Woocommerce Order Form – 10x your Wholesale Business with this Must-Have Plugin

Are you running an online wholesale store to sell products? Is that store already running on WordPress CMS plus Woocommerce plugin combined? I have a piece of exclusive news for you, in which you can multiply your wholesale business ten times higher.

Sounds Interesting? Let me reveal the update. I will write about a number one rated Woocommerce extension called Woocommerce Order Form, a woocommerce plugin that helps you create woocommerce bulk order forms that can increase your store sales.

What is Woocommerce Order Form Plugin?

No matter you are running, whether a retail or wholesale store. Suppose you want to show your product price different from your regular selling price to a particular group of people willing to buy bulk in quantity (selling wholesale), you need this Woocommerce Order Form plugin.

Woocommerce Order Form is developed and sold by Wholesale Suite, undoubtedly a number one rated and the most downloaded woocommerce plugin, especially on the wholesale business stores. Apart from this plugin, Wholesale Suite offers few other best woocommerce extensions that you may try out for your wholesale store.

Do You Know? Different Woocommerce plugins from Wholesale Suite already installed on more than 20,000 wholesale business stores.

This fully responsive woocommerce extension is an essential add-on to any online store which cares about offering their store customers a friendly and quick interface.

Advantages of Using Woocommerce Order Form

  1. Customers can be able to order products from your store in no time. Time is precious, and no one wants to spend extra time (especially bulk quantity buyers) to purchase goods that they already may be aware of the product’s description.
  2. Maybe it is okay for retail customers, but your wholesale buyer feels not so comfortable to order in bulk quantity without the extension. The extension Woocommerce Order Form offers the best solutions for those who want to order bulk in quantity.
  3. The extension gives your user an easy ordering interface that even buyers with less internet knowledge can order in bulk from your wholesale store. People believe that a wholesale online store with an efficient interface gets high orders compared to not so better interface stores.
  4. The plugin offers a fully mobile responsive layout. Gone are those days people used to open their laptops for ordering goods, but nowadays, every such process can fulfill through mobile phones, and you need a mobile responsive layout.

Step by Step Process on How to Easily Create Woocommerce Order Form

1. Download and Install the Plugin – As a first step, you need this Woocommerce Order Form plugin to install on your site. The installation process is as same as the usual WordPress plugin installation procedure.

2. Read the Guidance – After the installation, ensure to read the plugin Getting Started Guide’ to understand the features better. You can get the guidance here.

3. Set up Display & Style Settings – On this plugin Order Form Style, you will have to choose two different layouts. One is standard, and another one is the alternate layout. Both the design has offered its advantages. Especially both layouts are AJAX responsive, in which your users can able to checkout quickly as the default AJAX responsive plugins help load pages quickly. You can choose the layouts accordingly what your buyers prefer better. For your reference, I added the images below of both the layouts.

woocommerce order form display and style

Sample Image of Woocommerce Order Form Standard Style

standard style

Sample Image of Woocommerce Order Form Alternate Style

order form alternate style
Note: You can make all these changes under the woocommerce plugins section as the Woocommerce Wholesale Order Form option will be visible once installed successfully.

4. Choose the Order Form Paging Style – Here, you will also have to select one among two options. One is the Pagination style, which separates the results into pages depends on several products you choose for the page. Another one is the Lazy Load style when users scroll down; the lazy load paging style offers more results to the buyers.

paginated or lazy load settings

5.  Permissions Option – This is one last step. The permission option setting is that you decide who else uses and see the wholesale order form. The control is up to you totally, and if you want, you can only permit wholesale buyers to use the form. Make sure to set a catchy portion in the access denied message for those who not allowed to use the form. If possible, add your store wholesale registration page link along with the access denied message. So that, retail users may request you for a wholesale user account.

order form permission

That’s the end of the setup process, and you are now ready to get maximum advantages from the Woocommerce Wholesale Order Form plugin. You will be automatically providing an order form page for your store. The link structure look like HTTP://[yoursiteurl]/wholesale-ordering/

Woocommerce Order form Plans and Pricing

Time is Valuable, and the plugin definitely would save your wholesale buyer time as they can check out faster.

Wholesale Suite offers the Woocommerce Wholesale Order Form Plugin in two different pricing plans annually. Below the Pricing details.

woocommerce order form pricing plans

If you are looking for a single site license, go for 59 USD annual plan . If you are running an agency or want to use more than one site, 99 USD annually is an excellent deal for you. You can use this one unlimited website and get Email support for the one whole year.

Wholesale Suite offers you 14 Days Money Back Guarantee.


Coming to an end, the Woocoomerce Wholesale Order Form Plugin is an ideal deal to increase the sales number from your wholesale store and as well to decrease your buyer’s frustration.

Get it on your Hands Today and enjoy the incredible benefits that boost your wholesale store sales ten times higher.

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