12 Amazing Online Work From Home Jobs for Women in India

Why depend on someone else to be your boss? 

Be your own Boss Lady as there are plenty of happening online work from home jobs for women out there in India.

Gone are those days that women in India had to sacrifice their time spending with family because of 9 to 5 jobs to overcome the family economical crisis.

Things have totally changed nowadays.

Especially after the first quarter of 2020, the search for work from home jobs in India among ladies has increased a lot as we all know how the Covid-19 crisis impacted people day to day life.

Smartphones with an enabled Internet connection on them becomes our 24*7 on hand property and so, you can easily get access to the work from home jobs using your mobile phones. But, few online jobs demand you a laptop and a proper internet connection.

If you are one who wishes to become your own ‘Boss Lady in India’ and not highly satisfied with your 9 to 5 job routine, the blog post is recommended to you to read entirely as I am going to list out 12 happening online work from home jobs for womens in India.

Our Motto: Actually, My blog’s major motto is to guide our readers through our blog posts in the right way to start their own business and succeed as I mentioned the same in the Blog Home Page. The blog is for those who want to get rid of the term 9 – 5. I have already discussed in a separate post about 5 easy work from home online jobs for both the genders worldwide. And, this one particularly going to be a great list for ladies in India.

Before writing down the list of work from home jobs for women at home, I would list a few benefits and demerits.

Advantages of Online Work from Home Jobs for Women

  • You will have more time to spend with your family and kids.
  • You can work any time in the day at your comfort.
  • Get rid of Dress Code issues.
  • You can learn new stuff every day which helps you grow more in your respective field.
  • High possibilities to meet new people socially who are relevant in your online jobs category.
  • Tension free work-life balance.
  • Save your Travel time which takes to reach the office and back home.
  • You can spend good times on your other hobbies.
  • And ofcourse a satisfying life.

DeMerits of Work from Home Jobs for Ladies in India

Personally, I would say there are no such disadvantages. But, here I am listing out a few that many people believe.

  • You may face some heat during the initial days as undoubtedly results take time in most of the work from home jobs.
  • Loss of Investment as if you are not aware of scam people and jobs. Probably, there are thousands of people who still used to scam over the internet by means of offering non-legitimate work from home jobs for women.
  • Few people fail because of non-proper guidance.

List of 12 Simple Online Work from Home Jobs for Women in India

1. Blogging is a Million Dollar Business Model

blogging as a best work from home job for ladies in India

There are lakhs of new WordPress Blogs launched every day as the blogging business becomes many people’s dream job.

If you are looking for a career change and the best work from home job that offers sure shot passive income, then blogging business model as your career is a great option for Indian women.

Blogging is booming and one who offers a good focus on it can succeed in the field. I personally know many women in India are running their blogging business successfully and earn decent amounts of passive Income.

There are plenty of free blogging platforms available to kickstart your blogging business in 2021, still going for some investment-based blogging business is an advisable idea.

The investment is nothing but registration of your own domain which costs you around 600 INR to 1000 INR annually depending on the domain name extension you choose. Also, you can afford web hosting plans as low as 90 INR monthly from providers like VapourHost.

2. Become an Online Teacher and Make Money

become an online tutor

As you know how things have changed just in the past one year period after the Corona Virus hit the nation hard. Schools, Colleges and educational institutions started offering online classes to their students. And so, learning online has become trending worldwide.

If you are good at some specific subject, you can easily become an online tutor and start teaching to students.

Even if we get back to normal life, learning online will still be in demand as you can offer people different classes according to your skill set. Once your reputation becomes good, you can easily start making 50k+ INR every month just spending around 6 to 8 hours in a day.

There are hundreds of platforms out there especially for work from home jobs seeking women in India to take them as a teacher and offer them classes and pay accordingly. All you have to do is, search for better platforms and register yourself for better online tutoring and get offers.

3. Vlogger Women are Achieving a Lot in India

vlogging women in India

I would say Vlogging becomes the master of all the work from home jobs. Especially among women. Lakhs of women in India have already started their Free Youtube Channel and are working on to earn some good amount of money through monetization programs.

There is not so much difference between blogging and vlogging. In blogging, you write and publish posts whereas in vlogging you publish your ideology in video formats.

Creating Youtube Channel is completely free and you can upload the videos you made for your channel at free of cost. You will start making money when your channel reaches Youtube monetization regulations.

