Adding Minimum Order Amount Setup on your Woocommerce Wholesale Store

For all those Woocommerce Wholesale Store Owners out there, this blog post will speak about a remarkable idea that you may not be aware of. If you get the will to execute, I am sure the idea will improve the overall value of your woocommerce store.

One major consideration that you should not skip on your woocommerce wholesale store is ‘minimums’.  If you are new to the term ‘minimums’ but already running your wholesale woocommerce store, I would say you have missed a lot in terms of adding value to your store.

There is no point running a wholesale woocommerce store without minimums as you may lose hundreds of dollars. Minimums can be separated into two types, product and order minimums.

What is the use when your buyer orders just one unit from your store for the wholesale price you set for the product.

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So, it is mandatory to set up a minimum order quantity or minimum order amount in your wholesale store to avoid the heats faced by many store owners.

Am I need to edit codings in order to provide Minimum Order Amount?

As we all know, woocommerce is an open source platform and anyone with the coding knowledge can customize it to make changes.

The same way minimums can also be customized from your themes functions.php file. But the process is not easy as it sounds. Suppose if you make a minor mistake while customizing, it might cost you face issues in your store.

So, you are not supposed to make customization works from your end to enable the Minimum Order Amount option as Luckily we are in the century where best Woocommerce Plugins can take care of all those works and make our process simple.

To save time and make wholesale store owners work flawlessly, Wholesale Suite offers all of us the greatest solution by providing plugins which simply helps to enable Minimum Order Amount setup on woocommerce stores.

Here comes the easy process:

How to Set Up Minimum Order Amount on Woocommerce Using Wholesale Suite Plugin?

Once you have done with the installation process of Wholesale Suite plugin, you will be able to see Wholesale Prices tab on your woocommerce settings dashboard.

To get in to the Wholesale Prices Tab,

Click ‘Woocommerce’ >> ‘Settings’ straight from your dashboard and the Click ‘Wholesale Prices’.

You will get a screen like this

wholesale prices order

As said in the earlier section, the setting process is very simple and you itself can easily fix the minimum order amount the way you want on your wholesale woocommerce store.

You will see the two options for the order requirements under the wholesale prices tab. One is ‘Default Minimum Order Quantity’ and another one is ‘Default Minimum Order Subtotal’.

In which you can input the minimum order quantity you wish to offer your wholesale buyers. For example, if you want your customer to order 20 units in order to avail the exact wholesale price, you need to set the default minimum order quantity as 20.

Likewise, you can set the default minimum order subtotal which is not the quantity but the amount you wish to offer your buyers to let them avail wholesale price while buying from your store.

This way you can restrict your retail buyers (those who buy one or two items or even less subtotal than what you set) not to avail your wholesale prices.

Below these two options, you will see another option called ‘Minimum Order Requirements Satisfaction’. With this, you can offer a rule to your customer whether your customer should satisfy both quantity and subtotal orelse either quantity or subtotal. Enable what requirement you want from your buyer accordingly.

Set Minimum Orders for Wholesale User Roles

Apart from the default minimum order quantity and subtotal settings order, you can also choose customer roles over this setting.

If you have buyers in your store who used to place orders in massive subtotal or units, you may want to offer even more discounts to those customers.

In this case, you have to offer such buyers an user role from your store. And then, you can choose such special customers with the help of the Wholesale Suite plugins settings and set up those particular buyers a higher minimum order subtotal and quantity than regular wholesale buyers.

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Refer the screenshot below, as you will get a particular setting such as ‘Wholesale Role Specific Minimum Requirements’. By enabling this setting option, you can choose customer roles and set up different requirements for each role according to your choice.

set wholesale role

After all (input the fields) make sure to save the settings without fail to let the process works smoothly at the front end.

Final Thoughts

Initially, the setup process may seem a little difficult for you to go through. But, if you spend some good times over there to complete the setup process, you will be then able to run a proper wholesale store and make your buyers feel hassle free to place orders.

The Wholesale Suite plugin offers you every control to handle all the process. So, probably you itself can decide the minimum order quantity and subtotal as per what ‘minimums’ you feel is good for your wholesale woocommerce store.

Get the plugin installed on your store and let your store’s overall value will improve automatically.

If you find the idea provided in this post, ensure to share it with your known people who have already run a woocommerce wholesale store.

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