What is SEO and How Does SEO Work for Anyone?

To understand how SEO works for any blogs or business websites, first, you must study the basics of what is SEO. Without knowing what the strategy of SEO is everything about, there is no use of blindly trying the techniques. Moreover, aimlessly following the SEO practices never work out and at the end of the day, you will become fed up for wasting your time and energy.

According to reports and surveys, most of the newbie bloggers and small businesses website owners failed within the very first six months of their journey only due to lack of awareness about the importance of SEO. They used to take SEO as a lighter task and as a result, no expected outcome, loss of hope, and in the end people simply shut down their blogging plans and started searching for other stuff to work on it.

Not only in the field of SEO but also on any field, to get rid of panic and failures after the start you must learn from the basics. That’s what I decided the post what is SEO and how does SEO works to purely explain only the basics to help you learn the foundation.

If you are new to SEO and just starting out into the field, the whole guidance might be a useful one for you. Keep Reading!!!

What is SEO?

You may have heard a thousand more times about what is SEO stands for. I am telling you again here for the sake of defining it. Yes, it is!! ‘Search Engine Optimization’.

SEO or search engine optimization is a strategy that includes hundreds of various techniques handles by bloggers, webmasters or SEO agencies.

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Optimize your blog for search engines – The term search engine optimization itself defines as you have to practice several techniques which help to optimize your blog or website in friendly ways to search engines.

You have to optimize the contents you write on your blog in terms of blog posts as well as content on your pages should be optimized. If you have an eCommerce store, then your product listings must be optimized with the help of SEO techniques. The more you properly optimize the better results you achieve.

I hope you are now clear with the basics of what is search engine optimization.

Why SEO is important for blogs and websites?

Now, you may definitely have a question on your mind. Why people give such a massive build-up when explaining about SEO or even Why SEO is important. If I am not wrong with the guess about your question. This section is just for you to know the importance of search engine optimisation.

Well!! What are Search Engines? Why people use it?

what is SEO

Of course, Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the search engines. If you want to know or get details about something over the internet, undoubtedly you open Google ( Both Yahoo and Bing may not your first priority most of the times)  from your smartphone and search with the query for which you want to get details.

Yes!! Google list out websites on your search results. You click either a top result or even below the top results from the search results according to your needs and yeah, of course, you can get details for what you search. So, on obvious factor, you use search engines to search for something you want to know about. That’s’ Fine.

Google Serch Engine offers you thousands of results sometimes millions of search results in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc… pages respectively for the same query you typed on the search bar. 

Do you actually look for all those results? Practically No, In fact, I bet you don’t even look for the 4th result on the first page. That’s quite a natural and we don’t use to click on results other than top three. So, here, in this case, the top 3 results survive and other results don’t get any clicks.

To get the results achieved, you need a better search engine optimization plan for your blog or it will be tough to win organically.

The deal is, in order to drive visitors to your blog or websites, SEO is an unskippable practice. And so, more than anything, search engine optimization is important to your blog success.

Types of SEO Practices

I believe your interest in this topic increases inch by inch after understanding what is SEO and why it is important for any blogs or business websites. Now its time to know the types that SEO practice includes.

Basically there are two types of search engine optimization that you have to work on. One is On-Page optimization and the second one is Off-Page Optimization. Both the topics have to be explained along with many sub-topics and I will plan soon to write separate posts about each type in-depth. As for now, I will define the two types in a simple form.

On-page Optimization:

On-page search engine optimization refers to practice optimization techniques on your web pages and blog posts (most probably contents) as well as optimize the codes on your website to get better search results. Optimizing the codes most of the time needs technical knowledge but with the help of WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO and Rank math, you can easily handle the stuff.

In simple terms, the practices you are doing within the website called as On-Page SEO.

Off-Page Optimization:

Totally opposite to on-page optimization, this off-page search engine optimization refers to add links to your website or blog from external sources. The links are called backlinks. The more backlinks you build the top places you get on search results. Here, in this case, quality matters a lot over quantity.

