What is Meesho App – Download the India’s #1 Reselling App to Make Money

I wish you to read this post till the end as it is going to be one of the exciting topics you ever read on the internet which is full and full about the Meesho App, in which you can earn a decent income anywhere at your comfort in India just from your smartphone.

If you are using your smartphone to make calls, chats, watching videos, or even to browse some fun elements, I would say you are missing something big. 

Yes! Do you know? You can probably make money from your smartphone with the use of reselling mobile applications. There are many applications out there to join as a reseller, but an application called Meesho app stands number one compared to other apps.

The info you must know: The reselling mobile applications are also known as ‘Social Commerce Platforms’.

The reselling job is very simple as you can earn up to 25k INR a month just working 3 to 4 hours a day from your mobile phone. Eventually, with the help of most downloaded applications like the Meesho app, you can start your career as a reseller now itself without hassle.

What is Meesho App

What is meesho app

Meesho is an Indian originated social commerce platform started in the year 2015 available in the application format that helps the crores of resellers in India to make money from smartphones.

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In other terms, Meesho App connects resellers and suppliers in the country where resellers used to share supplier products and get orders with their margin added without directly contacting each other as Meesho acts intermediate between suppliers and resellers.

Meesho is a king of social commerce platforms as they have suppliers for almost all the product categories.

Probably Meesho offers its resellers 30+ main categories and 250+ subcategories of products. Overall, you could find more than lakhs of products across all categories on this single application to resell.

Meesho App Download

download meesho app

Firstly, you do not need to spend even a single rupee to be a part of the Meesho member or reseller. 

It’s Free to join as a reseller. All you have to do is download the Meesho App. The application is available to download on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

If you are using an iPhone, you can get into your app store and search for ‘Meesho’ to download on t for free.

Once the download and installation process has been completed, you have to set up your free reseller account in Meesho.

It’s a simple and no time-consuming process as you have to fill up your necessary details such as name, mobile number, email, gender, address, etc..

After filling the basic information, you need to provide your store details, such as your store name. The store name is what you can use as your business name. You can edit this info whenever you want on your account dashboard from the Meesho App.

Know the Meesho Reselling App Overview

You are just entering into the primary section of this blog post. I wish you read it with more focus as understanding the Meesho App overview helps you learn the social commerce platform’s basics better.

The moment you open your app, you will see the app’s usual home page, which is quite common in any reselling applications. You will see three icons that belong to wishlist, notifications, and your cart on the top left of the app home page.

meesho reselling app homepage overview
Screenshot Taken Straight from Meesho Application Homepage

Search Bar

Next to that, you will see a search bar that you can use to input search queries and get product results accordingly. You can even do an image search in which you can search with images, and the results will surprisingly offer you the same products or products from similar categories.

Category Icons

Down the search bar, you will see different category icons. You can click the icons if you want to explore the category products directly from your Meesho reselling app home page without searching for the products.

Banner Section

Below this section, you can find a banner section that is also usual as other reselling applications as the banners keep changing according to special offers. You can use this section to find current offers.

Random Offers

Next to the banner section, you will find some icons and banners that randomly change. It displays offers, best selling products, price drop alerts, contests, etc..


After all, here comes the significant portion in the Meesho app homepage, which you can swipe down the order to see all the latest updated catalogs. You can share the product catalogs, and descriptions of whatever you want from the list to Whatsapp users or any social media handles to get orders. The products keep on changing on the homepage according to new arrivals.

Bottom End

meesho app bottom overview
This is How Bottom End Looks (with 5 icons) in Meesho app

At the final section of the application homepage, which may also be known as the bottom, you will see five different icons. The first one is Home, which is nothing but the app’s homepage as it will directly open the moment you open the application.


By clicking this icon, you can easily browse products to resell category vice. No matter what kind of category products you wish to share and resell, you can use this section to browse.


Here comes the orders icon, where you can find all your placed orders for your customers. Here you can search the particular orders either by customer name or order id. You can also easily find the orders by clicking the orders’ status, such as ordered, delivered, returned, canceled, and shipped.


Whatever assistance you need, you can use the Help section to contact the Meesho team to get your doubts shortened. In this help section, they have uploaded a few videos, which typically helps you learn how reselling works. Watching those videos would help you increase your orders. Apart, you will see frequently asked questions with answers.


One last section at the bottom of the application is the account section, where you can find all your Meesho account details such as your profile, bank account details, shared catalogs, settings, etc.

That’s the wrap. You may feel now; I missed the foremost thing in the blog post ‘How Do One Can Make Money from Meesho App.’ As I planned only to add the basics of Meesho in this post, I will soon publish the topic in a single post as it needs some depth information to be added. So, I wish you to subscribe to the blog mailing list to receive the notification whenever I published new blog posts.


You can now clearly understand ‘What is Meesho App’ and the entire mobile overview of India’s #1 reselling application. Please do not wait for your turn to the opportunity, as it knocks your door to make some extra income in the form of the Meesho reseller platform.

Download right now, set up your reselling account, and start sharing your friends’ products to get orders and make money. Happy reselling with Meesho.

Yasar Arafath

Yasar Arafath

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