5 Best Sales Promotion Ideas You can Follow in 2021

The biggest online brands do frequently follow different sales promotion ideas to improvise their sales even if they already reached heights. As a fact that big companies know that it’s hard to survive in the long run without handling sales promotion strategies.

Not only such already built brands, if you are new or even developing your brand, but you must also follow working and best sales promotion ideas in order to improve your store sales.

There is a huge list of sales promotion ideas out there to follow and succeed, but, In this blog post, we are going to list out only the 5 best sales promotion ideas that actually help you a lot to increase your online store orders in 2021.

List of 5 Best Sales Promotion Ideas to Increase Online Store Orders

When it comes to promoting your online store, you are obviously willing and prepared to make some investment over promotional strategies. Free promotional ideas will work, but not most of the time and it may highly demand your patience.

Let’s have a read at the lists:

1. Offer Zero Shipping Cost to your Buyers

The term ‘Free Shipping’ attracts your customer attention a lot. If you notice many online stores used to offer shipping charges at zero cost to grab buyers interest to purchase their products. So, try offering a free shipping option to your buyers to increase your online sales.

Refer to the YouTube video to understand How to Discount Shipping in Woocommerce.

If you are running your online store based on the WordPress Woocommerce platform, then luckily you will get a possibility to download the best woocommerce plugins that offer you to create Shipping Coupons that you can offer your buyers.

2. Offer Special Discounts During Seasonal Sale Time

On an average, at least there would be two to four special days in a month in which you focus on those particular seasonal days and announce your buyers some special offers. People would love to buy more during seasonal time than normal days as if you offer special deals, they might buy more from your online store.

3. Buy One Get One Deals is an Ultimate Sale Promotion Ideas in 2021

Who does not love when you offer Free Products in your Woocommerce store? So, if you  BOGO (Buy One Get One) deals in your store, there are high chances that your store orders will sky rocket for sure.

Offering BOGO deals in your online Woocommerce store is not a hectic process as you can try a free Woocommerce plugin called ‘Advanced Coupons’ in which you can easily create BOGO deals and offer your customers free products accordingly.

Note: The plugin ‘Advanced Coupons’ not only limits its features for BOGO deals but also you can use the plugin for any coupon related tasks. Even, you can create Free Shipping discount coupons using the plugin. To check, how shipping discount coupons work, you can read the post How to Make WooCommerce Shipping Discount Coupon

4. Announce End of Season Sale or Clearance Sale

End of season sale and stock clearances sales are quite a common practice  in the offline market to boost sales. The practices follow especially when there are no special seasons during the month.

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You too can offer such best promotion ideas in your woocommerce store. While providing the end of season sale offer, ensure to mention the term ‘Limited Time Offer’ on your sales banners as it grabs your buyers attention quickly and makes them buy from your stores before the offer period ends.

5. Offer Some Reward Points to your Customers

Offering reward points to your buyers in the name ‘Loyalty Programs’ could be the one finest promotion idea for your woocommerce store to encourage your customers to buy more from your buyers.

Not only for buying products but also you can offer your store visitors ‘Refer and Earn Points’ option. So, your visitors will earn points when they refer their friends to your store link.

You may witness the same kind of loyalty programs in many big offline shops as the same concept you may try in your woocommerce online store by offering reward points.


Having a well developed woocommerce online store doesn’t mean, offer you a good amount of sales numbers. As often you  have to work on different sales promotion ideas to boost sales. So that, we have listed out 5 best sale promotion ideas that are successfully followed by thousands of other Woocommerce store owners.

You too can try any one or two or three out of the above 5 and you will surely gain some extra profits than what you invest on these strategies.

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