What is Woocommerce? Is it Actually a #1 WordPress eCommerce Plugin?

In this detailed guide, you will study everything about what is woocommerce as well as Why both WordPress and Woocommerce combined are the #1 choice when it comes to creating a no coding online store.

Creating an online store to sell products in 2020 becomes a much easier task. Do you know, you can possibly make your e-commerce store go live within just 2 hours or less. Setting up your brand new online store requires no coding knowledge. You just need to understand the basic concepts of how everything works. That’s more than enough to run your own e-commerce business in 2020 to make profits by selling your products.

In fact, setting up an eCommerce store does not need much investment as buying a domain and hosting plan itself enough to start. As a first step, all you need to develop a WordPress website and later you can simply convert it into an online store with the help of one of the most installed WordPress eCommerce plugins called Woocommerce.

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Remember, as said it is easy to convert your WordPress website into your online store with the help of a plugin. So, first, create a WordPress site and then you are just a few steps away to start selling your products from your store.

Let’s Get Started…

What is Woocommerce?

Wocommerce is a simple WordPress eCommerce plugin which can fulfil the entire functionality needs an eCommerce store requires. The plugin has been built on the WordPress platform and So, as I mentioned WordPress and Woocommerce are the great combinations to start an emerging and stylish look online store to sell anything you want.

Wocommerce is an open-source plugin that most of its features has been integrated default and your work is just to set up your store with all basic details. The plugin is probably suitable for any kind of businesses as starting from small businesses to large scale industries are even using this plugin on their eCommerce stores.

The Woocommerce plugin has launched way back on September 2011. The plugin started getting huge response among its users right from the year it has started and since almost 9 years completed, to date the Wocommerce plugin stands #1 as WordPress eCommerce plugin.

Is Woocommerce Free?

After reading what is woocommerce, I hope the next question you want to get an answer, is woocommerce free? I heard it, Right? Woocommerce plugin is absolutely FREE to use. Every single feature offered by Woocommerce is free of cost. Whereas, there are some plugin add-ons which costs you a few dollars. To add more functionalities to your online store, you can consider purchasing the add-ons. Otherwise, just a woocommerce plugin is more than enough to get orders from your online store.

Installing Woocommerce Plugin

Installing the Woocommerce plugin is no different from the usual WordPress plugin installation procedure, simply the same and this is the procedure you must follow when it comes to any WordPress plugin installation.

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At your WordPress admin dashboard, right menu, you will see Plugins section, click on this and then click ‘Add New’. You will be taken to a new page where you can easily install the Woocommerce plugin with following very few simple steps.

installing woocommerce plugin

On the page, search for Woocommerce (Refer the ScreenShot Below) and you will get results for the search. Woocommerce will appear as a very first result. Click “Install Now’ and then click ‘Activate’ once installed.

woocommerce plugin

You are done and ready to set up your online store with woocommerce plugin. Now you can see the Woocommerce and Products section has added on your right menu at the WordPress admin dashboard.

Store set up on your Woocommerce Dashboard

Now you need to set up your store from Woocommerce dashboard by providing your basic details. Move your cursor on Woocommerce, a sub-menu will appear (Refer Screenshot Below) and on the sub-menu click on the first option ‘Dashboard’.

wordpress and wocommerce dashboard

To understand the store setup process better. I have attached screenshots for each step.

Step – 1: On the Dashboard screen, you need to first provide your store basic details like Address, City, Country and Postal code. No matter if you don’t already have any stores, you can just fill it up with your residence address. Skip the ‘I’m setting up a store for a client’ and click continue.

woocommerce store setup 1 step

Step – 2: You have to choose the industry. Its nothing but the industry your products belongs to. If you are selling clothing, you can choose fashion and accordingly choose the industry. If your industry is not listed, just click other and click continue in order to proceed to step 3 of your basic store setup in Woocommerce plugin.

woocommerce store setup step 2

Step – 3: In this step, you have to choose the type of products that you are going to sell in your woocommerce store. Just tick physical products if you are going to sell products that you ship to customers. It may be anything like dresses, footwear, furnishing etc..But if you are selling courses, e-books and something virtual, you have to tick Downloads. Leave the other 4 options, and click continue.

woocommerce store setup step 3

Step – 4: In this step, you will be asked to tell about your business. Which includes a number of products you planned to display on your store as well woocommerce wanted you to know whether you are selling anywhere else. Choose accordingly. Below you will find three more options which are out and out for your store marketing purposes. Enable it, if you want or just leave

woocommerce store setup step 4

Let me explain little about the tools,

Market on Facebook – If you want your store products displayed on your Facebook page, you can enable this and integrate it with your Facebook page Shop.

MailChimp – Email marketing tool in which you can receive subscribers.

Google Ads – You may already know, its Google advertisement platform by which you can advertise your store with Google Ads. 

To Proceed further to Final Step, Click on continue.

Step – 5: One final step, choose the theme for your store. I would suggest skipping this step because it’s better to choose a theme for your store right after WordPress installation is done. At final, once you click ‘skip this step’ (Theme selection step) you will be suggested to install few woocommerce services along with Jetpack plugin. If you want, click ‘Yes Please’ or click ‘No Thanks’.

Jetpack is very own WordPress plugin offers multiple features. You can check the features on their official plugin page.

The basic setup has now done for your store. Apart from this, you must do a few more setup with the woocommerce plugin. The setup processes are shipping set up, payment gateway set up, tax set up and few other integrations as well. Every other setup process has to be explained in separate posts for understanding in detail. And after all, these, adding products to your store, managing inventories and other interesting stuff I am about to write soon one after one.

So, Yeah!! I decided to write every other aspect in a detailed yet separate blog post. I will update all those post links here at the end of this post. Keep on checking the post or ensure to subscribe using the form below to the blog mailing list in order to receive a notification to your E-mail every time the related posts on the same topic has been published.

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