Most of the promotional activities outside your website come under off-page optimization. Quality external link signals play a vital role in your blog to drive decent traffic.

How SEO Works?

Google search engine has its own algorithms and results will generate to search users according to their intent.

The Google algorithm includes many factors that decide what to rank on a particular search query. So, obviously, your blog post or page must meet all the factors to get a place on the top of search results.

Here comes the process:-

Every time a new page or blog posts published on websites, Google on regular intervals used to crawl the web pages. This crawling process will be automatically handled by Google Bots otherwise called crawlers or spiders.

After the crawling process, the website pages or posts will be stored by the spiders on Google index. Google has billions of pages has stored and used to store every second on their index.

Now Google shows the results to its users according to search queries. If your indexed web pages get green signals meeting Google algorithm standards, your pages will be served to users on the tops results. If someone has better content than you for the particular search queries, Google gives more priority always to better contents.

This is the three major routines of how a search engine works actually and serves results to its users. While crawling, if your blog speed is good and you have quality external link signals, there are high possibilities that Google offers you a green signal.

Can I Become an SEO guy?

Undoubtedly You can. By reading industry top SEO blogs, you develop your knowledge in the field and you can become a better SEO guy. Even there are a huge amount of SEO training courses available both paid and free, you can look for those to learn SEO. It’s an art and you can definitely learn it and get succeed.

Initially, it may be tough for you to survive, but once you understand the whole lot concept, you can move with every process like a pro and soon success will knock your door. Importantly, you must be stay informed about the Google algorithm changes, as you cannot keep on following the same techniques all day.

What is the Best – SEO Agency or Do it Yourself?

I would actually suggest you both are healthy considerations and it totally depends on your commitments whether to go with an SEO agency or do it yourself. If you have got interested in this field, learn every aspect, study the things each day and implement by yourself. Make sure to monitor how things will work for you and move your plan accordingly.

If you do not get enough time to work on SEO of your own, there are possibilities that you can hire an SEO consultant and get estimation according to your requirements. 

How Long does it Take for SEO to Work?

A million-dollar question as even expert bloggers and SEO masters have different opinions over this question. Search engine optimization is actually a race not like a sprint but like marathon. You have to run, run and keep on running to win the race.

If you are starting out a new blog or website or an eCommerce store, at least for a year you cannot expect the results much. Mainly, your website or blog must earn trust from crawlers and then after 6 months of your launch you may see your traffic increases slowly. So, in an average, you at least must wait for first 6 – 8 months to see results. In the waiting period, you have to put all your good efforts as much as possible. 

Waiting for 6 months does not mean that you have to just launch and wait simply for 6 months for the results. You must work on it.

Scariest SEO Things

Most of the people never like to be being patience while on the process of search engine optimization. Everyone seems to be work on today and expect the outcome on the same day or the next day. This is totally wrong attitude as SEO demands your patience. It takes time to get results. Even authority websites have to wait for some 15 to 30 days for the results.

Understand the user search intent and then plan your SEO campaign accordingly. Again, people used to handle search engine optimization techniques just like that and they never look for users search intent. This is the biggest flaw in the industry.

Quality over quantity is the other scariest SEO things nowadays. When it comes to SEO off-page (link building) optimization, people used to build external links aggressively as much as possible to increase the external link signals quantity. They regret to accept the quantity factor never work out. No matter even if you build 100 links which are non-quality and 1 single quality link stands better when compared to 100 links.

Final Thoughts

Obviously, this is how search engine optimization works for anyone. If you are willing to try SEO for your own blog or website, you must be a knowledgable about what is SEO and how it works. So that a clear cut idea will arise whenever you are making any mistakes. Understanding the basics helps you sort out the issues you face during your journey.

SEO is not just a technique or strategy as its an art and it needs your patience. So learn to be patient and Work Hard to get results.

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