What is Glowroad App? Become a Professional Reseller in 2020

In this post, I will be writing about a social commerce mobile application called Glowroad. The mobile application is for those who are interested and willing to start reselling business to make extra income. Are you wondering about What is Glowroad App? Read out the entire post, and I am sure you will become a professional reseller in 2020 with the help of Glowroad app.

Popularity factor of the reselling business is getting highly increased day by day in India. The only reason is that reselling business models typically offers the most comfortable option for resellers in terms of all aspects. Anyone can earn money in this business solely with the help of the availability of trusted social commerce mobile application platforms as you no need to be highly talented.

Back in the year 2015, the reselling business model came into existence in India through social commerce platforms. Initially, there were three significant companies called Shop101, Meesho and Glowroad have been available to work with, and soon after year by year, there are even many companies that have launched with this business model.

But still, the three companies are the best to date for resellers as I have already published a blog post about Shop101 and soon will write about Meesho. To read about Shop101, click here.

Let’s get started to know about the Glowroad Application.

What is Glowroad App?

It can usually work as a social commerce mobile application platform. In which, anyone can join as a reseller and start making money by doing reselling business. Glowroad is a Bangalore based company founded in 2017 by Dr Sonal. You can check out Glowroad co-founders and team on their official website.

According to Glowroad website statistics, the company currently has 61+ lacs of resellers, 20k+ suppliers, selling products in 2000+ Indian cities and finally a vast one crore 83 lacs+ buyers.

It’s a damn huge statistics, that too the company achieved within just four years.

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I have been using the app for around two years, and all I can say from my experience, Glowroad is just a perfect mobile application for resellers.

How Glowroad Works?

No different from other reseller applications concepts. Glowroad also works in the same procedure. It’s a mobile application that offers manufacturers and wholesalers to register as a supplier, and other people can register as a reseller.

glowroad working process

Suppliers’ work is to upload products on the platform. Resellers work just sharing the products with their customers and get orders. Glowroad work is to act as an intermediate between suppliers and resellers.

As a reseller, while you share your products to your customers, you can fix your margin from the supplier price, and the margin you set is what you can earn for the orders you received. Your work is to share products and get orders, Glowroad team can do other actions such as fulfilling the orders, collecting the payments from customers (If COD).

Glowroad App Download

It’s completely free to download the Glowroad mobile app. No matter whether you are using an iPhone or Android phones, you can download the app on both the stores.

If you are an iPhone user, ensure to search it on your Apple store and download it from there.

How to Set-Up Your Free Reseller Account in Glowroad

Once you have installed the app, open the app on your mobile and the downside, you will see a profile option. Click on it. There you can easily set up your free Glowroad reseller account. You need to input your Name, Mobile Number, Address, Shop Name ( You Glowroad Reselling business name) it may be anything and bank account details as well to receive your payouts.

You can edit the details anytime you want under your profile section.

Once you finish the account set-up, you will get a unique web link to your store from Glowroad. The weblink is what you can directly share with your customers. You can add any number of products in different categories to your web link. You can add the products straight from the Glowroad application as they offer you a simple option to add and delete products.

To manage your shop, you can check under the profile section, and there is an option ‘My Online Shop’. You can click on the part to manage your Glowroad, which automatically reflects on your web link.

Glowroad App Complete Overview

When you open the app, at the top right corner, you will see the logo and at the top left, notification icon in which you can see all the notifications you received both order and collections updates. Next to the notification, there is a cart icon, where the products you added for the customer order can check out there.

Below this, a search column where you can search your query to get results according to your question.

And below the search column, the banner sections are there which you can see the latest offers and new arrivals to browse.

By scrolling down, you can see all the new catalogue updates randomly. The new catalogues updates otherwise known as ‘Top Picks’ keep on change according to the new arrivals. 

At the down section of the glowroad app, you will see five different sub-sections.

Glowroad app homepage
  1. Top Picks – This is what your home page of the app refers to as I said earlier, every time new catalogue arrives, you can check here.
  2. Offers – Glowroad frequently used to announce various offers for its resellers on different festivals and occasions. To check the exclusive deals and offers, you can check through this section.
  3. Categories – To browse the collections category vice easily, you can use this section. For instance, if you want to browse for kids girls frock dresses, you can use this to check category vice. Glowroad offers collections in almost six main categories and hundreds of sub-categories.
  4. Earn – Here in this section, you can manage your shop products as well you can see your monthly earning reports here as a total number of orders and earnings on the current month. On this section, you can also check out the video tutorials uploaded by Glowroad team itself, which helps you gather more ideas on how this platform works. Apart, you can able even to read frequently answered questions on this section.
  5. Profile – This is the section where you can check all your profile, order and overall earnings-related tabs.

Under this Profile section, you could see nine different subsections. Let us see the nine and its definitions.

Glowroad profile

My Online Shop – You can manage your shop here by adding/deleting products and adding margins as well. You can share your shop link directly to your buyers from this page to different social media platforms.

My Shared Catalogs – Here in this section, you can see all of your already shared catalogues and individual product collections.

My Wishlist – You may know what is the actual purpose of wishlist. As if you found something you need to share later, you can select the products or collections into your wishlist and have a look at it later to share with your buyers.

My Orders – You can see all your placed orders here in this section. To see the particular customer order status, you can search it using the customer name. Also, you will check the orders status vice such as delivered, cancelled, shipped and returned to origin.

My Earnings – To check all your earning summary and referrals details, you can use this section. On this section, it’s easy for you to go through your overall earnings so far and as well your upcoming payment release details.

My Bank Details – In this section, where you can see the details of your bank account you provided while registering your account in glowroad application to receive your earnings. You can change your bank details at any time here.

My Certificates – According to your reselling performance, glowroad offers you some certificates to appreciate your works. So, you can unlock certificates by doing some excellent performance. Once you received the virtual certificates, you can share it with your buyers to prove your trust score in the reselling business.

Rate Glowroad – Just a simple tab, you can rate your experience about Glowroad starting from one to five.

Help Center – To read the frequently asked relevant questions; you can check the help center section. They already answered questions about sharing products, placing orders, payment, adding margins etc.. To contact Glowroad support and to track orders, return request, refund status, you can use the contact us section under the help center.


So, this is the basic overview of Glowroad Application, before start something you must need to learn the basics of what you are going to do is a key to avoid downs in the middle.

I am sure it is damn easy to start your reselling career in 2020 and earn money with the help of social commerce platforms like Glowroad.

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