RoundUp Post #1 – Why do you Think Blogging is a Better Career Option in 2021?

As I mentioned in the title, Yes! The blog post is my very first Roundup as I have invited 20+ bloggers to participate in the roundup and asked them to share their different opinions for my readers in the title Why do you Think Blogging is a Better Career Option in 2021?

I am grateful and thankful for those who all participated in the roundup post as well as those who have heartily wished for my blog The Rich Secrets turned one year on June 15, 2021. Thank You, Guys. 

I registered the domain name for my blog on June 15, 2020, from Godaddy and hosted it with Hostinger India as well. Major pages of my blog are currently designed with Elementor Pro. My first blog post was published on June 19, 2020.

Coming back to Roundup #1, I thought talking about Blogging Career is a better choice than anything else in 2021 as many of my blog followers and readers make use of it. So, I fixed the question for Roundup #1 as Why do you Think Blogging is a Better Career Option in 2021? and invited the most lovable blogging people I know.

I strongly believe the discussion of the topic would help beginners to understand the potential of a blogging career in 2021 and help the newbies start a blog with full of hope and positive energy

I was surprised to read everyone’s opinion on the question as all of you guys had shared wonderful answers for the roundup. I am grateful for you guys, again. 

I know you people are excited. Yeah, without further ado, I will be showing you guys what 20+ bloggers shared their answers on my roundup #1 question, Why do you Think Blogging is a Better Career Option in 2021?

Expert Answers on Why Blogging Field a Better Career Option in 2021?

1. Archana Tiwari from BloggingTry.Com

Starting a career in blogging is still profitable in 2021. If you have the passion to do something extra to make extra income then you must start blogging right now. 

Many people are making thousands of dollars per month through blogging by selling their own products, courses, affiliate marketing (promoting other products), offering various types of services and much more. 

Remember blogging has a huge potential and you can get significant benefits from it but you have to choose the right path. You have to explore and learn the basics of blogging and implement it to get better results.

In short, we can say that, if you are still wondering to find a better source of income then jump into blogging considering your interest and passion to live a life without a boss. 

2. Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj from Bloggingqna.Com

Yes, Blogging is a better career option in 2021 or beyond that. There is no doubt about that. It gives you financial freedom, time freedom, and lots of many things that you are dreaming of.

If you do it properly in the right direction then there is no limitation of earning in blogging. You can earn 1000$ per month from blogging or even 10K $ per month or even 50K$ per month. I have seen many people who are doing this and generating huge money from it.

No other business will give you this much growth with a very small investment. But the only thing that you need to keep in mind, like every other business it also needs your time, money, efforts, and consistency.

If you are looking for some hack, trick, or quick rich scheme then blogging is not a carrier for you because there is no substitute of Hardwork and efforts.

After doing hard work of more than 3+ years, I have everything I want in my life and even the best thing is I am my own boss, and Financially free. No job can give you this much growth in the short term.

So again I will say this Blogging is the best option in 2021 or even beyond 2021. You just need to invest your time, money, patience, hard work in it.

Last but not least… Always keep in mind there is no shortcut to success. So don’t think you will get some magic wand here which will make you rich overnight. The way blogging will keep changing and evolving but the future of blogging is always bright. for more info in detail, you can check out my below video.

3. Digital Pravakar from DigitalPravakar.Com

First of all, thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my views on the topic with your audience.

Coming to your question,

Blogging is one of the most famous and easy ways to earn money online. Many people are into blogging nowadays. I am one of them.

Blogging can be taken as a career too. Professionals like Harsh Agrawal make more than $70,000+ per month from Blogging.

It is a huge amount and it indicates that Blogging has a great future and going to be BOOM more and more in upcoming days.

Anyone can build his/her career in blogging if he/she has the right mindset, Do hard work, Keep patience, and keep consistency.

As of 2021, More than 7 Million blog posts are being published every single day. So, Yes, BLOGGING CAN BE TAKEN AS A BETTER CAREER option in 2021.

4. Ryan Biddulph from BloggingfromParadise.Com

Blogger offers you fun, freedom, expansion and allows you to see yourself as you really are. For all fun worldly benefits of blogging, like money and increased business, the chief benefit of this gig is the joy, happiness and sometimes agony (necessary) of knowing yourself as you really are. Blogging is a mirror; blogging reflects you, back to you. This career option simply allows you to grow swiftly as a human being whereas virtually all jobs keep you firmly rooted in your comfort zone. Blog. Know thyself.

Check Ryan’s Blogging Courses and Blogging eBooks

5. Masood Ahmad from BloggingSprout.Com

Blogging is a better career may vary from person to person. what might fit for me may not be necessarily what you will like, isn’t it?

Everyone in this world has a different situation in their life. But in general, if you ask me then, Blogging is a better career these days.

