How to Configure Woocommerce Coupon Expiry Time in Easy Steps

Offering coupon codes to your buyers in your woocommerce store is one of the finest yet worthiest methods to boost your sales in no time. The coupon discount concept does tempt your customers to buy more from your store. That’s what for any woocommerce stores, configuring coupon concepts is believed to be one of the worth trying strategies to increase the store sales as well to make your buyers feel positive.

When it comes to implementing coupon concepts in your woocommerce store, make sure that you configure coupons that have expiry time. Because coupons with no expiry time do not make any sense to your buyers. A coupon with expiry time works out like a charm than coupons that never expire.

Your store visitors will no way convert into immediate buyers when you configured coupons with no expiry time. And, setting up coupon expiry time in your woocommerce store is not at all a tough process as you can configure it with easy steps.

You will learn how to set woocommerce coupon expiry time by reading the rest of the blog post. Let’s dive into the process.

As you may or may not know, woocommerce offers you to set coupon expiry dates by default from the woocommerce in-built coupon system. Unfortunately, the default system offers you to set only expiry dates for the coupons, not the specific time.

woocommerce coupon expiry date

As you can see in the image above, by default woocommerce coupon system, you only can set the expiry dates for the coupon. Woocommerce’s default coupon system is undoubtedly good to go, but if you need more features when configuring coupons in your store, Advanced Coupons Woocommerce Plugin is what you need without a second opinion.

You are in no way limited to configure only coupon expiry time in your woocommerce store, with the Advanced Coupons Woocommerce Plugin, you can experience the most powerful coupon features for your woocommerce store which help you drastically skyrocket your store sales in less time.

Here are the few unbelievable features you can get along with the Advanced Coupons Plugin

  • You can create unlimited number of coupons as you want
  • You can use the plugin in unlimited number of woocommerce websites
  • You can run BOGO (Buy 1 Get 1) deals offer in your store
  • You can offer advanced shipping discounts to your buyers
  • You can set coupon cart condition rules
  • And many more

Process to Configure Woocommerce Coupon Expiry Time with Advanced Coupons Plugin

Advanced Coupons Woocommerce plugin is a one-stop solution to create coupons with an expiry time. As I mentioned the more powerful features of the plugin above, you can create any kind of discount offer with the Advanced Coupons plugin.

advanced coupouns woocommerce plugin

The Advanced Coupons Woocommerce plugin is available in both the premium and free versions, you will get a huge lot of features in the premium version. While we are talking about configuring coupon expiry time, luckily you can set coupon expiry time in the plugin free version itself.

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The good thing about the plugin is that you are able to limit the number of coupon usages to your buyers. Probably, your store buyers only are able to use the coupons according to the number of limits you set before the expiry of the coupon.

Firstly, to configure the coupon expiry time, you just need to install the plugin. Click Here to download and install the plugin for FREE.

Once you are done with the simple installation process. Firstly, you have to create a new coupon. Click on the ‘Coupons’ tab and then click ‘Add New’ and now click ‘Generate Coupon Code’.

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A random coupon code will be generated once you click the ‘Generate Coupon Code’ option. The image below is how it looks.

generate new coupon code

By scrolling down to the coupon data section, you will get to go for the scheduler tab in which you can set both coupon start date and expiry date along with time. Look at the below image as you can see the scheduler tab has options for Hour and Minutes as well which you cannot get in the default woocommerce coupon system.

coupon scheduler tab

In the image, you will also see a field for error messages for both the start date and expiry date. Ensure to describe the error messages to your buyers in the most sensible manner. So, your coupon users easily understand the error without any confusion.

Once you input the coupon start date, time, and coupon expiry date as well as time, ensure to select the type of discount you want to provide to your buyers and in the final, just save the coupon to let it work seamlessly.

One important thing you should keep in your mind while setting up woocommerce coupon expiry time is your store region time zone. As you know, there will be different time zones for different regions. So, make it clear the coupon expiry time you set can perfectly fall into the region you promote the coupons.

Over To You

Coupons are great to increase sales no doubtedly only when you configure it with usage limits and expiry time. If you just simply create coupons without any restrictions such as coupon expiry time and usage limits, there is no point expecting a good amount of sales.

Advanced Coupons Woocommerce plugin is there for all the woocommerce store owners to overcome the lack of default woocommerce coupon system when it comes to configuring coupon expiry time.

Go for the free version and you will be amazed and sure soon after experiencing the plugin-free version, you definitely would want to go for the premium version to experience the power-packed features of Advanced Coupons Premium Plugin.

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