Know the Best Woocommerce Loyalty Rewards Plugin

The more monthly traffic you generate in your woocommerce store the more revenue you get every month. In order to increase both the traffic and revenue to your woocommerce store, you must adopt good stuff in terms of adding new functionalities randomly to boost your woocommerce store sales.

In this blog post, I talk about the best stuff by means of a program that drastically helps you skyrocket your woocommerce store sales in less time. As written in the title card, the article explains about integrating ‘Loyalty Program’ in your woocommerce store.

The saddest part about the world’s best WordPress eCommerce Plugin ‘Woocommerce’ does not offer its users a default option to launch the Woocommerce Loyalty Rewards Program. Just Cool, luckily with the availability of Advanced Coupons Woocommerce Plugin, you can instantly launch a Woocommerce loyalty rewards program in your woocommerce store without facing much trouble.

According to trusted reports and sources, the woocommerce retail stores that have offering loyalty rewards programs to their loyal buyers earn higher revenue than the stores that don’t provide any kind of coupons and loyalty rewards.

Advantages of Launching Woocommerce Loyalty Rewards Program

  1. Loyalty programs help to make your brand more popular as your buyers share the word through the mouth to their friends and colleagues about your store loyalty programs.
  2. According to surveys, there is 80 % of the possibilities that your loyal customers make purchases regularly in your woocommerce online store without going to other stores.
  3. Yes! It needs investment to launch a woocommerce loyalty rewards program in your store but the investment is worth your money and surely helps you boost sales.
  4. You can offer points to your customers on each purchase as they are able to redeem the points on their next purchases. Offering points to your customers, increase their interest to revisit your online store and make purchases to use those points.
  5. Your woocommerce online retail store will easily get ‘Free Promotions’ from your buyers if you have an integrated woocommerce loyalty rewards function in your store.
  6. You can offer exclusive coupon codes and free shipping codes to your buyers who have joined your loyalty reward programs which your normal shoppers would not get the same.
  7. Also, you may offer exclusive products only to your loyal customers and mention the same in the form of banner advertisements in your retail store which helps non-loyal customers to avail points from your loyalty reward programs.
  8. According to your woocommerce online retail store category of products, you can wisely offer reward points to your buyers.

Six Easy Step by Step Methods on How to Simple Create Woocommerce Loyalty Rewards Using Advanced Coupons Plugin

KeyNote: Advanced Coupons plugin not only the best woocommerce loyalty rewards plugin but also offers more other features specifically BOGO deals which highly help increase your store orders. That’s What We Recommend you to get the Advanced Coupons plugin on your store and experience its benefits.

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You can check more posts about the Advanced Coupons plugin on our blog plugin category section or click here to depart the section directly.

For every step, I have added the screenshot image which helps you understand the steps even easier and quicker.

1. Enable the Loyalty Program Feature from Plugin Setting Section

On your Woocommerce dashboard click settings, check for Advanced Coupons tab and click Modules option. At the end, you will see the Loyalty Program option, enable the feature and click save changes.

launch woocommerce loyalty rewards program

2. Fix the Price to Points Earned Ratio

Again under the Advanced Coupons Plugin tab, you will see an option called ‘Loyalty Program’ as we have shown it in the yellow box in the reference image below. In the second step, Price to Points earned ratio, you might need to fix the points in number according to your choice. The points you fixed in this section is what your loyal customers earn each time they make orders.

woocommerce loyalty reward plugin advanced coupons

The points you fixed in the section will be added to your buyer’s loyal reward account every single dollar they spent on your store for orders. So, fix the price to points earned ratio accordingly.

set loyalty price to points earned ratio

If you fix 10 points here, your customer will gain 10 points for every single dollar they spent on your store orders. For example, if your customer buys some products for 10 USD in your store, then he/she will earn 10 USD * 10 Points = 100 reward points.

3. Fix the Points to Price Redeemed Ratio

You can determine the points to price redeemed ratio in the same Loyalty Program section as you have already determined the price to points earned ratio in step 2.

In this step, you have to determine how many points that your customer needs to earn to avail 1 USD discount or so.

set points to price redeemed ratio

As shown in the image, the points to price redeemed ratio are fixed as 100. So, when your buyer earns 100 loyalty rewards points, they are able to get a 1 USD discount from the amount they spent on your store orders.

There are some formulas available that help you simply decide what points to fix in this section. You may ask for Advanced Coupons Plugin team support to get out of the most to gain some knowledge over this step. 

You will get quick support from the team anytime in case you find anything hard to set up the plugin and to know its features.

4. Set the Custom Name of the Points and Calculations Options

In the fourth step, you will have an option to name your points as per your wish. The name of the points might be any custom name. Offering a custom name for the loyalty rewards points system helps your brand popularize to many people.

fix a custom name for points

Apart from offering the custom names to points, you can also enable or disable four different points calculations options. The point calculations options are nothing but you can set earning rules.

The four points calculations options are discount, fees, shipping and tax. You can enable or disable the options accordingly. On the Advanced Coupons plugin, you can read out how things will work when you enable or disable these four points calculations options.

Also, there are few other features, you can opt-in while launching woocommerce loyalty rewards points program using Advanced Coupons.

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You can restrict loyalty reward programs to specific user roles you want in the disallow points accumulation for roles section. Another feature is that you can set a minimum spend that your customers need to earn points as well as minimum points your customers need to redeem the discounts.

restrict user roles
set up minimum threshold to earn loyalty points

The settings can easily be done under the Loyalty Rewards section under the Advanced Coupons plugin dashboard.

5. Set up an Expiration Period for the Points Coupon Redemption

I would say the Advanced Plugins team has offered its users every aspect you need to launch a proper woocommerce loyalty program.

In process number five, as there are three options to declare in the above reference image which are nothing but you will write down display messages to your buyers to know how many points they will earn when purchasing particular products or spend specific amounts.

setting up display messages

As stated in the step title, you will have an option to set up the expiration period for the points your loyal customers earned. Setting up an expiration period for your customer reward points pushes your customers to purchase something from your store before the points expire. This is where you can set up the expiration time for the points. The image below is the setting page where you can set up an expiration date as well as a message to your buyers.

set up expiration period for redeemed coupons

6. Enable or Disable Actions for Earning Points

The step six is quite an interesting setting option in the entire set up process of woocommerce loyalty rewards program using Advanced Coupons plugin.

You can enable or disable six different actions for earning points accordingly. The six actions are shown in the image below.

enable actions for earning points

When you choose the actions wisely, it may encourage your buyers to spend more time on your woocommerce online retail store as your buyers will leave product reviews or even drop comments on your posts to earn extra points.

Apart from all the steps and features I mentioned here, the developer’s team works regularly to offer the Advanced Coupons plugin users to give updates with new features in the frequent intervals.


As I stated in so many places in the different blog posts, if you do not take risks in investing money to purchase better plugins for your woocommerce online store, you will never see a hike in your store orders.

So, to get all the features to launch a best woocommerce loyalty rewards program, the Advanced Coupons woocommerce plugin undoubtedly a  better option and worth the investment.

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