We can see how after covid hit back in 2020 forced employees to work from home and blogging is also part of the same what we do from the comfort of home or small setup.

I have started blogging in the year 2017 when I entered the 1st year of my B.Tech. It’s been 4 years now and I have seen the potential of blogging. That’s why I didn’t sit in my college placements.

Blogging is the better option because:

  • Work and earn while staying with your family (Best Part)
  • Work for yourself. Be your own Boss.
  • Treat it like a business and scale it as much you want.
  • If you put 9-5 here, you will be earning a handsome amount then your job payscale
  • Blogging and readership will increase by 12% every year

Hope these tips will help you in deciding better career options for yourself.

6. Nikola Roza from NikolaRoza.Com

Blogging is an excellent career option because of 3 reasons: 

First, you’re your own boss. Being a successful blogger means there is no one to lord over you. That is priceless in my opinion.

Second, earning potential is unlimited. Your blog is on the internet, meaning everywhere and 24/7. You can earn money literally while you’re sleeping. 

For example, someone recently bought Link Whisper using my discount code. They found me through this page: 

And it happened literally as I was sleeping because I remember waking up and immediately checking my stats and being pleasantly surprised.

Third, being a blogger means you can run your business remotely, from any location on the globe that has internet available.

You also can’t put a price on freedom of movement.

7. Navin Rao from WPGrace.Com

Without any second thought, blogging has a long way to go and could be one of the best options as a career. The trend of blogging is growing rapidly, people are much well versed with the concept of it. Since, everything is digital now, and so is digital advertising as well. Content Marketing is on the boom.

There is a lot of money in blogging if one knows how to do it the right way. Ultimate patience is required. I have been blogging since 2016 and created many blogs since then and making profits out of it. With the trend, it can be determined that a lot of bloggers will be born in the future as well and will opt for blogging as a career. 

In fact, there are thousands of bloggers who are not only making a living out of it but also living a luxurious life spending just a few hours working on it. Even when you sleep or go on vacation your store(blog) is always open and selling other products and making money through affiliate marketing. I see a huge potential, if you haven’t started yet, start a blog now on your favorite topic. Happy Blogging!

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8. Nirmala Santha Kumar from WPGlossy.Com

Blogging has turned into a popular career choice because of work flexibility and unlimited earnings. If dedication and consistency are invested, then it is easy to grow as a professional blogger. Being your own boss is the greatest feeling which would nudge you to emerge as a digital entrepreneur. A blogger can make a six-figure income with a low investment.

As it just needs a computer and internet connectivity, you can well balance your life and work. Gaining authority, Building your portfolio, connecting with like-minded people are the other benefits of blogging. In this pandemic situation, work from home job is the safest profession and yes, you can make a living by blogging. I really enjoy the work comfort and financial freedom from this online profession.

9. Santosh Gairola from BloggingCosmos.Com

Blogging is not a hobby today; It is a powerful business model. Blogging provides an opportunity to connect with a large consumer base. Through blogging, companies and business owners can create platforms to sell their products and services to their customers. The most important aspect of this business model is scalability as well as high profitability.

There are many ways to earn money through blogging. Selling online products, advertising, and affiliate marketing are the most preferred ways.

Dear reader, if you are looking to starting some business on less budget. Then blogging is the most viable option for you. It takes some time to make money from blogging in the starting. But once you have created and nourished a segment of the Audience, you can surely make a lot of money through blogging. It is the best way to make passive income, and in the coming time, the market of blogging will grow more.

10. Chayan Chakrabarti from SimpleFactsOnline.Com

Thank you so much, brother Yasar, for allowing me to participate with many great bloggers you have been blogging for the past year. So many good wishes for your future years.

Competition in blogging has increased a lot, but you will see that good bloggers can create a different vision of themselves by facing any competition.

Most bloggers rely on search engine optimization and want to optimize their contacts for search engines, but in this case, they forget one thing that search engine but not their customer’s search engine will evaluate their writing, but those who are real people will read his writing  Will purchase the product from there. You can improve your blog from the day you start thinking about why someone will read your blog.

Blogging has a career, but with that, one has to be prepared for critical things. There will be times when you won’t get attention, income and whatnot. But its the vision that will keep you in the game. Don’t let that inner blogger die.

11. Amol Chavan from GrowthFunda.Com

Yes, Blogging is the best career option in 2021.

As per my experience, here are some key aspects about Blogging that makes it a best career option in 2021

  1. Many bloggers are running Blogging as a Business, making lots of money & living out of it.
  2. Due to the recent Covid pandemic, the trend of searching for Work From Home Jobs has increased a lot.
  3. The best part, Blogging is an Online medium to earn money & can be done from anywhere in the world. This means one can even build a FREEDOM lifestyle as well as spend time with Family while doing Blogging.
  4. Blogging needs minimal investment to start so anyone can start blogging.
  5. Blogging helps to build an identity over the Internet.

