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Hey Guys!! When I recently search for the cheap web hosting services for one of my newly launched e-commerce projects, luckily I find an India based web hosting provider that offers the web hosting package unbelievably as low as one US dollar. That too with monthly billing option. I wondered and check out a few user testimonials on their website, it seems to be quiet trustworthy and I decided to let my blog users know about it through this post.

So, if you are just a beginner and wanted to start your new WordPress blog but worried about hosting budget, this article is the greatest deal for you to start your blog by spending as cheap as one USD per month. Believe me, the hosting company offers you all top-notch features even in their basic plan. Sounds Great?

Let’s Dig Into the Post…

No wonder as I already mentioned in the title about the name of which best cheap web hosting provider I am going to write about in this blog post, Yes!! You heard it damn right, It’s VapourHost

I would strongly say and recommend VapourHost as the best budget hosting solution providers as they offer very cheap hosting plans starting from just 0.80 USD (which is Just 60 Indian Rupees per month).

Why VapourHost?

If you are someone bothered about buying reliable, secured, highly featured and affordable web hosting service plans, then there is an only option you could try ‘VapourHost’.


Undoubtedly, VapourHost is the number #1 choice to buy the best yet cheap web hosting plans.

The biggest problem nowadays among newbie bloggers and small business website owners is buying the web hosting plans for their blogs and websites. Many of the providers do not offer web hosting services in affordable packages. Unfortunately, people need to spend somewhat around 70 to 100+ USD to buy hosting plans annually. This seems to be too high for beginners.

Another thing, again many web hosting service providers only have annual billing cycles that probably majority of bloggers cannot able to pay all at once for the yearly packages.

VapourHost has clearly understood the same issue and offers web hosting plans as low as one USD. You never need to pay annually, you can start your blog today if you have just 60 Indian Rupees (i.e 0.80 USD). They offer you a monthly billing cycle as you can renew every month by paying just 60INR.

When bloggers conducting on a different Facebook poll about the best cheap web hosting services, most of the times, VapourHost receives the highest number of votes.

VapourHost Cheap Hosting Plans and Pricing

VapourHost offers two different services (major plans) to its users. One is Professional plans and another one is the power plan. Probably, you will get 6 different hosting plans under these two major web hosting services. Yes! Each major services both professional and power plan offers 3 sub hosting plans.

Professional Plans

There are three different plans you will get in VapourHost professional plans. As basic professional plans starting from just 60 INR.

Pro Plan 1

  • SSD Space – 5 GB
  • Bandwidth- 50 GB/Month
  • Number of Domains – 1
  • Price – INR 60/Month

Pro Plan 2

  • SSD Space – 10 GB
  • Bandwidth- 100 GB/Month
  • Number of Domains – 3
  • Price – INR 120/Month

Pro Plan 3

  • SSD Space – 20 GB
  • Bandwidth- 200 GB/Month
  • Number of Domains – Unlimited
  • Price – INR 180/Month
vapourhost professional plans and pricing

How great all these professional plans, as even you can afford to buy for unlimited domain plans at just INR 180/month. If you have a little extra budget and want to get a few more extra features, then you might go for their power plans.

Power Plans

There are three different plans you will get in VapourHost power plans. As basic power plans starting from just 299 INR per month.

Power Plan 1

  • SSD Space – 20 GB
  • Bandwidth- 500 GB/Month
  • Number of Domains – Unlimited
  • Price – INR 299/Month

Power Plan 2

  • SSD Space – 25 GB
  • Bandwidth- 1000 GB/Month
  • Number of Domains – Unlimited
  • Price – INR 419/Month

Power Plan 3

  • SSD Space – 35 GB
  • Bandwidth- 1500 GB/Month
  • Number of Domains – Unlimited
  • Price – INR 549/Month
vapourhost hosting power plans

If you running an agency, then these power plans web hosting services are the greatest choice for you as you have to just spend INR 549 / month to get 35 GB of space and 1500 GB of monthly bandwidth.

Basic Features Offer by VapourHost on All Hosting Plans

No matter you are buying a basic Pro Plan 1 or an advanced Power Plan 3, you will get all the features they offer. The features include,

  • 1 Click App Installer
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Fastest Support
  • Multiple PHP Version
  • Free SSL
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Cpanel
  • Free Website Migration

What else you need for just INR 60/month? Without a second thought, you may go for any one of the hosting plans according to your need.

How to Register your Web Hosting Plan with VapourHost?

