How Wholesale Suite Help You Start WordPress Wholesale Store

In recent times, I keep on publishing blog posts on several woocommerce wholesale store concepts as I see many retail only online shop owners seem running out of money to survive in the long run. 

I wish those shop owners to add wholesale concepts along with retail on their stores or even a fresh WordPress Wholesale Store to earn extra from what they are already earning. That’s the reason I keep on working to deliver stuff relevant to wholesale woocommerce stores.

In this article, it’s again going to be about an Aussie based well-known company Wholesale Suite that offers several woocommerce plugins in free and paid versions exclusively for WordPress Wholesale Stores.

I have already explored a lot about different woocommerce plugins by Wholesale Suite on this blog. So, in this post you will learn in what all are the best possible ways, Wholesale Suite can help you start your WordPress Wholesale Store.

A Simple Introduction to Term Wholesale

The word ‘Wholesale’ itself defines its meaning. It’s simple logic as Wholesale is a business concept in which the sellers used to sell quantities in large amounts. As a wholesaler, you will not sell your inventories to end-users as you sell them to retailers or resellers as they purchase bulk from you and sell it to end-users with some added margins accordingly.

As a wholesaler, either you can manufacture products of your own and sell in large quantities or even you can contact big manufacturers of the product you want to sell and supply it to retailers.

In the wholesale business model, you will get profits in the quick-term and higher money flow when compared to retail business as retail sales take time to sell to end-users.

Let’s have a quick read at the step by step process on How Wholesale Suite helps you start your WordPress wholesale store to sell your inventories in larger quantities to your store visitors.

Keynote: The whole process is absolutely Free. All you need is an already developed WordPress website with woocommerce plugin installed on it.

Once you are ready with a woocommerce installed WordPress store, you now need to add products whether they may be simple or variable products.

As we are talking about the WordPress wholesale store, you need a special functionality enabled plugin to make your regular woocommerce store into a wholesale business model store. There is a free Woocommerce plugin called ‘Wholesale Prices for Woocommerce’ developed and released by Wholesale Suite. With the plugin, you can seamlessly add wholesale prices to your already added products in your woocommerce store.

When you successfully installed the plugin, you are now ready to follow the step by step process with the help of the plugin.

Process 1: Input Wholesale Price in Product Listings

Same like regular price and sale price, you will also have an option to add wholesale customer price under the general tab when you open the product listing editor.

See the image as the wholesale customer price field marked in the yellow lined box.

set wholesale prices

You can fix what price to sell to your bulk buyers for the particular product and input the price in the wholesale customer price field. If the product is taxable, then you may need to select tax status and tax class field. For non taxable products, you can skip the step.

front end wholesale prices

Once you have saved your listing after input the wholesale price filed, the wholesale price will reflect in the product front end along with its retail price as the same as the above image.

Process 2: Get More Control via Setting Section

Apart from basic common settings, you can even get more control from the setting section. Below are a few extra controls you can make from the plugin

  1. You can write up any texts which will display along with the wholesale prices you offer.
  2. You can decide whether you want to display retail prices along with the wholesale price or not.
  3. You itself as an admin can decide whether you want to display the ‘Add to Cart’ button option to your bulk buyers.
  4. If you are supposed to hide the ‘Add to Cart’ button to wholesale buyers, then you may choose what text to display instead of the button.
wholesale prices plugin configuration

You can easily configure all these stuff by clicking the settings tab and Wholesale Prices and then Prices tab. Refer to the above image for better clarity.

Process 3: Hide Coupon Option to Wholesale User Roles

There is no point offering your bulk buyers a best possible wholesale price along with regular coupon discounts. If you are running only a wholesale store, there is no need for coupon kind of stuff as you already offer the best wholesale price.

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disable coupons for wholesale user

So, you have to turn off (disable) the coupon option under the general settings of wholesale price settings tab. Yet, disabling the coupon option is not a mandatory one, but you will get rid of offering prices in coupon based discounts as your product prices are already wholesale price.

If you are supposed to run both retail and wholesale business models, then obviously you need to turn off the coupon functionality to wholesale user roles.

Process 4: Add New Wholesale Customers User Role

A proper wholesale store needs a user registration page to let your customers register their user accounts from the page. With the plugin, wholesale prices for Woocommerce, you can offer your wholesale buyers a user role. So, that wholesale buyer differs from retailers.

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wholesale user role

A proper wholesale store needs a user registration page to let your customers register their user accounts from the page. With the plugin, wholesale prices for Woocommerce, you can offer your wholesale buyers a user role. So, that wholesale buyer differs from retailers.


Whether it’s a fresh startup or adding wholesale to your already developed retail WordPress online store, anything is possible with the best woocommerce plugins

So, various woocommerce plugins from Wholesale Suite might be the best solution to create your wholesale business in WordPress Woocommerce platform.

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