Looking at all the above aspects of Blogging, it’s the best online Work from Home & full-time career option.

12. Raksha Kumawat from ResttoBest.Com

The use of Internet and Google searches is ever increasing with technology advancement. As now we’re in 2021, if you search about internet in India on Google, it says that we are the 2nd largest country in the world in terms of population as well as internet users.

Another astonishing fact is – the exponential growth of 11,200% has been spotted in Internet use in India over the last 20 years.

Well, only 54% of people access the Internet in India and still, we are on 2nd number. No need to say we’re heading towards 100% gradually.

So, there’s a clear chart, to meet the search requirements of a vast amount of users, more content should be there, and here comes Blogging.

Yes, the competition to rank is getting tougher with each passing day, but you can still stand out with your quality content and the right strategy. 

13. Sumit Sao from BloggingLift.Com

One of the reasons why blogging is a much better career option than a full-time job is because it allows you to be your own boss. It gives you the freedom to work from anywhere you want.  However, this idea alone isn’t the only reason why blogging might be better – but it’s one of them. Besides this, there are many other reasons, such as there is no limit on how much money you can make from a blog. Why? Because there is a wide range of options available such as Affiliate Marketing, sponsorship, Ads etc that can help you to make more money than a full-time job. This is why I think blogging is an excellent career option.

14. Sayem Ibn Kashem from FacileWay.Com

Day by day the world is getting more online than ever before. I can remember my childhood when we needed to buy something, we used to go to the markets. But things are changing a lot now! People have less time to spend their valuable time on shopping now when they can order them online easily. That means there is a market where the seller sells and the buyer buys online.

So it’s very important to get your business online besides offline activities. The sooner the better! If you are asking about blogging as a career in 2021, starting a blog will be the best decision you will ever make.

The whole world noticed a major change in this COVID-19 situation. More and more people lost their jobs and shut down businesses except for the people who are involved in online business. If you are thinking, it’s too late now! Just keep in mind that it’s better late than never!

15. Suryakant Sahoo from TechyyDude.Com

Hi Yasar, first of all, congratulations to you because your blog turned one year old. Blogging as a career in 2021 is one of the best decisions you can take because this industry is one of the fastest-growing industries and going to boom in the upcoming years. According to some raw data, only 41% of our population is having an internet connection then also we are ranking 2nd in the world. 

I think you’ve got an idea of what I am trying to say. Want to start blogging then don’t waste your time just start. Blogging doesn’t means earn money only it can help you in various ways like you will be more creative, can learn new skills, up-to-date with the digital world, etc. Nowadays companies are changing their conventional way of marketing to digital and if you master the blogging skills then you are going to be in high demand.

16. Ayush Mishra from BloggersDesire.Com

If you are a part-time blogger or want to start your blogging journey, you might have a question about a career in blogging.

In today;s time blogging is not just a hobby, it is a business. If I can answer this in one word, then blogging is a very good career option. My two favorite reasons to choose blogging as a career are freedom and earning potential.

There is no need to work under pressure, we can run it at the comfort of home and there is no limit to earning in it. Your earning is totally dependent on the efforts and strategies you are using.

I think these two reasons are enough to choose blogging as a career.

Watch out my already published video about the blogging career and future of the blogging topic.

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17. Yogesh Sambare from BloggingScan.Com

Yes! I think blogging can be an excellent career option in 2021. But you have to keep some things in mind before choosing blogging as your career.

If you choose blogging as your career, then, first of all, you have to understand that blogging is not a short term trick. By which you will get rich soon. And you will be settled in your life.


It’s not like that at all.

The more time you spend on improving your blogging-related skills, the sooner you will be successful.

But keep one more thing in mind if you are not interested in any niche. Still, after seeing the success and earning of a pro blogger, you choose that niche. So this can be a big mistake for you.

Amateur bloggers often make such mistakes.

So finally, I would like to say that it is okay to choose blogging as a career. But if you start blogging first as a side hustle. And then, later on, if your blogging career is successful, you can make it your full-time profession.

18. Akash Singh from LitBlogging.Com

There are a lot of reasons to choose blogging as a career option in 2021. Let me tell you some of them.

Blogging is one of the best ways where you can make money by sharing your experience in any field in the form of writing articles. Also Another thing is you can work from anywhere in the world you just need an internet connection and your laptop or a mobile to run any blog.

And now if we talk about growth in blogging then there are many blogs like WPbeginner, backlinko, etc. who make millions of dollars every month and still scale their blog and income as well.

So blogging is a good career option. You have a secure future in blogging and also growth is also really amazing.

19. Sufyan Shaikh from BloggingIndian.Com

As we already know the world is going through a global pandemic currently. Many people have lost their own jobs and are looking to start a new career.

