Run a Profitable End of Season Sale Campaign with Advanced Coupons Plugin

Not only offline stores get benefit with End of Season Sale but also online businesses nowadays run different end of season sale campaigns to boost sales.

Running an End of Season Sale campaign online is not a big deal, but there is no use when you run the sale which is not a profitable one for your online business.

If you are seriously looking forward to understanding the End of Season Sale that actually generates profit for your online stores that run alongside the WordPress WooCommerce Platform, this blog post is for you.

end of season sale offers

Anything is possible in your Woocommerce stores without touching the coding part if you know to use the best woocommerce plugins that actually work.

Whenever your Woocommerce stores need different aspects that boost up your sales in the form of coupon marketing and other relevant promotions, Advanced Coupons Plugin for Woocommerce is a key to success.

So, in this blog post, I will share details on how to run a profitable yet effective end of season sale by using the Advanced Coupons Plugin.

Advantages Why Running an End of Season Sale for Online Business a Profitable Idea

  • The sale helps you go next season with some money in your hands that helps for fresh investment.
  • When you are successful in the season, it motivates you to look for further improvements in your upcoming season sale.
  • You can effectively sell all your old stocks with the end of season sale campaign.
  • When you clear out old inventories, it does open space to give new and fresh items in your inventories.
  • Your buyers will purchase more when you offer super discounts in your end of season sale campaign.
  • When you offer the End Of Season Sale to your buyers effectively, it does make your customers visit your store and buy more than your competitors.

Things you Should Prepare Before Make your End of Season Sale Live in your Online Store

  • You must prepare for the end of the season sale at least before the three months of the sale starts. So, that you will get a space of 3 months time to plan all the stuff ideally.
  • The sale period is not the same for all the locations as the season will change according to the location you are in. So, plan it accordingly if you are offering the end of sale season location-based.
  • Ensure to prepare the list of products you wish to add from your inventories for the end of the season sale. Preferably, go for products that are in stock for a longer period in your inventories as the end of the season sale is most probably meant to clear your old stocks.
  • While preparing for the end of season sale period, be clear on how much and what kind of discounts you can offer to your buyers during the sale. Having a clear idea might help you avoid facing the loss of money during the sale.

Run a Profitable End of Season Sale in Just 4 Steps with Advanced Coupons Plugin

Remember, end of the season sales work not all the time and not for everyone as almost I see many tried the sale but only few are successful. The thing is those people know what actually works when testing the water.

So, here is the step by step easy process to run a profitable end of season sale with the help of Advanced Coupons Plugin.

1. Make Use from your Store Affiliate Marketers

If you are running an affiliate program in your online store and have already joined many affiliates, then here is the golden opportunity for you to promote your end of season sale offer.

Exclusively for Woocommerce wholesale store owners, we have two hand-picked articles that you may also read:

You can send emails to your affiliates about your end of the season sale offer at least before 15 days or one month if prior for the sale starts. Make sure to mention in the email about the discounts and items you plan to offer for your buyers at the end of season sale period.

Also, you can announce products for free to your affiliates based on the sale you offer. So that your affiliates can promote the product even more than usual by writing perfect contents over it.

To offer one of your end of season sale products for free to your affiliates, you can make advantage from Advanced Coupons Plugin.

From your Woocommerce dashboard, navigate to the coupons section under the ‘Advanced Coupons’ tab. There you will find the ‘Add Products’ option. Click on the field.

offer free product to affiliates

You can choose the product you already have in your store and offer the products a 100 percent discount in which your affiliates get the product for free and promote it more to others. Once you set the discount percentage, click on the ‘Add’ button to let the discount apply for the product.

Make sure to offer the product discount to your affiliates at least a month before your end of season sale starts. So, your affiliates receive the product and publish hands on reviews about the product in form of content to various platforms they own.

2. Offer New Arrival Products for End of Season Sale is Actually a Bad Idea

As I said earlier, end of season sales are great if you utilize the sale period to clear your old stocks. Do not offer your new arrivals of products in the offer sale.

You can sell your new stocks undoubtedly to your buyers without offering any discounts as anyone can easily sell new stocks without offers.

You may have already gained loyalty customers to your store from your loyalty points program as you can easily promote your new products to your loyalty customers than selling it during end of season sale.

Apart from loyal buyers, make a list of customers who buy a lot in your shop already and share new collections with them to encourage the people to buy even more.

