SEOToolAdda Review 2022 – What Makes the Group Buy SEO Tool a Best Choice?

SEOToolAdda Review 2022

By Yasar Arafath

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Would you just believe that you can buy SEMRush monthly subscription for just 30 INR? As well Canva for Just 25 INR monthly? 

SEOToolAdda is the destination where you can grab the most popular SEO tools like SEMRush, Canva, Grammarly, BuzzSumo and many other tools at the best prices with guaranteed 100% privacy protection.


In recent times, I involved myself in the habit of trying different group buy SEO tools to check whether the tools offered by the communities are actually authorized and working fine.

While in the process, I found so many best group buy communities for cheap SEO tools and I have already published review posts on two of them such as ToolsPur and ToolsZen. Both are amazing. You can go through both the review posts. Links are dropped below.

Undoubtedly, the SEOToolAdda group buy community is one of the best choices in the world. The company does sell SEO tools at an affordable cost. So, I decided to add the SEOToolAdda review to my list of blog posts.

Starting a new blog does not limit you with just a domain name, the best web hosting account as well as WordPress installation. Apart, you need some SEO tools to monitor the performance of your blog. Buying SEO tools from their respective official websites are too costly, especially for beginners. So, the group buy SEO tools community is what you all need.

I could suggest SEO Tool Adda group buy service company as one of the best choices among many. Without further ado, let’s get started with the SEOToolAdda review.

SEOToolAdda Review – Quick Introdution about the Website

Started in Feb 10, 2019, the company SEO Tool Adda have recently crossed the 3+ years mark. One of the quickest group buy communities I ever tried to achieve the highest number of customers in very less time.

seotooladda homepage

SemRush, BuzzSumo, Canva, MOZ, Grammarly and WooRank are a few of the very popular digital marketing tools listed on the website. Apart from the names mentioned, the company does offer 20+ other tools which will be a delight for bloggers and SEO agencies.

The company does sell SEO tools in two different formats. One as a combo plan and one as individual tool. If you want to use all the tools, you can go for a combo plan format. If your requirement is only about a particular tool, then try individual tools. 

Seo Tool Adda individual tool starts from just 149 INR and the maximum price of the individual tool listed is just 299 INR. Let’s have look at the details in-depth in the upcoming plans and pricing segment.

SEO Tool Adda Combo and Individual Tools Plans and Pricing

As said the group buy community offers a combo plan for those who want to enjoy all the listed tools as well as individual tools for those who just want to try only the particular tool.

SEOToolAdda Combo Plan Pricing

buy combo plan seo tool adda

At present, the website does offer 20+ popular SEO tools SemRush, Ahrefs, Moz etc and 10+ tools are already in the testing phase and will be released by the company soon.

You can grab all the popular tools at once in the SEOToolsAdda combo plan for paying just 599 INR per month. When you are opt-in for their monthly subscription, probably you may have to pay only 30 INR per tool every month. Yes! Overall you will get 20+ tools for just 599 INR.

If you can able to spend just 599 INR per month, I would strongly suggest you to go for their combo plan format which not only saves your money but also gives you to try 20+ popular blogging tools.

SEOToolAdda Individual Tools Pricing

All the 20 tools in the combo plan format available to purchase individually as well. If you need of just one or two tools, then you may purchase the tool of your choice individually.

SEOToolAdda individual tools with price

If you are enough with just one major tool like WooRank or SemRush, then buy individually. If the requirement is about more than a tool, better buy a combo plan. Because, when you are individually buying two tools for a month, it may cost you an average price of 300 to 600 INR. So, in that case, better go for 599 plan and make use of all the tools.

Here is the table format of available individual SEO tools listed along with their prices.

Name of the Tool

Tool Price in INR Monthly

Keyword Tool







































Steps to Grab your Favorite SEO Tools from SEO Tool Adda

Here is the step by step easy process to sign up for your free account and purchase your favourite tools.

Step 1: Click on this link to visit the website homepage to signup for your free account.

Step 2: Enter your active Email address and hit the ‘Sign Up’ button. Refer to the image and that is how it looks.

seo tool adda signup homepage

Step 3: Enter your first name, last name, mobile number as well as security code and hit the ‘Sign Up’ button once again in step 3.

fill the signup details

Step 4: You will relieve a notification on the same window that your account has been created successfully. Now, you need to verify your Email address before using your SEOToolAdda account.

Step 5: Log in to your account using the Email Address and password you used for the signup process. Here is the reference image of how the page looks after you logged in.

seotooladda login page before email verification

Step 6: Just click on ‘Verify Email’. You will receive an Activation Email within 5 seconds. If not, you can click the ‘Resend Code’ option from the SEOToolAdda site and get your verification email. The image below is how your verification Email looks. Click the ‘Click Here to Verify’ button.

click here to verify email message

Step 7: Upon clicking the verification button in your email, you will be taken to your SEOToolAdda dashboard page. Just accept the terms and conditions given. And, you are ready to grab your favourite tools.

Remember, you have to make your purchase from the website within seven days of your account activation. Unless your account will be deleted as you have to signup again.