Blogging is the best solution as it gives a person financial freedom.

Blogging can help you pay your bills and in the long run once successful you can become an authority and turn it into a long lasting business.

Just like other career options, blogging too can be considered as a career. Just make sure the person takes it seriously and not as a hobby.

Make sure to have proper workflows to execute tasks in blogging. Write good quality content or hire experienced writers in your niche.

Network with other bloggers. First LEARN then EARN.

Blogging as a career is one of the best decisions a person can take as it will help him quit the 9 to 5 monotonous work which is very tedious and makes a person slave to other companies.

20. Amit Garg from BloggingBeats.Com

In my opinion, to live life on your own terms you need money and freedom. As a blogger, you will be privileged with both.  

You can work anytime from anywhere. All you need a basic laptop and Internet connection which is easily accessible these days.

And if we look at the earning potential of blogging, then I would say — The Sky’s the only Limit. 

Furthermore, blogging does not require any huge investment. Probably $100 is enough to get started with a reliable web host which is almost nothing as compared to the other businesses where you need millions of money.  

On the basis of the Covid situation we’re facing from last year, I would also like to highlight that as a blogger you don’t need to go to the office unnecessarily, you can work from the comfort of your home.    

Most importantly, unlike other career options, you don’t need any certificate or degree! 

So, for all these reasons, I think blogging is a better career option in 2021 and beyond.

21. Deepak Kumar from TechDeepuu.Com

Here I`ll not talk about any theoretical subject.  Here I`ll talk about my personal experience over the past few months and years. We all have faced the COVID-19 pandemic and during this crisis, all businesses shut down and people lost their jobs and some of them were working at their own risk.

But as a blogger who works from home and his work has not been affected due to the pandemic.

As a blogger I was the only one in my entire family and friend circle whose work was not affected due to covid, instead my revenue and work have increased dramatically in the past few months.

So if you are a college guy or working as an employee then starting a blog is very beneficial for you as it helps you to develop many skills like

  •  Web developing
  •  Content writing
  •  SEO

About which you will get opportunity everywhere whether it is job or freelancing. Then what are you waiting for, start now and be a part of the growing future.

22. Bishnu Mahali from BloggerSelf.Com

Blogging has been one of the most popular career options since a long time ago. However, people are judging if it is still relevant or not, and what about the future?

That is the reason why people are asking whether blogging is a better career option in 2021 and beyond.

Well, my answer is, “Yes, it is”!

The way we consume text-based content is changing a little bit and we are getting more attention towards video content nowadays.

However, it’s going to take a long time before we lose some more readers but we’ll always have a large number of readers around the world.

That’s because reading content has its own benefits and all the smart people out there know about it. I mean, it is the reason why there are so many books being written and published every now and then.

A lot of people like reading, and that won’t change anytime soon. In fact, we might get less competition in the future because everyone is moving towards audio and video-based content.

Although I would ask you to be prepared for the change, I don’t think it’s near and blogging is still going to grow in 2021 and beyond.

There’s a reason why Google is still the no. 1 search engine in the world, people don’t look for videos all the time.

And that’s where bloggers come in.

And not to mention that text-based content is easier to read, understand and rank for the search engine algorithms as well. So it’s going to take priority for a long time.

But again, Google’s algorithm is getting advanced and soon they’ll be able to understand audio and video content completely just like text-based content.

So be prepared for the change.

To sum it up, blogging is still one of the best career options possible right now and that’s why we’re still doing it. It’s going to be relevant for a long time in the future as well.

So don’t hold yourself back and go ahead. Start your blogging journey today!

23. Raj Patel from CeramicTilesBlog.Com

Starting a career in blogging can be done without quitting your job. Blogging helps to create a passive income. It can be a good option in 2021, as it can help to create a passive income in the current scenario.  

You need to have just a Laptop, Internet, and desire to start blogging. You can express your thoughts and opinions in blogging. It can help to promote the products and earn money with affiliates.

You need to figure out yourself which ways to start blogging like Blogging topics, Youtube Channel, Affiliate Blog, and Digital marketing.

Remember blogging is not a quick money-earning scheme. You need to devote your time, have patience and make an effort. You need to wait at least a minimum of 6 months if you are new to blogging to earn money.


I hope you guys now understand the potential of the blogging field and why a blogging career is a better option in 2021 and beyond than any career options after reading the expert answers on the same.

Blogging still has a lot to offer for those who are passionate about it. So, if you are confused whether to start your career as a blogger or not, I hope the roundup post  #1 offer you a clear view over your confusion. I would say, Blogging is an awesome choice to shape up your career better, live independently, work on your own terms and  make more money than you imagine.

Do you feel the roundup post in blogging career topics is worth reading your time? I know, Yes, you are. Feel free to share the blog post as much as possible in your social media profiles.

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Yasar Arafath

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