There are thousands of Youtube Channel ideas out there especially for womens. If you are an expert at cooking, you may shoot the video of you cooking and publish recipe videos in your Youtube channel.

Also, fashion designing, mehndi artists, parenting, tailoring kind of videos are getting huge and quick responses among audiences. So, if you are fine at any one of the above fields, you go for it and make some money from your videos.

4. Content Writing Jobs

content writing jobs in India

Content Writing is a major part of the blogging business. But if you are good at writing only contents other than SEO, designing, Blog promoting other stuff, you should become a professional content writer.

You must be good at proper writing skills in terms of both sentence formation and grammar error free writings.

I know there many pro bloggers who used to outsource content for their blogs. So, if you are interested in the content writing field, you can find the bloggers online and outreach them through an email that you are interested to write for their blogs and quote your charge accordingly.

Content Writing jobs in India nowadays becomes one of the highly demanded online work from home jobs worldwide and in India too, there are huge opportunities for the job for ladies.

Depending on the field you write contents, probably your pay will be fixed. As a beginner, you may charge up to 800 to 1000 INR for an article you write. Most of the time, content writing jobs pay depends on how many words your client needs for the particular article.

5. Cook Food at Home and Serve Online through Delivery Apps

cook food at home and serve online

If you are pro at cooking tasks, it does not restrict you only to a vlogger and make money from your Youtube channel.

We should be thankful to Food delivery applications like Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eats and Dunzo. As they support a lot of women to be a part of their restaurant list for home based cooking foods.

So, if you are good at cooking different styles of recipes at home, you may register your home based cooking business in the food delivery application companies and start getting orders via them. In recent times, I see many women used to cook bakery stuff like cakes, puffs and similar foods at home to serve online.

As you may or may not know, Cooking and Packing the foods at home is your only task, rest will be taken care by the food delivery apps.

Cooking at home and serving the food online from home job for women becomes one of the top most considered jobs in India.

6. Freelancing Jobs are Getting Good Demand Every Day in India

freelancing online work from home jobs for women

Whatever you are good at, there are millions of job opportunities for women in India through Freelancing sites. You can register your free account on freelancing portals. There are hundreds of portals available as few good sites are Elance, Freelancer etc..

Being a freelancer never needs to own the business, as you have to finish tasks according to your client needs from your freelance account. Depending on your field of interest, you can bid client projects worldwide from your freelancing account.

When you get project approvals, you start working on it, finish and get paid for what you have done. Freelancing is not new as it is one of the oldest online work from home jobs for ladies in India. But the saddest part about freelancing Still the work has not reached many people.

You may refer to many posts on the internet about how to be good at freelancing to understand the nature of the job. Initially, you may face some hiccups to find the right clients, but when you start understanding the basics, you will be good to go.

7. Reselling Works with the Help of Social Commerce Platforms

social commerce platforms

In the last 6 years of time span in India, social commerce platforms are ruling the work from home jobs industry. Especially among ladies from all parts of India.

With the existence of top most social commerce applications any woman in India can create an account to become a reseller and start reselling to earn unlimited amounts of Money.

If someone ask me to suggest for a best yet easy online work from home jobs for women in India undoubtedly my #1 choice would be reselling.

The reselling job is nothing but, you have to start your reseller accounts in a social commerce platform. And then you have to resell the products with your margin to your customers. The margin is your earnings.

There are very few reselling applications in India to look for. Top three platforms are Meesho, Glowroad and Shop101. As I personally used all three social commerce platforms for the past 3 years and I have earned around 5+ lakhs combining all the three platforms in the three years.

Fortunately, I have reviewed all the three platforms in-depth in this blog. Here are the links to three posts you may refer to understand the job better and start your reselling career in India.

If you are focusing on this only work from home job, there are possibilities that you can earn up to 40k INR monthly just by spending only 3 to 4 hrs a day.

8. Data Entry Jobs

data entry work from home jobs for ladies in India

The data entry job model has arrived firstly when the online work from home jobs started rolling in the internet. Even in 2021, you will get to start thousands of data entry jobs from home.

The biggest problem in the job is there are millions of people over the internet ready to offer you data entry jobs, but most of them are fake ones. As they offer you data entry jobs, when you send them reports back, they won’t pay you for your work.