So, overall it’s a better idea to avoid selling new products during the end of season sale.

To offer your new collections only to buyers those who already spent higher amounts for order in your store, you can restrict users with the help of Advanced Plugins for Woocommerce.

Firstly, you need to create a new coupon as the discount type is in ‘Percentage Discount’ and then click the ‘Usage Restriction’ tab. Refer image below for understanding the concept better.

On the ‘Usage Restriction’ section, You can use the products field to select the products individually or even you can wisely use the product categories field to select the whole categories of products.

create new discount type coupon

Now, scroll below to set the cart conditions on ‘Total Customer Spend’. By setting conditions for the cart, you can restrict users accordingly to purchase the products you choose in the above process.

As shown in the cart conditions reference image below, if your customer already spent more $500 in the span of the last 365 days, then he/she can avail the new arrivals of products at discount price according to the new discount type coupon you created in the process.

set cart conditions on total customer spend

3. Offer Sale for Only Very Limited Period

When you offer your end of season sale period only for a limited time duration, it does encourage your buyers to make a purchase on a quick note.

Also, make sure to enable the quantity number which is in available stock along with your store product listings. The way you display stock available quantity will urge your buyers to shop the products before it goes out of stock.

Apart from the above two ideologies, there is also another good tactic you can follow to tempt your buyers to shop from your store during the sale. To do the process, you need Advanced Coupons Plugin.

The tactic is that you can set a daily limit of how many number of times that coupon you created can be used.

From your WordPress Dashboard, click on the ‘Coupons’ tab and the ‘Add New’. Fill out the general section of the tab like discount type as percentage discount and coupon discount amount.

As shown in the image, in the case I have input 25% discount as coupon amount.

coupon data

Below the coupon data tab sections, you will see the ‘Usage Limits’ tab, click the tab to set the coupon usage limits.

Refer the image below, as in this section, you can input datas for four different fields.

Usage Limit Per Coupon:

It defines how many times the coupon can be used. As in the image, I defined it 100 times as the usage limit per coupon.

Limit Usage to X Items:

You have to choose the products in the section that you want to qualify to get the coupon offer.

Usage Limit Per User:

It defines how many times a user can use the coupon to avail of the offer. As shown in the image, it has been defined 1 time per user.

Reset Usage count every:

In the section, you can declare the reset usage count. If you declare the reset option every day, then it will reset every 24 hrs till the coupon expiry date. Select ‘Every day in the field is a great idea as your buyer visits daily to get the coupon benefits.

coupon usage limits set up

Once you are done with filling up the above fields, now you have to move to the ‘Cart Conditions’ section to set the condition of the cart. You can choose the rules in the ‘IF’ section and declare the condition for the rules below the section.

For example, if you see the image I have chosen the rule as ‘ Within Hours After Customers Last Order.

cart conditions rules

I have declared ‘720’ Hours (one month) for the rule. While inputting the kind of rule, give your customers enough time to get back to your store and purchase.

declare cart condition rule numbers

Ensure to click the button ‘Save Cart Conditions’ in order to let the coupon you create work smoothly without any bugs.

4. Schedule your Discount Dates in Advance

Do not announce your major discount plans too early as it may cause you a loss of money. There is a concept called deeper discounts in which you may first offer a little discount amount and then offer higher discounts when the end of the season sale coupon nears the expiry.

Offering deeper discounts does not actually need any technical stuff from you as it sounds. You can handle the task seamlessly with Advanced Coupons Plugin.

First of all, you should schedule your coupon in advance using the plugin. Once you create a new coupon by filling all the fields, there is a scheduler option in the plugin in which you can set coupon start and expiry date as well.

coupon scheduler to schedule discount

During the first schedule of the end of the season sale, you may offer a slighter discount and on the second schedule, offer some deeper discounts. Make sure the second schedule starts soon after the first one expires. Customers show more interest in your deeper discounts.

Final Words

There are a high number of online businesses that sell products and are earning huge amounts of profits during the end of season sale. It’s all about how the store owners understand the nature of the end of season sale concept.

The major thing is that you should plan the stuff perfectly in advance as the neck of the moment planning never works out in this case.

So, with the proper planning in advance as well with the help of one of the best woocommerce plugins like Advanced Coupons, you may win the race and become a profitable champion in the end of the season sale competition.

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