  1. Enter into VapourHost Website clicking here
  2. Click View Plans on the the Home Page
  3. Choose your Hosting Plan either professional or power plan there and Click ‘Dig in’
  4. Again choose your hosting plan under these two main plans and Click ‘Get Started’
  5. You are asked to choose your domain. If you already registered your domain, you have to type your domain name followed by the extension whether .com, .in, .net etc… and then click ‘use’
enter domain name

6. On the next page, you have to choose your billing cycle on the drop-down whether you want to pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Then click ‘continue’

choose billing cycle

7. Now Click ‘Checkout

vapourhost checkout

8. You now have to verify your contact number. Select country code, type your phone number and click ‘verify phone number’

vapourhost verify phone number

9. You will receive OTP on your number and verify the OTP to get your number verified on VapourHost system.

10. On the checkout page, you will be asked to provide all your basic details includes name, address as well password. Fill up all the required fields and skip if the fields are optional.

11. At the end of the page, you will see the method of payment, two options are available. Paypal and Razorpay. Choose accordingly, If you don’t have PayPal, just choose Razorpay in which you can make payments from your credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI, Wallets etc.. Tick the ‘Terms of Service’ box and click ‘Complete Order

12. You will receive an email from VapourHost to confirm your account registration. Verify the activation link on your email.

13. Finally, proceed with payment as the process is as same as any online payment process. That’s it. You are now done with your invoice.

How to Update VapourHost NameServers on your Domain Provider Account

Once you received your order confirmation mail, that next step is that you have to update your hosting account name servers on your domain registrar account.

Important Note: It is mandatory to update your web hosting nameservers on your domain name registrar account in order to convey that where you hosted your domain.

Log in to your domain registrar account, in my case I registered with Godaddy and probably Godaddy is the most recommended domain name registering service provide.

You can find your registered domain under “My Products’ section on Godaddy. There you will find an option called DNS next to your domain name. Click on that and you will see some default Godaddy nameservers name. Click ‘enter my own nameservers’. You will be asked to input two nameservers. Input it and click save to update your VapourHost name servers. You are officially done now.

Note: You will receive your VapourHost nameservers on your welcome email. If you are not received it on your primary section of Inbox. Ensure to check it on your spam folder. On the welcome mail, there will be two nameservers name you received in which you have to update the same on Godaddy account.

How to Install the Free SSL Certificate on your VapourHost Cpanel Account?

Having the SSL certificate installed on your website is a mandatory factor nowadays that you cant skip. It’s one of the Google major ranking factors. That’s what most of the web hosting service providers offers Free SSL certificate to its users.

You will also get Free SLL certificate installed for your domain with VapourHost account.

The main purpose of installing the SSL certificate is to convert your site “HTTP:// into HTTPS://” for security reasons.

Probably, VapourHost automatically installs Let’s Encrypt free SSL certificate to connect your domain within 24 Hrs from the time you registered for hosting. You can do it manually by yourself also, following simple steps.

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Visit your VapourHost Cpanel account, There is a ‘Security Group’ section on your Cpanel dashboard, scroll down to navigate to the section. You can find ‘SSL/TSL Status’ there. Click on it.  Once you clicked, a new page will open in which you can see all your available domains, addon domains and subdomains. Tick on the domain you want to install SSL and click ‘RUN AutoSSL’. It will run and automatically installed Free SSL for your domain and the process takes no more than 10 seconds. You can now see the icon of the domain will be changed from red to green after a successful installation.

installing SSL on VapourHost

Note: Make sure to update your nameservers before doing the SSL installation process manually in order to avoid errors.

Installing the WordPress Content Management System on VapourHost Cpanel Account

The process of installing WordPress on VapourHost Cpanel account is same as any hosting account WordPress installation process.

On your Cpanel account page, scroll down to see WordPress under softaculous app installer section. Click on WordPress.

Entering into the WordPress script page, you have to click ‘Install Now’.

installing WordPress on VapourHost

On the Next Page, you will be asked to choose your WordPress blog details like site name site description, username, password, E-mail and language as well. Input the details accordingly. On the advanced options section, you are asked to choose your backup option.

Skip the theme selection option as you can do this later after the WordPress installation. Now input your E-mail address in which you receive your WordPress installation details, click on Install button.

wordpress installation details

The whole installation process usually takes less than 5 seconds and you are now successfully installed WordPress on your domain from VapourHost hosting account.

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Immediately, right after the installation complete, you will receive E-mail includes all the details you provide for a WordPress installation. Keep the information safe for future references.

You can now login to your WordPress and then start working on your blog. The whole control of your newly launched WordPress blog is just over to you.


VapourHost is perfect for low budget bloggers and business owners. It does not compromise on any of their features as because they offer friendly budgets web hosting plans.

If you are one who already using their services, I wish you to share your experiences with VapourHost here. The reviews might help beginners to understand even better about the provider.

I am wishing you all the very best for your new WordPress blog with VapourHost and I believe they never disappoint you with their plans and features as what they promised on their official website.

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