The best advice is that you can try data entry projects from freelancing portals rather than personally pay someone to get the projects. Always, prefer to work on no investment data entry projects.

The risk factor is damn huge in the data entry job model as I used to see even in 2021, people invest money to unknown members for data entry projects and lose their investment.

Another factor is that you will not get much money in data entry work as you have to spend more time, but the income you receive will be less compared to other online work from home jobs for ladies. Probably, you can handle data entry projects as your part-time work rather than spending much time on it.

9. Start Home Based Boutique and Sell Both Online/Offline

home boutique

You do not need any special talent to start your own home based boutique. As you need a little investment to afford the stocks.

Aslo, you have to search and find better suppliers to purchase the products you wish to have in your home boutique. You can offer some space in your home to arrange all the products for selling. The best and quality supplier you find the more orders you can get. 

A little photography skill is an added advantage in the home based boutique business. You may want to take photos of your products and promote it online to different channels to get orders.

Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram are the great social media sources to promote your home based boutique products. Once you get the orders, you have to ship the products to your buyer.

To promote the boutique offline, you may print pamphlets and distribute in your area as your neighbours and closeby people may walkins to your home boutique and shop your products.

So, the boutique at home business model helps you make margins from both offline and online channels.

10. Online Tailoring and Fashion Designing Services

online tailoring and fashion designing services

Demand for tailoring and fashion designing services are always at peak especially in the Indian market. If you are interested in providing tailoring services, you can do so by promoting your service online and getting tailoring orders online.

Initially, you have to promote what all are tailoring and fashion designing works you do through Facebook pages, Instagram accounts etc. Ensure to add your previous work designs along with your promotional posts. Also, you have to mention the whole process, how you want the tailoring dresses from your customers and how you return them back as well.

Once your customers are satisfied with your tailoring services, they never look for another person and you will get free promotions through your reputed customers. It will help you pick more orders.

Unfortunately, people do not prefer online methods for tailoring services as a fact, but if you spend some time explaining your skills and show them some of your works, they may convert and offer you orders. Make sure to offer the most convenient services and clear promotional pictures.

11. Become a Social Media Influencer to Promote Brands

social media influencer

To be honest, the job model is not an easy one. You need more patience initially to become your social media accounts get fame and a huge followers base.

If your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook account has got a huge fan following one, then you can partner with brands and promote their products in your social media accounts.

Everytime you publish your partnership brands in your social media accounts, you get paid from the companies. The payments depend on your follower base and how the post reaches your followers.

You must first prepare your social media accounts by publishing your skills and talents in video,post, image and meme formats. Once people start responding to your posts, automatically your fan following will increase. And then, you may contact companies for paid partnership.

As you see in a few famous people’s Instagram posts, they might have mentioned the term ‘Paid Partnership with (The Particular Company Name)’ this is how social media influencer jobs work.

Influencers are getting high pay from the companies for single Instagram or Twitter posts. As said, it demands your time and patience to become famous on social media accounts. But it’s worth your try.

12. Refer People to Products and Services to Earn Commissions

refer people to earn commissions

In blogging business, there is a monetization method called Affiliate Marketing. If you are somewhat intermediate to the online world, you may know the word Affiliate Marketing.

It means when you refer people to buy a product or services with your own invite link, you can earn a decent amount of commissions for each person you refer. There are programs that offer refer & earn programs in which you can earn upto 1000 USD when you refer to a single sale.

Starting from big brands in India like Amazon, Flipkart to normal companies even do offer refer and earn programs.

You can review the programs, share the review posts on your social media channels. When people buy something from the link that you reviewed, you earn for sure. You can check your earnings on your refer and earn program individual account dashboard.

Listen to My Final Words on this Post

All the twelve work from home jobs for women in India I have listed in the post may sound simple, but definitely all the work demands your time and patience initially as well your dedication, hard work, smart thinking all the time.

Few online jobs need some investment, few you can start right now without any investment and earning from day 1 itself. 

Along with your other daily routine, spend some valuable quality time to improve your skills in the job if you are interested to start and Go for it. Success will be yours for Sure. 

Again,I am saying do not fall off for jobs that are scam. 

Also, do not try multiple jobs at the same time, try one job what you think is best opt for your skillset. Work with full dedication and focus, wait for results and do it consistently to fill your pockets with the money you earned.

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