How to Purchase Tools from SEO Tools Adda after Account Creation

Login to your account using your Email address and password. You will be taken to your account dashboard.

The image below is what you will see at the top of your dashboard. You can have a look at the image to know what all are the tools you will get in your combo purchase.

buy combo plan seo tool adda

Now, Click on the ‘Buy Combo’ button. On the next page, you have to choose the number of months you want access to use the tools in the combo plan.

combo plans month access

You will have four different options currently. One, two, three and six months. Choose the month according to your need and click ‘Visit Here’. The maximum month (6 Months) you chose, the maximum money you can save (up to 300 INR).

You will be then taken to the page, where you can see your billing amount along with the name of all the 20 tools you get in the combo with their tool prices and the expiry date of the tools as well.

toolszen semrush pro for only 299

Possibly, you will get to access SEMRush Pro at just 99 INR monthly in the combo plan. As seen in the above image, you can click on the ‘Pay Now’ button to finish your payment and access the tools in the SEOToolAdda combo plan.

There are four different payment methods to choose from. Paytm, UPI, Credit/Debit card and net banking as well. You can choose your payment method, click ‘Pay Now’ and complete your receipt.

SEOTooladda payment methods

Once the payment has been done, you can access the tools easily from your SEOToolAdda account by clicking the individual tool names under the ‘Access Tools’ dropdown.

The same process should be followed to purchase the individual tools. Here in the case, instead of buying a combo, you have to choose the individual tools you want to buy from your dashboard.

purchase seotooladda individual tools

Refer to the image above, that is how it looks. You can click ‘Visit Here’  below any individual tools and make your purchase. I have marked ‘Canva’ and ‘SEMRush’ in the box, just to show the price and the buying option. 

Click on it and proceed with your payment to get access to the individual tools you want.

Remember, there are few individual tools that you cannot buy individually as those tools are only available with the combo plan. Even SemRush is also available in the combo plan only.

SEOToolAdda Testing Tools

In the SEO Tool Adda review, here is a surprising element for you. The company offers 11 extra tools in their combo plan apart from the 20 premium tools.

seotooladda testing tools

The tools are in the under the testing stage, still, you can use them without any support from the team. Luckily, UberSuggest, Envato Elements etc..are in the testing tools list which you can access when you buy a combo plan.

Soon, the testing tools will become available to access with support as well.

SEO Tool Adda Review – Pros & Cons

Let’s have a quick look at the SEOToolAdda pros and cons in the listicles format.


  • 100% Privacy Protection
  • Guaranteed 99% Uptime
  • Customer Support through Email and FB Messenger
  • SEO Tools at a very affordable cost
  • Direct access to tools
  • Easy payment methods
  • 3-day moneyback guarantee
  • Affiliate Programs for bloggers to make money


  • Currently, no Ahrefs tool is available
  • SEMRush is not available to buy individually
  • Only one user per account is permissible. No multiple user format
  • Tools can be accessible only via the Google Chrome browser
  • No Free Trial Period

SEOToolAdda Alternatives

As there are many group buy SEO services out there, I have tried only three of them such as ToolsPur, ToolsZen and SEO Tool Adda. So, I believe, both ToolsPur and ToolsZen are the best alternative choices to SEO Tool Adda. 

I may add other tools in the alternatives section If I tried other group buy communities in future.

1. ToolsPur – Flat 10% Extra Offer Exclusively for my Blog Readers

ToolsPur services are just amazing and the company do sell almost all the tools listed in SEOToolAdda at an even affordable cost.
As SEOToolAdda currently does not have Ahrefs, you can use ToolsPur to buy Ahrefs at an affordable cost. With the ToolsPur Coupon Code ‘THERICHSECRETS’ you can avail extra 10% on all your purchases.

2. ToolsZen – Save up to 479 INR

I have recently tried the platform and published a review post about ToolsZen in this blog. All I could say, next to ToolsPur, ToolsZen is also one of the best alternatives.

ToolsZen do sells almost all the popular SEO tools in both individual and combo formats. Their basic plan starts from just 499 INR monthly in which you could get access to all the premium tools.
Like ToolsPur, I have a special ToolsZen coupon code ‘THERICHSECRETS’ for all the blog readers to get a flat 10% OFF on all your purchases.

SEOToolAdda Coupon Code

Unfortunately at present, the company does not promote any coupon code to the users to avail of extra discount. Luckily, their prices are reasonable and you can save a maximum of up to 300 INR with your purchase.

I will update the special coupon code if I get any in the future from the team. So, keep on visiting the space or subscribe to my blog mailing list to get notified.

Frequently Asked Questions from SEO Tool Adda Review


I believe you have gathered information and knowledge about the company after went through the entire SEOToolAdda review post. If you feel convinced go for it and try the tools listed. If not, try any one of their alternatives.

In my opinion, the group buy SEO tools community is an ideal choice for those who want to try their combo plan without a need for Ahrefs. You can get SEMRush as low as 100 INR in their combo plan.

If you have already tried the platform, feel free to share your experience with me. Also, share the post on your social media accounts, if you find the post useful.

Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of the links and buy an item, we may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). All opinions are unbiased and we never accept any payments just to write positive feedback.

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