configured with so many security aspects to protect the WordPress sites hosted on their servers as much as possible. One of the highly secured aspects of a web application firewall (WAF) is in always-on mode and ensures your WordPress site security from hackers and bots.

The image below simply explains how the security works and how it protects your WordPress sites from attackers, hackers and malware viruses.

how WAF works with Rocket.Net

There is no need to worry about your WordPress blog’s security as Rocket.Net will handle it and you can leave the worries and focus on other development aspects.

A unique feature in the firewall security aspect is ‘Comment Spam’ as the aspect easily finds the spam comments and blocks 90% of those bots and users from dropping comments. With other hosting providers, you need to install plugins to block spam comments.

Who Gets Benefit with Rocket.Net WordPress Managed Hosting Solutions?

No matter if you are running an agency or an individual who is looking for well-established and reliable WordPress managed hosting services, Rocket.Net WordPress hosting solution is built for WordPress websites of all sizes.

1. Managed WordPress Hosting for Agencies

If you are owning an agency related to fields such as web development and designing using a WordPress blogging platform, you may need to partner with the best WordPress managed web hosting service provider to host all your client websites. In that case, you can try Rocket.Net as the company works to deliver the best performance and quality security while you as an agency focus on other success strategies.

2. Fast Woocommerce Hosting for Online Stores

Do you want to kick start your online store with WordPress and woocommerce platforms combined? Are you looking for a better woocommerce hosting solution? Again, Rocket.Net fastest woocommerce hosting package is what you need.

The company offers an already optimized store with all security measures enabled exclusively for those who want to start online stores with the woocommerce platform.

3. WordPress Reseller Hosting Solution to Make Extra Income

Reseller web hosting is the concept where you get hosting in bulk from the providers and resell it to your buyers with extra margins. With a reseller hosting business, many people make a decent amount of extra income.

When you are opt-in for WordPress reseller hosting with Rocket.Net, you can sell to the people the exact same services that Rocket.Net sells. You will get a perfect white label reseller hosting service which means you can resell to your customers with your agency name enabled on it. Your buyers do not know that you resell from Rocket.Net

Rocket.Net Unbiased Review 2022 – Rocket Pricing and Plans

Before reviewing the Rocket pricing and plans, if you are satisfied with the Rocket.Net features and want to immediately get their managed hosting services, check out this special link to avail of 2 free months of usage with your annual plan.

Unlike many other providers, Rocket.Net only provides managed WordPress hosting solutions with four different pricing plans. The plan names are starter, pro, business, and enterprise.

The rocket price range starts from 25 USD per month and up to $166 per month for the highest plan when billed annually. Refer to the image below to see the plans and pricing.

rocket pricing

There are three major criteria that get changed from plan to plan such as the number of WordPress installs (sites you can host), disk space as well as visits per month.

  • Starter Plan: The basic Rocket.Net starter plan costs you 25 USD per month when billed annually. The starter plan is an ideal choice for individual beginners, those who are just getting started on their blogging journey or those who want to create online stores.
  • Pro Plan: Rocket.Net one of the highest selling and most popular plans ‘Pro Plan’ costs just $50 per month when you choose an annual billing commitment. A great option for those who want to host up to 3 WordPress sites.
  • Business Plan: The plan costs $83 per month billed yearly in which you can avail the benefit of hosting 10 WordPress websites with the disk space of a massive 20 GB storage.
  • Enterprise Plan: Highest plan in the listing, the Rocket.Net Enterprise Plan costs you 166 USD per month billed on yearly basis. You can get to use up to 25 WordPress websites which is a healthy option for those who run agencies and small businesses.

All the above-said rocket pricing plans come with two billing agreements either you can pay monthly or annually. I would recommend you to choose an annual billing commitment as you can save hundreds of dollars as well you can get 2 months free. If you are budget constrained, then go for monthly plans and switch to yearly plans whenever you feel possible.

Every plan comes with Free SSL, CDN, and WAF as well. If you want to host more than 25 WordPress blogs, then you can contact them for special pricing.

Here is the detailed table of Rocket.Net plans yearly and monthly pricing along with the features you will get.

Name of the Plan

WordPress Sites

Disk Space

Price Per Month



10 GB




20 GB




40 GB




50 GB


Rocket.Net Performance with Google Page Speed Insights

Google page speed insight tool is the best way to find the performance of the hosting provider as many experts used to do so when they are reviewing a web hosting company. 

In such a way, to add the performance test section in this Rocket.Net review post, I have tested one of my websites hosted with Rocket.Net, I wondered with the performance test results.

Are you eager to see the results? Below are the images I took as a screenshot when testing one of my websites. For an obvious reason, I blurred the link to the website I tested.

Here is the image for the performance test for mobile results review google page speed test mobile

And, Here is the image for the performance test for desktop results review google page speed test desktop

Also, I have keen to have a look at the metrics generated with the Google Page Speed insight tool, and here comes the results

google page speed metrics on desktop

The results are just amazing and I wondered a lot about the pricing offered by Rocket.Net as low as $25 a month.

Rocket.Net Pros and Cons

Here comes the list of pros and cons of Rocket.Net I founded when I tested their services. As I said, I wondered about every aspect offered by the company and I found only one thing that is also a very minimal one as a company disadvantage. 

When it comes to listing out the Rocket.Net pros, I can write down 10+ cons as I did not see such a huge pro list in any web hosting company.


  • Offers only managed WordPress hosting solution
  • Simple user interface with single dashboard to manage your websites
  • 99.99% guaranteed uptime
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free CDN on all plans
  • Web application firewall (Waf) for the maximum security
  • 20+ server locations globally
  • 30 Days hassle free money back guarantee
  • Free unlimited WordPress website migrations
  • Automatic daily backups and on-demand backups
  • 24*7 Live chat support
  • 24*7 Email support
  • Automated WP Core, Theme and Plugins updates
  • 30 days backup retention period
  • Visitor analytics


  • 24*7 phone support only for users with Business and Enterprise plans

Apart from the only disadvantage, the Rocket.Net is just best-in-class.WordPress managed web hosting service provider. Phone support is not a big deal if you are about to choose their starter or pro plan as 24*7 live chat support is more than enough to get your issues solved.

Frequently Asked Questions on Rocket.Net Review

Is Rocket.Net worth a try for individual bloggers?

Of course, Yes. If you are an individual blogger and want to host your WordPress blog with Rocket.Net, you can give it a try for sure. As it may cost you high prices compared to other beginner best hosting providers such as Hostinger, BlueHost, etc. But it would be worth a try and worth the money you spend. The company does provide supersonic features.


If you are comfortable with spending around 25 to 30 USD a month for your single blog or website running in the WordPress platform, I strongly recommend you to purchase Rocket.Net now itself to see your blogging or online business journey go high in less time.

If you are already hosted with some other providers and badly wanted to switch to a better provider, in this case, again I strongly recommend you to try Rocket.Net. Migrating your WordPress blogs from one provider to Rocket.Net is totally free as the customer support team will help you migrate your WordPress sites for free.

If you want to host more than one WordPress blog, you can do so with Rocket.Net purchasing any one of their plans except the starter plan.

Whatever the need for a highly optimized, fully secured yet feature-rich WordPress managed hosting solution, Rocket.Net must be your number one choice. That is the one thing I want you to convey in the conclusion section of the post.

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